Seton Hall loses to Penn State in scrimmage

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Adam Zagoria is reporting that Seton Hall lost by three in their closed door scrimmage at Penn State last night.

In contrast to the vastly conflicting reports that stemmed from Seton Hall’s scrimmage with St. Joe’s last year, it appears we know exactly what happened between the Hall and Penn State last night.

After getting torched by D-III Baruch College for 12 threes in an exhibition last weekend, it looks like Penn State replicated Baruch’s success from the perimeter despite posting just the 206th-best team three-point percentage in 2014-15.

Looks like Veer Singh is back from injury after negative MRI results on Monday, though he understandably didn’t play much.

Penn State (18-16, 4-14) is roughly equivalent to Seton Hall, though the Nittany Lions did lose two starters in DJ Newbill and Ross Travis from last year’s team which lost nine Big Ten games by 7 points or less.

The Hall will now prepare for their season opener against Dartmouth on Friday night in Newark.

  • hallstorm

    This is not a good sign

  • PadrePirate

    All early indications point to a rough year ahead… Dying now for some good news or flashes of life!

    Two scrimmages in a row giving up 12 three’s a piece… I used to think that KW’s biggest deficiency was lack of creativity with offensive sets. Now I’m wondering if we’re going to give up 80 pts a game this year.

    • Carl MacDonald

      Think of this season like this… W and L’s don’t really matter… The only think that matters is that whitehead has 30ppg… This season is all about whiteheads stat line… ðŸ‘?ðŸ?»

  • VinBick

    Let’s all pretend that we have a coach that will pull all of the talent on our team together, and win big as a result. What a nice dream for Pirate fans! Hell, we are undefeated at this point, right?

  • Matty P

    Chris, didn’t you perform an analysis at some point last year that discussed our poor 3 point defense and it indicated that our good 3 point defense number was more a result of our opponents missing open 3’s vs our team actually being a good perimeter defense. Sorry if I’m thinking back incorrectly, but based on this I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that other teams have been killing us with the 3 point shot in these scrimmages.

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