Seton Hall’s multi-year APR is first in Big East

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The NCAA released their latest Academic Progress Rates (APR) for all Division I schools earlier today and Seton Hall posted a 995 out of 1000, good enough for best in the Big East.

After finishing behind Butler and Villanova last year with a multi-year score of 979, Seton Hall has improved upon that ever-rising mark and has set a new program-high.

Big East rankings:

Seton Hall – 995
Creighton – 991
Villanova – 988
Butler – 974
Providence – 957
St. John’s – 953
DePaul – 952
Georgetown – 950
Xavier – 949
Marquette – 949

A look at Seton Hall’s APR since the 2004-05 season:

* – Seton Hall had one scholarship docked in 2006-07 for their score

Seton Hall’s APR should only rise in the near future after graduating Sterling Gibbs, Haralds Karlis, Brandon Mobley and Stephane Manga earlier this month.

Four Division I schools were handed post-season bans after adding their 2013-14 scores: Alcorn State, Florida A&M, Stetson and Central Arkansas. A four-year average below 930 or a two-year average south of 940 are the thresholds for receiving post-season bans.

Not sure exactly what the APR is? Read more here and here.

  • Chris Birdman

    some good news for once….but really. let’s win games this year Willard and get to the NCAA turny., enough BS and excuses. U mess up this year your ass is gonna be fired.

  • VinBick

    Always want the best for the Hall; I try to be optomistic each new season. Willard has not produced enough to be retained as head coach if he does not produce a successful team this year. Sweet 16 or bust! We will never know what destroyed a promising year this past season, but the head coach is responsible for the program. Willard failed miserably this past season. The replacements for Gibbs and Sina do not measure up to their talents. The university and fan base deserve much better than Willards results.

    • 11yearplan

      Too soon to judge the ability of DG and DS against SG and JS. I would wait until we see how things work out the non-conference before coming to any conclusions. While your scenario may happen it is also as likely that the freshman become stronger, faster and develop as players; Isaiah steps up big time at the point; Derrick locks down the perimeter; Carrington becomes an unstoppable slasher; Dalton becomes the situational high percentage shooter; Isaiah comes back healthy and leads a back court that works in harmony. If that happens Coach will have successfully replaced Gibbs and Sina.

      We should also keep in mind that Anderson will be stronger and healthier this season than he was last season and should be more of a force under the rim.
      This isn’t just me saying this. I heard one of the NY sports writers say the same thing as a guest on WSOU one Saturday. I believe its going to be a good season and it can’t start soon enough.

      • VinBick

        Willard’s recruits are not coming in and providing the experience and level of play that Gibbs and Sina displayed. Be realistic about their talent level vs lost upperclassmen with Big East wars under their belts. Expecting Willard to produce a team capable of going to the Big Dance is highly unlikely. We will be starting over again, this time next year.

        • 11yearplan

          While I agree about the lack of BE type regular season experience, Derrick has been to the NCAA Tourney twice.

  • fouline

    The talent coming in doesn’t match up to the talent that’s going out. That’s clear. But that’s not the real problem. Willard & Company has never done a good job of team building. Every year is marked by trouble and ego-playing. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • VinBick

      Patience with Willard is running out fast here at the Jersey Shore. Talking to faithful alumni who feel the same way I do, this is his last year unless he makes a majical change in his m.o. as head coach. Top four finish in the BE and a run in the Big Dance or he should be exiting stage left.