Taurean Thompson to Syracuse

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One of the most long-winded recruitments in recent memory has ended: Top-100 forward Taurean Thompson is headed to Syracuse, choosing the Orange over Seton Hall and Michigan State.

The saga for Seton Hall involvement began during the 2014-15 season when Taurean started attending Hall games, escalated when he was offered in May of 2015 then first visited South Orange last September, and has now concluded with a pledge to Syracuse just hours into July.

Michigan State and Syracuse became the two other finalists since the Brewster Academy (N.H.) forward narrowed his list and then officially visited Seton Hall, Syracuse and then East Lansing in that order during late-May, early-June.

The Spartans came in late for Taurean while Syracuse joined the fray not far behind Seton Hall some time in 2015. The Orange were seen as heavy favorites for a few months while I heard from multiple people that Michigan State chose to drop out of their recruitment over the last week or so.

Despite all the uncertainty, Seton Hall had a chance down to the wire (so much so that I had pre-written a commitment story) despite no immediately obvious solution to their scholarship situation

I’ve heard its now all but decided that Braeden Anderson will move off scholarship, likely to a graduate assistant position as first reported by Jerry Carino many weeks ago. I’ve been told this decision is far from a forcing out scenario.

This brings Seton Hall down to 13 scholarships.

From what I’ve heard, an outgoing transfer long thought to be out the door has decided against such a move, so that would lock the Hall in at 13.

Taurean would have been the third top-150 player and second top-100 pledge, joining shooting guard Myles Powell and combo guard Eron Gordon as part of the incoming freshman class.

While Thompson would have literally been a big addition, Seton Hall still has several forwards that have an opportunity to step up behind returning starters Ish Sanogo and Angel Delgado next season between Myles Carter, Rashed Anthony and Mike Nzei.

The latter provided the most capable off the bench in 2015-16 as Nzei made offensive rebounds and put-backs his bread and butter.

  • As I’ve mentioned above, 3 big takeaways:

    – Seton Hall was very prepared to take him scholarship-wise and some are even a little shocked he’s headed to Syracuse
    – Heard from multiple people MSU dropped out… you can guess why
    – Also heard Braeden going off ‘ship is done but not official… Far from forcing out.

    • Mike

      Why would anyone be shocked Syracuse was the favorite all along

      • Factoring in that he was very close to committing on his official to SH + some strong talk over last week that SH was in the lead. Of course SH would have been more “shocking” for most people following this recruitment but…

        • Mike

          I don’t think he ever seriously wanted to go to Seton Hall.

          • hallstorm

            Actually I think he was pretty set to go to Seton Hall. I realize Syracuse has pilfered players from New Jersey for decades, but with their cheating ways and suspensions and Boeheim getting ready to retire, I think a lot of players are rethinking going there.

            Plus Syracuse does a poor job of developing big men.

          • Mike

            That is pretty funny, because every year they have a top 10-15 recruiting class, so who is rethinking going there? Seton Hall has had one kid drafted in 15 years, so they do a pretty poor job of developing anyone. Syracuse has had a player drafted in the first round 5 years in a row.

          • hallstorm

            First off Mike, please return to your own boards. You are not welcome here and you really should have better use of your time (unless you’re 18, in which case you have plenty of time) instead of looking to stir up controversy here. You’d be better off keeping quiet and enjoying the fact that your boosters are giving the Thompson family a lot of money for Taurean going there. We all know how corrupt Syracuse has been in order to have a revocation of several scholarships. Plus add in your assistant coach Bernie Fine and his exemplary behavior with young kids….real nice school you got there fella.

            Secondly, I said Syracuse does a poor job of developing big men. I don’t care if they players are drafted-you just said they have a top 10-15 recruiting class every year (which I agree with)….tell me which players have been impact in the next league? Having two players (Carter-Williams and Waiters) in 10 years is not a good track record. They have 1 big man who has scored over 4 points a game in the NBA since Warrick was drafted in ’05 and that was Grant, who, by the way, was a second rounder.

            Let’s not even talk about how much of a star Jonny Flynn is as a 6 overall selection (haha) or how great Wesley Johnson is as a no. 4 overall pick (haha). Or should we discuss Fab Melo or Tyler Ennis? How about that stud Donte Greene?

            Facts amigo. Go back to the Canadian border.

          • Can we stick to the facts on both sides please without the name calling, etc.

          • PadrePirate

            Id be interested to know what proof you have that Cuse boosters have paid off the family to win over TT. I’m a sore about it as any other SHU fan, but alledging corruption is serious business.

          • hallstorm

            The corruption is on the wall already. The simple fact that the infractions committee docked the school originally 12 scholarships for violations over a 10 year period is about as hefty a penalty as possible (it was reduced to 8 and the one year of suspension which is a joke because Syracuse was already not making the tournament last year anyhow). Couple that with Calipari’s recent comments on how many of the these consistent top 10 recruiting schools offer players to be set for life….it can only lead to a handful of conclusions. If it wasn’t that, what can it possible be for such a severe penalty? UNC may not even get anything despite all of the collusion with upper (as it goes all the way up to the dean of certain schools) school officials. The UNC situation is just incredulous to me if nothing happens.

            I’m not going out on a limb making a statement as I did earlier regarding Syracuse

          • Mike

            Your an idiot, a typical bitter Syracuse hater. Wake me up when Seton Hall actually accomplishes something.

          • hallstorm

            Please use correct English. You’re and not your in that scenario, college grad. (as in: you’re an idiot!) ?

            You may now return to your home board.

          • Mike

            O look a message from the Grammar police. One Ncaa tournament in ten years, that is just sad.

          • hallstorm

            All true, but I wouldn’t want to be historically known as a cheater and have 101 wins vacated by the NCAA. You’re in good company now-you’re family with Memphis of the D. Rose year and SMU of the ’80’s.

            Stop spewing hate over here.

          • Mike

            O so because they win they must cheat, you Seton Hall clowns are all alike.

          • Well, I did ask everyone to stop name calling and I’m not going to ban one of my readers so…. Mike is getting the short end of the stick here.

          • hallstorm

            Sorry Chris-I will refrain from the insults. Just a little tough to resist temptation when guest posters can throw around speculation and the responsible guys on this forum are asked to hold back-especially when the poster lives in a glass house.

          • No worries. Had to remove Mike. The banter wasn’t even entertaining ? Ok… maybe a little.

          • hallstorm

            Mike, Mike….again improper use of you. You’re really having trouble with this one, huh? Ok-you need to say You AND the Seton Hall clowns.

            I will give you proper examples:

            “Mike, YOU’RE an idiot”


            “Mike, YOUR school has been caught cheating”


            “Mike, YOUR basketball program had to forfeit 8 scholarships and YOUR coach was suspended 9 games”.


            “YOUR basketball team had to vacate 101 wins”.

            Now, you may use YOU’RE when followed by an adjective as in:

            “Mike, YOU’RE a very angry guy”

            however, if it’s used as a possessive:

            “Mike, YOUR hostility and petulance may need therapeutic intervention”

            Hope this helps bud

          • Jersey Jerry

            Yo Mike,

          • Jersey Jerry

            Looks like Summer School English Class here … needed a good laugh tonight ~ thanks hallstorm!!!

  • Who does everyone have as stepping up out of Myles Carter, Rashed Anthony and Mike Nzei?

    We could probably even see Desi as a stretch-four in spurts if Veer Singh develops further and/or a three-guard lineup is used.

    • hallstorm

      I would expect Nzei and Carter to see some valuable time this year and for Anthony to see more bench time or as a designated fouler (he pretty much fulfilled that role last year).

      A couple of questions regarding the Thompson decision:

      1). Would The Hall turn around and offer the Blair Academy/Arizona St. decommit Daniel Mading or is it certain he is a 2017 prospect?

      2). Although it doesn’t directly impact Dalton Soffer, does he see more playing time this season? There is a very packed backcourt.

      I actually think Thompson’s decision is not a good one. Although it seems as though it’s a more measured choice due to syracuse’s history and their very lucky run last season, they are down 2 scholarships per season for at least one (or maybe 2) season(s) more. And I don’t think Syracuse has done much with big men at all: Tyler Roberson was supposed to be a very good college player, but he hasn’t done much other than rebound-and with the Syracuse zone it’s easy rebounding every game.

    • ThePirateFan

      It’s gotta be Nzei based on what we’ve seen on the court thus far. Maybe Carter has the ability, but it’s in stone at this point that Rashed doesn’t have it. No knock against his attributes as a person, but he just doesn’t have the physical gifts to contribute. Frankly I’m surprised he got as many minutes as he did last season. I suspect there were reasons for it beyond contribution as I highly doubt Carter would have contributed more negatively.

      By and large though It’ll have to be more of the same in the front court, obviously. Same faces, same deal. SHU will be undersized anytime Angel isn’t on the court, but what they will lack in post defense they will try to make up for in athleticism and transition buckets. Unfortunately it won’t be as effective without IW. My best guess is that this team is extremely happy to have JT come December because I don’t think KC can handle the point and a frosh handling duties can be too much to ask for (see IW’s freshman year).

  • Fishjam

    Anthony’s a great kid, team player and hard worker but I don’t see him becoming a factor. As I’ve said many times he simply lacks the quickness/foot speed to guard anyone at the Big East level.

    Nzei did a great job last year and I expect him to make a big leap this year. Of all the bigs on the team, he is the best finisher. Quick off his feet and wily around the basket. Hope he can add some strength and add a mid-range J to his game. Only issue with him is he lacks the height or bulk to bang with true Centers, like Ish he’s a 4 who can guard 3s and even 2s.

    Carter is the X-factor. He has the size and the physical attributes but from what I’ve heard still has to work harder to gain the coaches trust. I really hope he does and leapfrogs Rasheed on the depth chart. Showed promise in a short stint in BE Tourney vs Creighton. I would put him out there and see if he sinks or swims.

    Thompson’s decision makes the development of Carter very important for depth this year and to the future of the team as unless they can someone hit a HR in 17/18 with a big man, he’s the heir apparent when Angel leaves. Right now, it doesn’t appear promising with any of the 5-stars like Nick Richards or Naz Reid but Bourama Sidibe may be gettable.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I never expected to get Thompson. I think this will allow Myles Carter to develop. I think he can be an X-Factor off the bench. He showed some flashes in BET.

  • Matt

    Disappointed to say the least I believe we had a real shot. The “stay at home” factor is something we need to continue to push to the tri-state area recruits. I believe in Carter and Nzei. Anthony needs to get out of a power conference he just doesn’t belong.

    • VinBick

      Getting the best local kids is the key to future success at the Hall. No reason for coaches to even travel outside of tri-state area to secure the best of the best. Plenty of quality in our own backyard to be competitive nationally. The Hall and the Rock provide great exposure and a solid education for recruits.

  • Two things:

    1) Looks like final non-conf game (#13) is Central Conn: https://www.fevo.com/edp/-Seton-Hall-University-201617-Mens-Basketball-Season-3L4oGnp4?

    No FDU listed, presumably because that link is for the Prudential Center and FDU is meant to be at Walsh.

    2) First July live period started up on Wednesday night. I’ll have a roundup later this weekend.