How To Choose A Trustworthy Sports Betting Site – A Beginners Guide

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One of the most common questions we get from new bettors is “how should we choose a trustworthy sports betting site.” Choosing a perfect bookmaker is beyond searching online for the best sports betting site. You must know the factors to consider and how to identify red flags. 
We understand that sifting through numerous bookmakers available can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Therefore, we have put together this beginners’ guide on how to choose a trustworthy sports betting site. It should help you learn everything you need to consider before registering with a bookie.   

Step by Step Guide on How to Choose a Trustworthy Sports Betting Site

There are several ways to select a trustworthy sports betting site. However, we have reviewed the best approaches out there and combine them to give you this straightforward step-by-step guide. You can use our guide as a checklist for choosing the perfect bookie. Let’s get started.   

• Make a list of bookmakers that meet your specific betting needs

The first step to take after deciding to join the bettors club is to make a list of betting sites that offer the types of bets you are interested in. For instance, if you are interested in football or horse racing events, you should list bookmakers that cover these kinds of sports. This step will help you cross off some bookmakers, so you don’t waste time researching about them.

• Check if the betting sites are Legal and Trustworthy

The next thing you want to do is to strike off sites that are not licensed by relevant authorities or trusted by punters from your list. For instance, in the US different states may have different laws related to betting. So if you are in New York the best sports betting sites NY should have a licence to operate within that state. You can assess this information by checking their website to find out if they have a gambling license or not. Since you will be giving your hard-earned money and some personal information to these bookmakers, you should make sure they safe to use and can be trusted. 
The best way to find out if punters trust a betting site is by checking their online reviews. This will give you a feel of what people think about the bookmaker. You should steer clear of sports betting sites with lots of complaints about their betting processes, withdrawal methods, and customer support services. This second step should help you strike off more bookmakers from your list.  

• Is the sports betting site’s user interface friendly?

While searching for a sports betting site, we encourage you to check the site’s interface and make sure it is user-friendly before registering. You don’t want to sign up on a site or app that is difficult to use. We recommend that you go for sites that make it very easy to view odds and place wagers. 
Another factor to consider when assessing their user interface is the sorting options. For example, how easy is it to sort by sports or bet types? Furthermore, you should consider the load speed of the bookie’s website and application. If the pages don’t load quickly and you are sure your internet speed is good, you should strike the bookie off your list. Lastly, you should check that their website and app works perfectly with your computer and mobile devices.   

• Deposit and withdrawal options

You have to deposit funds with betting sites before you can place bets on them. In a similar vein, every punter wants a site where they can withdraw their winnings easily and quickly. Although most bookmakers are expanding their payment methods and making things easier for punters. However, some sites are yet to get it right.  
Before choosing a trustworthy sports betting site, you should confirm that they accept your preferred payment and withdrawal method. For example, if you prefer to withdraw your winnings through PayPal or bitcoin, you should choose betting sites that offer these options. 
In addition, take the time to check out their fees. How much do they charge on withdrawal? Are their rates competitive? Doing this research will save you money and stress in the future.   

• Assess their betting options and sports covered

Checking betting options and the varieties of sports covered is another important factor you should consider before choosing trustworthy sports betting sites. With a good bookmaker, you should be able to place your wager from anywhere around the world. There shouldn’t be location or device restrictions. 
What’s more, we recommend sites that offer live betting options and highly competitive odds. As discussed earlier, you should also choose bookmakers that cover your chosen sports. For example, if you are a fan of golf and looking forward to the US open tournament make sure to check if the site you are considering offers gold betting options.  Additionally, you should check the bonuses and rewards that are available on the bookie’s site. You may find something that can help you make more money.    As a new punter, you may also want to consider betting sites that offer free bets and fantastic bonuses to lower your risk.    

• High-quality customer service is important

You should investigate the quality of a bookmaker’s customer support services before signing up on their site. Good betting sites are always happy and ready to help their customers if they have issues. However, some bookmakers are still lagging in this area. 
One of the things you should check while assessing the quality of their customer service is their service hours. Can they be reached anytime and on all days? It’s no fun when you have to wait for several days before someone responds to your call or email. 
Another factor to consider is the contact options available on their sites or apps. We recommend you choose sports betting sites that offer multiple contact options such as live chats, calls, SMS, social media page, and email.   

Bottom Line

Don’t just sign up on the first sports betting site that pops up when you search on Google. Do your research and make sure the bookmaker fulfils all the criteria listed above before registering. You should avoid bookmakers with poor reputations, bad reviews, low-quality site design, and poor customer support service. 
Don’t forget that you can always switch to another site if you happen to join a sports betting site you don’t like. All you have to do is withdraw your money and move to a better site