Seton Hall to play Hawaii and California in FOX Sports Pearl Harbor Invitational

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Seton Hall will travel beyond the West Coast when they take on Hawaii and California as part of the FOX Sports Pearl Harbor Invitational in early December.

Originally thought to just be a two-game event with the Hall taking on Cal in a one-off, the University officially announced on Tuesday that the Pirates will first face off with Hawaii on December 6th prior to clashing with California the next day; Princeton is the fourth team in the pre-scheduled field.

Broadcasting details have not been announced, but one would hope that at least Seton Hall – California gets shown on FOX’s flagship station despite the above graphic that specifically plugs Fox Sports 1. Coming from the Pac-12, the Golden Bears are another program under the FOX umbrella and return an adept team this season that will also want to be promoted.

Cuonzo Martin loses key guys in Tyrone Wallace (NBA), Jaylen Brown (NBA) and Jordan Matthews (transfer) but has added graduate transfer point guard Grant Mullins from Columbia and retains two key cogs in Jabari Bird (10.4 ppg) and NBA-hopeful center Ivan Rabb (12.5 ppg, 8.6 rpg).

The team that upset Cal in the first round of the NCAA tournament, one would think host school Hawaii shouldn’t be overlooked in the Hall’s opener, but the ‘Bows lose their top five scorers, accounting for over 78-percent of their scoring.

Seton Hall’s non-conference schedule now boasts 12 games:

Opener at Walsh – Fairleigh Dickinson
November 16 – @Iowa (Gavitt Games)
November 24-27 – AdvoCare Classic (Gonzaga, Miami, Iowa State, Stanford, Ind. St., Quinn.)
December 1 – Columbia (H)
December 6 – Pearl Harbor Invitational vs. Hawaii
December 7 -Pearl Harbor Invitational vs. California
December 12 – South Carolina @ MSG – Under Armour event
December 23 – Rutgers
Saint Peter’s (H)
Delaware (H)

  • Jersey Jerry

    WOW, looks like a lot of frequent flyer mileage and some real tough games on the OCS this year … shaping up to be another fun ride this season Pirate fans!

    • ThePirateFan

      Hell, yea!

  • Joe Schmoe

    so who’s leaving? Is that known yet?

    • Talking transfer? I heard that the suspected departure may have reconsidered, though Braeden Anderson’s situation seems more set in stone. But that would only make 13 scholarships… In the event of Taurean Thompson, I’m not sure of the solution if the above is true.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Yes, either transfers or non-renewals… Some people have to walk the plank right? #punintended #pirateshipjoke

        • ThePirateFan

          We need more pirate puns. I like what you’ve done here.

      • Mosleyman

        Could this be what’s holding up his decision? If we don’t have a scholarship to offer, everyone looks pretty silly if TT says he wants to come to the Hall.

        • I don’t know, lot of speculation. Had also heard awhile ago that TT’s grade might be an issue. Have a feeling a decision is imminent, though

          • hallstorm

            Goodness, I hope it’s imminent: it’s June 29. Very interesting that grades haven’t been mentioned at all in all of the recruiting talk that’s been posted in tweets and blogs. Looking at 2017-18 instead of 16-17 would certainly explain his lack of urgency in choosing a school.

  • VinBick

    Hope Delaware is replaced by Princeton and/or Monmouth on schedule in 2017. In-state foes will increase fan interest and attendance at the Rock. Delaware? Any of the Blue Hen’s fans traveling to the Rock from Wilmington? I think not. The colleges in the New York Metro area like Fordham, Manhattan, Iona, or Wagner are all better games than playing Delaware.

    • Hard to disagree, especially since UDel will be very bad in 2016-17. The schedule is not a series, though.

  • Matty P

    Interesting to hear that the Big East will be joining an officiating alliance with the ACC, A10, and Colonial conferences. This should be a good to eliminate some of the differences in officiating between the conferences and should help come tournament time. Really I’m surprised that the conferences are the ones who need to work together on this and it’s not something set up by the NCAA to bring some consistency across officiating.

  • fouline

    The OCS is good for us exposure-wise and a better challenge than previous years. It’s attractive to fans and recruits. And it gives us the feeling of a national program… about time.

    • I’m just realizing now that this semi goes against the NCAA’s 1-event limit for non-conference schedules. I’d imagine event = tournament in this case (which Pearl Harbor is not), but looking to clarify.

      But regardless, between those two events + South Carolina at MSG and the Gavitt Games, that’s some serious exposure. The obvious drawback is a limited amount of non-conf games at home

      • Joe Schmoe

        Is limiting the amount of non-conf games at home a way to get this team more exposure to “tournament” atmosphere? Looks like KW looking to make a splash this season.

        • Not sure if it’s intentional, but it would have been a large platform had IW stayed of course. Perhaps this can be asked of KW in the build-up to the season…

          • Joe Schmoe

            Id personally like to know the answer to that. And it will be interesting to see how the strategy pans out.

      • Fishjam

        Much stronger OOC this year which should help our RPI and SOS. However I’m very disappointed there is no marquee home game. Its a bit of a slap in the face of season-ticket holders. I know there are a lot of challenges in constructing a schedule but a big December home game should be a priority every year. It’s a great draw for attendance and for recruits before their seasons get in full swing. The Wichita State game was awesome this year. Columbia and Deleware just don’t impress anyone. Seems like the Brooklyn game vs South Carolina may have replaced the strong home game.

        • fouline

          Fish…You make a good point about the big game prior to the regular season. They did make a mistake. But we could make an allowance… this year.They’re new at dealing with all the recent attention… which is the good part!

          • Fishjam

            In previous years Undet Willard our OOC schedule was weak but it didn’t really matter bc we weren’t NCAA tourney contenders anyway. Over the last couple of yrs the OOC has improved. The November tournaments and the home and home agreements with solid programs like Whicita St, Georgia and GW were good it’s just we had too many games with brutal teams with RPIs in the 200-300s. This year there is less of them but I don’t understand why they didn’t continue the home and home trend. They helped our RPI, tested the team against good opponents and drew big crowds.

          • fouline

            Fish… I think there probably was some sort of trade-offs in there for the home-and-home games. As for the big game on campus, yes we need it. In PR terms you have to draw from the crowd that is closest to your business. And for a college team that means the loyal fans. Maybe it wasn’t a priority for Lyons and Willard. They made a mistake… a very big mistake. Those big December games were like midnight madness for the rest of us… who don’t like midnight or madness.

  • To follow up on what I posted yesterday. TT’s decision is expected very soon, perhaps as early as today.

    Seton Hall in good shape

    • Joe Schmoe

      Is this an “unofficial” report? If so, good to hear.

      • The decision + SH parts? Yeah, I guess. Just two things I’ve heard from at least 2 people each.

        • Joe Schmoe

          I meant that TT’s decision is speculated to be SHU.

          • I’ve just heard from multiple people that Seton Hall is in pretty good shape.

          • Joe Schmoe

            That’s good to hear…

          • hallstorm

            That’s good to hear, but it almost seems like he’s going to prep school if grades aren’t up to snuff. It’ll be interesting to hear what transpires here.

  • hallstorm

    Thompson to Syracuse. Surprising