Curve ball: Taurean Thompson to visit Syracuse

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While some thought that top-100 big man Taurean Thompson was a done deal to Seton Hall following his official visit that ended on Monday night, the Brewster Academy product will now visit Syracuse.

In addition to several Seton Hall sources that confirmed things looked rosy for the Hall yesterday evening, Syracuse and UConn fans were also spotted on social media conceding that Thompson was likely headed elsewhere.

Further, Thompson was seen on Twitter with a bunch of current players at the campus cafeteria in a Seton Hall t-shirt while wrapping up his official visit.

And just like when a batter winds up and gets ready to crush a top-100 post forward juicy, down-the-middle fast ball over the fence, they get fooled by the unexpected swerve.

Thought to be the main competitor for Seton Hall for a long time now despite Kansas and UConn coming in late, Syracuse may get the last laugh when they host Taurean for an unofficial visit this coming weekend.

Unless there’s another curve ball.

  • Andrew Herbst

    This doesn’t sound good. I have bad vibes now. Hopefully Thompson still picks us.

  • hallstorm

    That’s not warm and fuzzy to hear. But, he may just be using all of his recruiting trips or just feeling out the other recruits going to Syracuse this weekend. As per Zagsblog:

    This weekend Tucker heads to Syracuse along with fellow 2017 targets Hamidou Diallo and Quade Green and Class of 2016 commit Matthew Moyer, who is recruiting all of them to Syracuse.

  • PadrePirate

    Keep the t shirt, and we’ll see you in south orange in a week. TT will not get enough minutes at Cuse. Chris named 5 strong PFs for the Orange this year. Other than Angel and Ish, the 4 and 5 are wide open. A strong freshman could even end up starting at the 5 with Angel at the 4 and Ish spelling both.

    Hall is the right move for this kid, even if the final dour allure of the Orange is going to be hard to shake.

    We need this one. Hope Sha can close this out.

    • This one isn’t over, but having the final visit is a major plus, especially if it’s Syracuse vs. Seton Hall in program stature. Staff will need to chirp in his ear through the rest of the week and beyond.

  • shufaninva

    According to Zagsblog, TT already took an official to Syracuse, so why take an unofficial now, unless you weren’t quite as impressed as you thought about SHU and UCONN??

    This is an odd one. Taking an extra visit like this could mean he isn’t really feeling it for any of these schools, unless he is wanting to make the announcement at the school, hence an extra visit to the ‘Cuse.

    • Fishjam

      There really isn’t much more the kid needs to learn about the schools as he’s been to Syracuse and Seton Hall multiple times and knows the staffs/players. Why would a player who is in demand wait this long to commit? Could it be that he’s asked for certain things from these schools and is waiting to see who will bend? Or is he waiting to find out for sure about who is coming back and going pro?

      • shufaninva

        Considering how many recruits are visiting Syracuse this weekend, and how hard some of them are pushing to recruit the bunch as a whole, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to ‘Cuse and wants to be part of the ACC. As far as playing time goes, most high school seniors are very confident in their abilities, and due to being big fish in a smaller pond, they assume they will win the playing time…regardless of what the rest of us know as reality. I hope I am wrong, but that is what I see happening.

      • fouline

        Remember Syracuse is still Syracuse. And Beheim is still Beheim for another year or 2. And we still have the IW effect – will he? won’t he? These recruits are getting smarter and smarter. When they are this highly touted as Thompson, they look for the best 1 year deal . And where best can he get the attention than in the best league in the country on a team that went deep in the Dance. Not that I like it. But it’s a reality hard to avoid.

        • Fishjam

          Syracuse is definitely an attractive school for a recruit no doubt. There are so many factors in the recruiting process that we will never know about and TT and his MOM are looking for the best overall deal. What that involves we don’t know but KW had to do a little extra to get Isaiah and save the program. I don’t think TT is that level of player but they may be looking for something to close the deal.

          • fouline

            His little extra was a coaching job. Do we have an open position?

        • Well put.

      • He’s been to Syracuse once. Seton Hall at least twice. So the first part of your statement isn’t exactly accurate.

  • Mosleyman