Seton Hall’s Dalton Soffer to transfer

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Reserve two-guard Dalton Soffer has decided to transfer from Seton Hall after two seasons.

After playing 55 minutes and scoring just 18 points (6-21 3pt) over two seasons, it should come as no surprise that Soffer — a San Diego area native — is leaving the program.

Soffer saw mostly clean-up minutes in lopsided games, but when inserted into close games he also failed to impress with his strength coming out of high school: outside shooting.

Behind Khadeen Carrington, Myles Powell, Eron Gordon, and incoming freshman Myles Cale in the log-jam that is the two-guard spot, it makes sense that he will look to play at a lower level for his final two years. Soffer originally committed to Loyola (Md.) days prior to an in-home visit from the Seton Hall coaching staff, he later switched that verbal to the Hall; UPenn and Boston University were also involved.

Seton Hall now has three opening scholarships for the incoming 2017 class and beyond after accounting for Cale and unsigned but verbally committed post forward Darnell Brodie.

  • Fishjam

    Good luck to Dalton. Seemed like a good kid and teammate, hope he finds a good situation for him. By all accounts a good student, by transferring he should get 5 free years of education. A lot of openings for next year.

    • LBP

      I, again, agree with Fishjam-hope the kid does great-just no place on a Big East Team-as for Anthony?? Do not think he could get through a full Game anywhere else. He,too, seems like a great kid -again, maybe not athletically a Big East talent-

  • Andrew Herbst

    Best of luck to Dalton. I wish him well. Hopefully he goes to a school where he will get some playing time.

  • hallstorm

    Well, this doesn’t come out of nowhere. Best of luck to Soffer. I hope he gets some solid playing time elsewhere.

  • Personally, I’m surprised he didn’t leave last spring. He was very close to, but stuck it out. Kind of like his commitment, when he first chose Loyola and then switched partially because he wanted the challenge, which is good to see.

    Ultimately didn’t work out basketball-wise, but yeah…

    • Matty P

      Seemed like his one close connection on the team was Carter and once he was removed from the team there might not have been much more of a reason to stay.

  • On a side note, and this is pure speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rashed Anthony left.

    Since he red-shirted his freshman year, he has been on campus for 4 years and should certainly be close to graduating. That would mean a graduate transfer to a low-major school where he can play immediately and potentially pursue a post-grad degree.

    Outside of sticking it out with his guys and trying to push the envelope for his last year, the above seems like a no-brainer.

    • hallstorm

      Well, it would certainly create a glut of scholarships for next season. I’m very interested in the de-committed players Blake Harris and Tremont Waters. I know we offered Harris and weren’t on Waters’ initial list, but the coaching carousel certainly creates from unrest for some of these ’17 commitments. Of course, I’d love to see Duval be the guy, but I would love to have Walker also come (or maybe Harris?). Does this also mean they will up their recruiting presence for Sandro Mamukelashvili? Could he be a true contributor for next year?

      And has there been any word regarding Williard’s meeting with Angel? Is there a feel for which way he’s leaning?

      • Matty P

        Regarding Delgado, I just saw news that him and Carrington will be testing the NBA waters (not signing an agent). Certainly no reason for them not to take feedback from NBA scouts and GMs and become familiar with the process.

      • ThePirateFan

        It’ll be an active spring, that’s for sure. Much to anticipate!

  • HobokenGuy

    It’s always tough to see someone who was so excited to come here leave later on, but he just wasn’t Big East caliber. With recruiting reaching into the 4- and 5-star stratosphere the extra spot can only help.

  • LBP

    Posted that Carrington and Delgado declared without agents-now read that Angel has not decided , yet, to declare. Do not see Carrington getting an invite-but an OK move. I still doubt Delgado returns-either way

    • LBP

      Both Kids posted they have yet to decide-Jon Rothstein jumped the gun “reporting”

      • Matty P

        Even with the denials it makes sense for them to put their name in the draft and not hire an agent. They can always pull their names out by the deadline and get some feedback from NBA GMs and scouts. So even if they aren’t considered draft material this year it will help them towards next year with no consequences.

      • saw somewhere (maybe on this site) that this smells like a Duke leak to Rothstein, to catch Duval’s eye. Interesting

  • Matt

    Saw that coming. What’s the deal with this Jordan Walker kid? He has some pretty impressive highlights. Is he being recuited for Class of 2017 or Class of 2018.

    • I will have a recruiting roundup posted this week. He’s being recruited primarily for 2017, but of course Duval is priority #1

  • z06

    I knew this was coming about Dalton, this is just the beginning.this will happen every year now ,I call this one last week there could be one more

  • Coach Mike

    Good luck to Dalton…I am sure things did not go the way that he wanted, but give him credit that he wasn’t a quitter.

  • SHU95

    Interesting, but not surprising development… I understand the move and believe that as much as I like both guys as players, neither are NBA ready. For their purposes, a good way to gauge where they stand and what needs to be worked on in their senior seasons. However, from the SHU perspective, the recruiting suffers from the uncertainty. We suddenly find ourselves with a surplus of ‘ships & possibly more to come. This will be an intriguing off season….

  • DougFlynn

    Best to Dalton. Good luck in basketball, but more importantly, finish your education.

    For SHU, we really need more balance in recruiting. Way, way too many guys playing the same position, and not enough playing others (PG, CF, PF). This kid never really had a chance to be in the rotation coming in behind the Whitehead class. But, when he did get in, he hustled and seemed to be a support to the team from the bench as well. In a very small sample, I suppose he did not shoot as advertised, however, you don’t know if that would have changed with more playing time. With SHU recruiting people over him, I don’t blame him for leaving. Hopefully he can catch on somewhere and have a productive career.