Shaheen Holloway lands Saint Peter’s coaching job

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Associate head coach Shaheen Holloway has decided to part ways with Seton Hall and accept the vacant job at Saint Peter’s.

The right hand man to Kevin Willard for over a decade since starting alongside him at Iona in 2007, Holloway has decided to embark on his own head coaching career after accumulating a successful track record of recruiting and player development, particularly guards.

It’ll become official Thursday at a press conference.

“Saint Peter’s has hired a rising star in Shaheen Holloway. I am incredibly excited for Shaheen and his opportunity to lead his own program,” said Kevin Willard via an official Seton Hall release.

“He has been by my side for 11 years, and he has been instrumental in the program we have built and the success we have achieved here at Seton Hall. He is a dedicated student-athlete mentor, ace recruiter, a terrific skill development coach and an even greater person.”

The Asbury Park Press has reported that Sha will be making more than $230,000 per season, which is a big pay bump after receiving less than his worth for quite some time at Seton Hall.

Saint Peter’s is near the bottom of the MAAC in head coach wages but the real benefit to Holloway will be his own gig and the comfort knowing he has athletic director Bryan Felt’s backing, who has strong ties to Seton Hall via a long history with Pirate Blue; the contact is thought to be long-term.

It would be shocking if the Pirates aren’t up against Holloway and his team next season in what is the Hall’s longest-standing non-conference series — that’s going to be a sight to behold and I’m sure Willard is proud of his guy.

Holloway joins former assistant Dan McHale as a branch on Willard’s coaching tree as McHale coached at Eastern Kentucky for three seasons before being let go recently.

For Kevin Willard, replacing Holloway will be near impossible, but he should look to do his best to get someone who can at least recruit locally; it’ll also be interesting to see if assistant Fred Hill is replaced by someone younger with renovated ties to the area.

Some have speculated whether Willard should roll the dice on former Rutgers coach Mike Rice, who has plenty of respect locally after working on the Jersey high school scene with The Patrick School for the past few years. Maybe this staff shakeup is the right time for Willard to take another recruiting gamble.