Seton Hall offers Tavon Jones

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Seton Hall has offered Linden sophomore two-guard Tavon Jones.

While most of the recent recruiting talk has been about soon-to-be high school seniors, Seton Hall has extended an offer to a local prospect some of you had been asking about on this site.

According to Linden (N.J.) boss Phil Colicchio, the Hall has offered sophomore Second Team All-State selection Tavon Jones.

Already with offers from St. Joseph’s and Saint Peter’s, Jones earned Second Team All-State honors for averaging 15 ppg while also stuffing the rebound and assist columns on the stats sheet on the way to a Group 4 state title.

In related news, Delaware point guard transfer Kory Holden axed Seton Hall from his list yesterday following a visit to South Orange on Tuesday.

Elsewhere, 2016 Indianapolis Cathedral (In.) combo guard Eron Gordon looks to be down to Marquette, Missouri and Seton Hall with a decision date within the next week or two, though it sounds like he’s a reserve option for Seton Hall while Butler — suspected favorites — has ceased their recruitment.

  • For those of you that saw the original story that involved 2016 Memphis decommit Charlie Moore, I edited what I wrote about that.

  • Fishjam

    Chris, was it a bogus story about SH interest in Moore or have they talked to him but not offered yet? Either way I don’t see him coming here.

    • Fishjam

      Alvarado can play no doubt and is a true PG who can run an offense. Looks like a tough, confident city kid. I’m just a little concerned with signing a small PG to pair with Powell. I love our current team’s ability to play great man defense and to have players with good size and athletic ability who can guard multiple positions and play switch defense. I don’t want to go back to having 2 under-sized guards and we have to play constant zone like the previous 2 years with Sina/Gibbs. I know Cale has decent size and tremendous athleticism but would like to have a PG with some size and can defend like DG or IW bc I don’t think Powell will be able to match-up with bigger guards.

      • Nojel Eastern is apparently listed around 6’7 — probably not that tall but think Billy Garrett JR

        • Fishjam

          From videos I saw of Eastern, he had a similar body type as Desi in HS but with PG skills. Garrett is also a good comparison for height/frame.

          On a related note, the videos I’ve seen on Powell show a marked improvement in conditioning from his Jr year to present. He looks stronger and more solid in his core.

          • LBP

            Fishjam -I saw Myles Cale and Myles Powell play recently. Powell looked out of shape and this was attributed to recovery from a broken foot-in any event, he did not appear to be a very good athlete, although there is no doubt he can shoot.
            Myles Cale is the real deal ( I think you will love him); a great Athlete and the potential to be dominating -sorta reminds me of Byran Caver ( whom never reached his peak potential)

          • Fishjam

            Yeah. a little worried about Powell on the defensive side of the ball which is why a strong defensive PG to pair with him would be better IMO. I watched a game of Powell’s JR year guarding Isaiah Briscoe and he couldn’t stop him but no one could in HS.
            Really like what I’ve seen on Cale. One word to describe him is….smooth. He almost glides on the court and is a terrific athlete with a lot of potential….good under the radar get by KW & Sha.

          • hallstorm

            That was definitely a concern of mine as well LBP. Powell looks a little heavier. I hope he keeps up with his conditioning. JR Morris and Darius Lane seemed to me to just be shooters and didn’t develop anything else. I hope Powell doesn’t just rely on his shooting.

            I’m very glad to hear about Cale.


    This info is not accurate at all re: Seton Hall

    • LBP

      Glad this is true-Steffon is too slow and not athletic enough for the Big East

  • LBP
    • PadrePirate

      Nice read. Agree with writer on IW. Better off staying and improving his game. He’ll learn more in a full season at SHU than on some D team after a second round pick. Same for blueitt and Watson jr

      • fouline

        Sorry, I can’t buy into IW learning more at SHU. WIllard hasn’t taught him much. He lets him do what he wants to do. That’s not learning for the NBA, that’s winning anyway he can for Willard. IW needs to play a disciplined game. He will never do what he’s doing in college in the NBA. What a D league team could teach him is what he should be doing in the NBA. How he will be used. And how he will succeed. But I’m like all the other selfish fans, I’d like to see him back. But it’s his life… His future is his, not ours.

