Seton Hall staves off late collapse in 82-79 win at DePaul

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Seton Hall nearly blew a 20-point second half lead and lost Ish Sanogo to a sprained ankle but ultimately prevailed with a crucial 82-79 win over DePaul to keep their NCAA dreams alive.

Seton Hall got off to a slow offensive start but a good one defensively by registering four early steals and 10 total, but DePaul was able to hold a 23-22 lead at the under-four.

As has been the case on several occasions this season, it was freshman Myles Powell (15 pts) who brought the offense to life with eight points during a crucial 13-4 run to close the half.

Seton Hall then came out of the locker room at the same speed they went into it by tacking on eight-straight points to build a 21-4 overall run that gave the Hall a 16-point cushion.

The Pirates would then grow their lead to 49-29 with 16:26 to play just after Ish Sanogo sprained his ankle and left the game early in the second half. 

Things then got rocky.

A 14-1 DePaul run cut their deficit to just 55-50 prior to Seton Hall answering with an 18-5 of their own before their hosts made Pirate fans everywhere bite their fingernails.

Seton Hall led by 14 with 6 to play but allowed a feisty DePaul team to draw within a point with less than a minute to play via some porous defense and suspect shot selection considering their lead.

But four clutch foul shots from Khadeen Carrington (18 pts, 6 asts) and Powell would stave off a heart-breaking defeat over the closing seconds.

Angel Delgado (16 pts, 10 rebs) put up his 10th double-double in a row while Desi Rodriguez (19 pts, 5 rebs, 4 asts) scored 15 of his 19 in the second half.


  • hallstorm

    Team just doesn’t buckle down on defense during periods. The late fouls by Jones, Powell and dumb offensive foul from Carrington were just not smart. Yes, they hit their free throws at the end for the most part, but it really shouldn’t have come down to that. One of these days Desi Rodriguez will lift his eyes when he has the ball. I saw two trips when Desi had Myles open on the wing and wouldn’t pass the ball. I wish he would learn the art (and significance of what it does for the entire offensive look for the team from a strategy standpoint) of the pass….

    • Ardy

      Hallstorm, I have watched them do that to MP all season long.Just because he does not make a fuss or disrupt the team chemistry he should not be overlooked.KW needs to be corrected soon He has to see it also.I am glad you seen it also. When the honesty/ chemistry is broken things start to fall apart right before our eyes on offense and defense.MP made smart decisions with the ball. Pirates make the game harder than it has to be. Even though he is a freshman he can give the team 15-20 per. Hope Ish gets better soon he is vital to the halls progress.

  • Hallbuster

    Any updates on sanogo ankle?? What a difference he makes. Since he left the game our defense changed completely and we almost lost.

    • LBP

      Agree Hallbuster- He was having a great Game too

  • Andrew Herbst

    We lucked out today. Got way too close for comfort. Hope Ish is ok. Didn’t look good. Can’t afford to not have him for BET

  • LBP

    Nice job Chris-maybe a bit negative but good theme.
    Down the stretch Demons got all the calls ( nice having home court -maybe we can get friendly Refs for GTown—nah) B.Garett ( I think he is a good player-not great but very good) got away with a ton of pushing and pulling.
    Actually thought the Team played very hard and Demons were on fire ( 41% from 3 from DePaul ??) plus when have the Demons scored 79 points in Big East?
    Team showed guts and grit with the free throws and I thought Willard was the better Coach today.
    All wins for this Team are and will be hard because we have no floor leader that can control flow. With the big lead, Hall started O at half Court without getting in set until 12 secs left and rather than go inside we did the One on One with dribbling displays.
    Nice Games for Desi and MP ( actually I thought Carrington was decent if sometimes a bit loose) Nice to say Angel did not have his greatest Game when he goes 1610 ( what an unreal season).
    We gotta all be positive for the Hoyas- it has been a fun, albeit, frustrating at times , season. I still like this Team even tho they are really out to kill me and my Pirate Brothers and Sisters.

  • Matty P

    Glad to walk away with a win, but it’s amazing how out of sorts they seem to get when another team brings pressure. They just can’t seem to figure out how to break a press and not get themselves stuck in corners. Also what are Jones and Powell thinking with the fouls towards the end of the game. On the last foul by Jones they showed Willard standing there yelling what are you doing. The guys have to be more aware of when not to foul and shouldn’t need the coaches constantly telling them don’t foul.

    Hope Sanogo will be okay. The team was night and day without him on the floor. Wish it would be possible to rest him and have him come back for the BE tournament, but based on where the team is there’s no margin for error.

    • PadrePirate

      I’m assuming that it was the same ankle? That’s really not good. Sprains are already slow to heal. We likely will not see him for Gtown and Butler. I would guess that he would play the BET, unless somehow we’ve locked up a bid by then. We need his quick hands and active D. Those two early buckets were a great sign of life on O too.

      • Matty P

        Based on a quote from Willard it appears it’s a resprain and he was on crutches after the game. Definitely going to be an issue since they were already thin down low. Going to be tough against Georgetown without him.

        • PadrePirate

          Very bad. This team is just not the same on D without him. Nzei has not made significant strides over the past few games. Going to take a real team effort to pull out a W on Seniors night. You know KW will be complaining about just one day to practice!

  • PadrePirate

    Looks like a close one at Prov. Need the Friars to beat MU to create a three-way tie at 8-8.

  • Louie Dee

    Here is my post for the Xavier game “Great win!! However did you guys see that ending. Madison jones is horrendous! He has very low game IQ. Also it’s like the 5th time I seen him miss a layup. Pathetic!”

