Seton Hall gets a 6-seed, paired with Gonzaga

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SOUTH ORANGE – For the first time in a decade, Seton Hall will partake in March Madness.

Unfortunately for them, it looks like the Pirates have received the short end of the seeding stick.

Seton Hall was given a six-seed in the Denver regional, pairing them up against 11-seed Gonzaga and Utah/Fresno State if they are to advance to the round of 32.

Gonzaga is just two KenPom spots behind Seton Hall.

More coverage from Walsh Gym coming.

  • Fishjam

    First reaction is we got disrespected again. A 6-seed thrown out west in Denver in a very tough bracket. Gonzaga is always tough in the tourney, then potentially Utah, Michigan State, Iowa State and Virginia?? Jeeezzzz!! And playing in Denver in high altitude will be tough for us with our lack of depth. But no matter, getting dissed again will continue to supply motivation.

    • LBP

      No other way to assess it— Very fair to the other Big East schools- Sending Hall to Denver , away from its Fan-base after Hall beat 2 of the Number 2 seeds -oh well, it is what it is and feel bad for Monmouth

      • VinBick

        No surprise with the lack of respect continuing. It will take more than a year to have the program back on the national map. It is up to the coaches and players to overcome the tough seeding in the thin air to make steps forward.

        Monmouth got jobbed by the committee. Hey, New Jersey is always made fun of by those from outside of the Northeast. Hope the Hawks do well in the N.I.T.

  • ThePirateFan

    Think the committee wants a pair of western schools in Gonzaga/Utah matched up in Denver?? How transparent. Also the only upset the selection show picked in the first round, and it took them about ten seconds to decide that.

    Good thing our guys are tired of not getting the credit they deserve. GO GET IT, BOYYYSSS!!

  • Fishjam

    sorry for double post

  • annamaria10

    Not a fan of that thin air in Denver. Let’s go, Hall!!!

    • Louie Dee

      Yea I agree. It takes a few days for your body and lungs to adapt because the oxygen is thinner. So I hope the coach gets them to Denver ASAP. Also how do you put Utah in Denver, they have a clear advantage. Utah’s altitude is even higher than Denver. This makes no sense.

      • ThePirateFan

        Utah seems like a pretty soft 3-seed, so maybe they took that into account.

  • Fishjam

    I’ll have to study up on Gonzaga but what I know is they have 2 awesome big men, kind of similar to Marquette’s Ellenson and Fischer but more experienced and with a better supporting cast. Ish will have his hands full with 6’10” Senior Kyle Wiljter who averages 20 points per game and is an excellent 3-point shooter. He has a banger in 6’11 Domantas Sabonis to play down low and rebound. He averages 17 points and 12 rebounds and is a high percentage shooter in the paint. Angel can struggle with Centers who are taller than him and will need to have a big game.

    • LBP

      Fishjam -if you have HBO on demand it has a 5 part series on Gonzaga- the match-up is speed v. size and depth- We win and press will say we should have —-Gonzaga is a darling so lets get it on.

    • Louie Dee

      These stats don’t mean anything. They play in a weaker conference and they have never dealt with a SHU type of defense. I think the biggest issue is the altitude. The coach should have the plays leave tomorrow.

      • Fishjam

        Louie, no doubt Gonzaga plays in a weaker conference but all stats have value. Stats are facts. What I take from the above (and looking at Zags KenPom numbers) is that they have a deliberate and precise offense that gets nearly half their points from their 2 starting big men.

        And don’t underestimate Gonzaga because of their conference. They have made the tournament 18 years in a row and have won a ton of big games in the Big Dance. They are a legit program and made it to the Elite 8 last year led by the 2 guys I mentioned, Wiljter and Sabonis. They form one of the best forward duos in the country.

        I’ve spent the last couple of hours watching 2 of their games on YouTube and what I see is a patient offense that passes the ball very well and find’s a ton of open shots due to their willingness to make the extra pass. Their big men are both good passers and their guards slash to the hoop and run back door looking for passes from their forwards. The Hall has a HUGE advantage in athleticism and need to exploit that by attacking the basket and looking to get out in transition as much as possible….basically what they try to do every game. Their leading scorer Wilter is a versatile scorer but he’s slow-footed and is a liability on defense. Also for a 6’10” forward he’s not a great rebounder. He will likely guard Ish who should be able to get a ton of offensive rebounds out-quicking and outhustling Wilter. Sabonis is tough and will be a good battle against Delgado.

        The Zags remind me a lot of Marquette but with more veteran, wiser players. Pirates need to take them seriously because if we don’t bring our defensive intensity, the Zags will find good shots and will hit them. I see no reason why the Pirates shouldn’t handle the Zags and advance.

  • Hallbuster

    They stil have 0.0 respect for us!! Besides handing a 6 seed to us after we dismantle two top 5 teams and 2 seeds in the tournament in 24 hours and on a neutral court, not only do they say we are only a 6 seed (21-24) but they send us away to play in Denver. Joke. Only solution is to win win win and keep winning until we are tournament champions. Win the whole damn thing and throw it in their faces. Play pissed off boys. Show them what jokes they are!!

  • Jersey Jerry

    We won two games in Denver back in 89, let’s stay positive, go Hall!!!

  • LBP

    Burns me that Notre Dame -which had a crap year -is also a 6 and gets to play at Barclays- all right one at a time and let the fun continue-albeit that most of us will cheer at a TV

  • PadrePirate

    Really tough bracket ahead…Gonzaga, Utah, Mich St… Would have much preferred to keep Lunardi’s 6th seed vs Temple out in Brooklyn, which would have basically been home court.

    No sense in pouting now. Get the boys out to Denver asap, and start practicing hard for Thursday. Going to have to get through 2 tough opponents to make it to the Sweet 16, which would already be a big achievement. Time to prove ourselves (again). GO HALL

  • Hallbuster

    Just saw we were the overall 24th seed. Means we barely made a 6 seed! Outrageous. Hope the team realizes it and it fires them up more. Only one solution, win the whole thing

    • PadrePirate

      Yes, the only answer is to shut up and win games. If we make the Sweet 16, they’ll get the picture.

      I’d like to see all the BE teams advance, so we can shake the rep of being a weak league.

      • Hallbuster

        Totally agree. Going to root like crazy for all of them

  • hallstorm

    The one thing I can think is that ESPN is just so upset at the Big East for going with Fox for the TV contract. All their writers just continue to mention how The Hall has gotten teams on off-nights (again) and Villanova got robbed at the end of the game with no foul call. They fail to mention that Seton Hall lead for about 37 of the 40 min of the game. They failed to mention that right before Whitehead’s and-one with 18 seconds to go, he got fouled on the breakaway layup by Arcidiacono. Or that Whitehead was simply crushed by the whole Villanova team any time he came close to the ball.

    Adding insult further to injury, the 538 site off ESPN actually favors Gonzaga over Seton Hall 60-40. It’s the only game-the only game-that ESPN actually picks as an upset in the opening round.

    I hope we crush every team and catch them all on off-nights for the next 3 weeks

  • Andrew Herbst

    At first, I was annoyed about the lack of respect by the committee, but now I think we can use to our advantage. We have been underestimated all season long and proven all the doubters wrong. Gonzaga hasn’t faced a defense as tough as ours. They play in a much weaker conference. We won’t be afraid of their bigs, the late start time, or even the thin air in Denver. Let’s come on Thursday night and show what we are made on and show the committee that they don’t have any clue of how good of a team we are.

  • Elvin Ciego

    Nate Silver says that Gonzaga is an eleven seed masquerading as a six seed: