Seton Hall still recruiting 2016s

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Just because we’re getting into the thick of college basketball season doesn’t mean Seton Hall isn’t still hitting the recruiting trails. The coaching staff is hounding two Class of 2016 targets that are available to join the team next summer.

First up is a familiar name in top-100 big man Taurean Thompson, formerly of St. Anthony (N.J.). Now at Brewster Academy (N.H.) for his senior year, Thompson recently told reporters that Syracuse and Seton Hall were the only two schools that were still actively recruiting him.

In the few days since, Pittsburgh has offered, N.C. State came in to watch and Georgetown is showing interest; Taurean also recently took an official visit to Syracuse and looks like he will decide in the spring.

With no open scholarships but with at least one to surely open up in the aftermath of a sophomore going pro or a reserve forward transferring, Thompson is being targeting to fill this void.

Next up, and a name which you probably haven’t heard before is Word of God (N.C.) point guard Jalen Harris.

A Buffalo commit for about a month, Harris has recently re-opened his recruitment and is getting interest from a wide variety of schools. It’s too soon to say how strong Seton Hall is interested but they are certainly in the market for a point or combo guard to go along with Myles Powell as seen by their pursuit of Eron Gordon.

The prevailing logic here is that Isaiah Whitehead will leave for the NBA Draft or overseas hoops at the end of this season, opening up a scholarship for another 2016 guard to join point guard Jevon Thomas, who is sitting out this season after transferring from Kansas State.

  • PadrePirate

    Ever since IW came to SHU, the buzz has always been that he will leave us for the NBA. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. He’s an AVERAGE DI level guard. By that I mean NOT a top 50 guard.

    IMHO, he still has a lot of work to do, especially on the mental side of the game (shot selection, pass selection, reading defenses, reducing TO’s, etc) to lift his game to the pro level.

    IW should be encouraged to stay in college for his own good. Maybe a NBA team would take a gamble that he will progress in one of their development league teams. But, at least right now, I see long term potential, but not pro level skills.

    Compare IW to Gibbs: Gibbs used to play a similar type game. Last season, he filled out his game. They both have had attitude issues, but I’d take Gibbs over IW any day.

    I would be pleased if someone would give me some solid arguments to the contrary.

    • Coach Mike

      PadrePirate…I cannot give you solid arguments the other way…besides a few great passes, I agree he should stay in school and develop his game….an NBA Pro…not at this time…

    • Valentino

      IW is as talented as anyone with the size. He is only lacking discipline and a coach who will not stand for the repetitive mental errors he tortures us with.

    • Fishjam

      Pro Scouts don’t draft players based on the player they are at present – it’s all about projection. What will this player be in 2-3 years, how can he improve with NBA coaching, weight training, experience, etc. So while we see a good who has ability with a long way to go in the mental aspect, scouts see the tools and are thinking what they will translate to after a few years of maturation and NBA coaching under his belt.
      IW has a bag full of tools that scouts crave:
      – good size for PG at 6’4 with frame that could carry 10-15 lbs of muscle
      – good shooting ability including NBA-line 3-pt range
      – excellent court vision
      – solid passing ability
      – ability to breakdown defenders one-on-on
      – willing defender who can guard 1s or 2s
      We all know his weaknesses. Loses focus, tries to do too much, tries to make decisions after leaving his feet, too many careless turnovers. These are all products of maturity/experience or lack therof. His shortcomings are not physical so there will definitely be NBA coaches/scouts who think they can coach these habits out of him. I think most everyone agrees he needs more time in college and I hope Zeke’s wise enough not to come out too early and end up in Europe or as a 2nd round NBA pick. With more maturation I could see him as a 1st round pick after his Junior year.

      • PadrePirate

        Thanks. If that’s the case, he’s probably better off transferring at the end of this season to spend his junior year in a big name program with good exposure and a more rigorous head coach.

        I don’t know what kind of mentors he’s got, but he’s surely not going to improve much on his weak spots the way KW coaches him. I bet he’d blossom more quickly under a tough, no-nonsense kind of coach who really demands excellence from him.

  • Matty P

    Chris, any reason why SHU is still going after big men? I understand that top 100 forwards don’t always come around, but it seems like it would be more beneficial to try and bring in a guard instead of a forward. If Whitehead leaves SHU will only have 3 guards on the roster for next year (Thomas, Carrington, and Soffer).

    • HallBall10

      If IW leaves we’ll have Thomas, Carrington, Soffer, and Powell. Of that group only Thomas is a “true”pg, so we could use another pg. If IW stays then we don’t really need another guard imo.

      I could see one of the reserve centers transferring or Delgado thinking he’s ready to go pro . In that case, we would need another big. Thompson is planning on committing late, so we might as well pursue him hard and if we don’t have a spot at the time of his decision then fair enough.

      I like that the staff is going after both guards and forwards to prepare for anything.

      • Matty P

        Thanks HallBall10 for the reminder of Powell’s commitment. Even with his commitment I think we could use a true pg, like you mentioned. Carrington or Powell might be able to play the roll for a couple mins each game, but I’m not sure if they could for a season if anything were to happen to Thomas.

        I would be surprised if Delgado would go pro. I think he’s shown a lot of potential, but think he still needs to improve portions of his game and foul shooting. Wouldn’t be too surprised if a big decides to jump ship due to playing time since most of the players on the team are young.

        • Fishjam

          Matty, I’m a proponent of the “best player available” approach to recruiting. Even though a PG might be a bigger immediate need, I think you build a program by getting the best players and filling in short-term position issues with transfers or playing a guy like Carrington or Powell slightly out of position.

          I don’t think IW leaving is a foregone conclusion which would mean they are strong in the backcourt next year.
          If IW does leave, Thompson is a strong enough player to make going a year without a true backup PG worth it. He’s an athletic big man who can run and shoot and has a huge wingspan to be an elite defender. A recruiting class of Powell and Thompson would be very solid and what SHU needs to do every year to build a strong program. If they can grab a top-100 big and top-100 guard from NJ/NYC every year they will be on the right track to building a top program.

    • The logic is this: Thompson isn’t deciding until the spring and the staff must of told him the scholarship situation. The staff will likely know if a reserve forward will transfer by then and/or any other variables. I also saw (on Twitter?) but haven’t followed up on the possibility that Braeden Anderson only gets 1 year of eligibility and not two; this would open up a spot.

      The open guard spot is surely dependent on IW.

      • PadrePirate

        Wouldn’t break my heart if BA only had 1 yr left, but, if he does have two, he’s the least likely to transfer, due to his academic commitments. He’s only been playing under 5 min a game.

        More likely to transfer would be Anthony or Carter. Unless a big gets injured, neither are going to get many minutes this year behind Angel, Ish, and Nzei. Could see one or both going fishing for more playing time elsewhere. Plus, both are from out-of-state, right?

  • fouline

    Don’t worry about open scholies. Willard has been very good at clearing out the roster over the last 5 years. What is it now, Chris, 15? !6 guys?