    This kid can’t handle the pressure during he closing seconds. What a dumb foul. He almost cost us the game.
    So frustrating!!Here is my post for the Xavier game “Great win!! However did you guys see that ending. Madison jones is horrendous! He has very low game IQ. Also it’s like the 5th time I seen him miss a layup. Pathetic!”

    This kid can’t handle the pressure during he closing seconds. What a dumb foul.

    So frustrating!!

    • Joe J

      MJ is a senior who plays like a freshman Way too many mental mistakes late in games. I still can’t figure out that foul in the backcourt up 4 with 3 seconds left. The look on Willard’s face after that foul was priceless

      • z06

        no bench

  • LBP

    Although it is not good for us, Providence huge come-back (14-1) to tie Warriors with a minute -twenty( Makes me feel better about todays Game) Have to admit that Friars are my second Fave Team
    Friars up one with 20secs

    • Matty P

      Providence comes away with a win and we’ve got a 3 way tie for 5th. We’ll see tomorrow how Xavier plays against Butler to see if we’ll end up for a 4 way tie for 4th place. Last 2 games of the season will be very important for all 4 teams to see the seeding for the BE tournament.

      • LBP

        Matty P -would love to get 6 Teams in The real Tournie-

        • Matty P

          100% agree. Surprisingly I’ve actually seen a couple brackets with the possibility of 7 teams. I personally can’t see a situation where that would occur even with 3 teams ending at 9-9.

          • PadrePirate

            Who would the 7th be? The Johnnies are hanging in there but their record and RPI are terrible. Can’t see them get a bid unless they win out and take two at BET

          • Matty P

            I’ve seen Nova, Creighton, Xavier, Butler, SHU, Marquette, and Providence. It’s reasonable to consider SHU, Marquette, and Providence at this point as on the bubble since the bubble is so weak this year (heck people still keep considering Clemson and they’re 14-14 and 4-12 in the ACC). Certainly could be possible if they all end at 9-9, but I would be somewhat surprised to see 7 team in.

          • LBP

            Matty P nails it below

      • Joseph Attanasi

        We’d be mutch better off with the 6th seed. That we’d have a legitimate shot to make it to the finals without playing Villanova.

        • Matty P

          If the team ends at 9-9 I’m not as worried about the seeding for when they would play Nova. Bc in order to play Nova they would need to win either 1-2 BE tournament games and with a 9-9 record that should be enough to get them into the NCAA tournament.

          • Joseph Attanasi

            I’m not so sure given the history of the committee. 9-9 with one win in the BE tourney would make it a little more certain. And if we could get 2 wins in the tourney then there shouldn’t be any doubt. And I’d much rather not play Villanova for the second one.

          • Matty P

            Agreed, 9-9 and two wins in the BE tournament and there’s no doubt that they make the NCAA tournament. I just feel that with how weak the bubble is this year that even going 9-9 and 1 win in the BE tournament that they should still get in. I think this year is tougher to gauge against past committee history since there are so few mid majors who should be considered for the NCAA tournament. I don’t think there’s going to be many cases of mid majors stealing bids bc the favorites lose their conference tournaments.

    • PadrePirate

      Why not good for us? I was rooting for the Friars because I thought we needed them to win to create the tie. I think Chris said on a tweet that we have the edge over both of them should we all finish 9-9.

  • LBP

    Darnell Brodie a real force for Newark Eastside winning EssexCounty Tournament- Will be 1 seed ( I think) in Group $ States

    • Matty P

      Certainly hope he can come in next year and be serviceable for his first season. The team needs someone who can give Delgado a couple min break since it’s difficult to ask him to go 35+ mins a game for an entire season. Plus having a serviceable backup would allow Delgado to be a little more aggressive on the defensive end.

      • ThePirateFan

        Is Delgado definitely coming back? I have a hard time seeing his stock getting any higher after next season, and another year in age makes him that much less attractive to any team in any league that would have him.

        • LBP

          I am resigned to just enjoying him this year-I have no inside info but …

  • Hallbuster

    Anyone have an update on Ish”s ankle??????

  • Matty P

    So this is very much hypothetical and very unlikely to occur, but I was trying to look into a way where there would actually be a 5 way tie which would include Creighton. While looking into this I realized this scenario would actually result in a 6 way tie at 9-9. This is what would have to occur:

    Creighton (9-7): L – St Johns; L – @Marquette
    Xavier (8-7): L – Butler; W – Marquette; L – @DePaul
    SHU (8-8): W – Georgetown; L – @Butler
    Marquette (8-8): L – @Xavier; W – Creighton
    Providence (8-8): W – DePaul; L – @St. Johns
    St. Johns (7-9): W – Creighton; W – Providence

    Obviously the most unlikely points in this scenario is Creighton losing at home to St Johns and Xavier losing at DePaul.

    • LBP

      Lot of work Matty- I think Marquette may be in most trouble and we are dependent on beating Hoyas

      • Matty P

        Agreed. I wouldn’t give it much of a shot of actually happening, but I just found it interesting that it’s possible where teams 3-8 could all manage to end with the same record (can’t say I would have any clue where teams would be seeded if it were to actually occur). I also agree that Marquette’s got the most difficult path having to play Xavier and Creighton to end the season. SHU just needs to make sure they take care of Georgetown which could either be difficult or easy depending on the Georgetown team that decides to show up at the Prudential Center. If they do beat Georgetown the Butler game will just be an opportunity at a good win with little pressure on actually walking away with a win.

  • 11yearplan

    Great analysis as always Chris.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that they came up big when they needed to.

    The foul by MJ at the end was frustrating but, when looking at all 40 minutes he had a good game and seems to be adjusting better each week. Look for him to step up on Tuesday.

    Today shows how important Ish is to the team. Adjusting to losing Ish is difficult to do mid game. It will be easier to do when planed for as it will be on Tuesday.