        • Fishjam

          Isaiah has said the right thing….he will come back if he isn’t guaranteed to be a 1st round pick. The difference between being picked 30th and 31st can mean a great deal. All 1st Round picks get guaranteed contracts for 3,4 or more years at more than $1 Million per year. Most 2nd round picks are not guaranteed and the vast majority don’t make rosters and find themselves in the D-League or overseas.

          The D-League absolutely sucks. The average salary is about $20,000 and not a lot of D-leaguers ever actually have NBA careers.

          Players make a little more playing internationally and in most cases competition can be better than the D-League but you are living in a foreign country which for a 21 year old kid isn’t easy. Especially a kid who is used to having his Mom and support system 40 minutes away.

          In every way, Isaiah should return to Seton Hall next year. Another year of physical and mental maturity before going on his own is important not to mention his on court maturity. If he gets incrementally better in his Junior year like he did in his Soph year he can improve his draft position so that he IS guaranteed that 1st round money/opportunity. If he has a so-so year, he will be in the same position he is now….looking to be a 2nd round pick and having to fight his way into the league. He has a ton to gain and little to lose by coming back for another year.

          • fouline

            Well, to play devil’s advocate… He could get injured. He could regress in his play. He could do no better than last year. And and the competition could be stiffer next year… Even if he’s drafted, it’s no guarantee of success. I thought this year for the team was magical – a lot of things broke our way. It’s more than likely not going to happen again. Next year we are going to have to earn it. Coming back could prove a great test for IW and the team. Or it could be a disaster. Who’s to say.

          • HallBall10

            What were all of the things that broke our way, that are unlikely to happen again?
            The only thing that I can think of, is that we were healthy, but we might have more quality depth next year with added experience.

            We played tough d and have talented players. We earned it this year and like every other team will have to earn it next year.

          • fouline

            Health is one. A down BE(what happened to Marquette and Creighton?). And I doubt very much de Paul and SJU will give us 4 wins next year. Add to that, we will have a target on our backs.

          • Marq and Creighton will both be better. They were both NIT-quality teams this year, IMO and that will only go up in 2016-17. Not sure about DePaul, but SJU will get better too and they could have easily beat SHU at MSG with a depleted team

          • Fishjam

            Thing is if he’s not a 1st round pick, he’s not risking much by coming back. If there is no guaranteed money, he’s only passing up an opportunity to make a team. But that same opportunity will be there next year or the following year.

            Getting hurt is always a possiblity, but again with likely no guaranteed money for a 2nd round pick, what is he risking? There’s the same chance he gets hurt playing in the D-League.

            If he comes back and regresses in his play then he wasn’t good enough anyway and what did he pass up (little or no guaranteed $)?

            There’s a whole lot to this decision. Another thing that isn’t talked about is who is paying the bill for Isaiah to spend this time in Vegas preparing for the draft? Chances are its a future agent who will look to be paid back if/when he makes it or possibly UA.

            Bottom line is Isaiah is doing the absolute right thing…..he’s working out to try to improve his stock, he’ll get feedback from teams and if he isn’t a sure-fire 1st rounder, he should return to school which is what he has said so far.

          • hallstorm

            I don’t like the injured thing here or the “target on the back” theory. I hear your argument fouline, but any kid that’s playing not to get hurt isn’t going to have a bright future in the professional athletic world. If he plays worse next year, then it’s most likely due to lazy preparations, poor diet or resting on laurels. And draft camps do not represent team efforts (if they did, Ben Simmons wouldn’t get drafted in 3 rounds in the NBA).

            I think we all forget that IW played a truncated freshman year, so last year could arguably be deemed his inaugural college year. Plus, I would think coming back to a talented team that knows each other can only be a lot more fun (and, hopefully, more productive).

            The bottom line is-if he returns, it’s nearly a guarantee that his draft status improves. If it doesn’t, it’s due to IW’s choices and other things completely in his control.

            As for the “target on the back”, I just don’t buy it. There are a lot of teams that recruit players of the same calibre as Seton Hall (see Gonzaga, Butler) and make the tourney every year. You have to have a target at some point-otherwise you’re just having dinner scraps at the floor of the table every year.

        • HallBall10

          i disagree. IW became a pg over this past year and one of the best players in the big east.

          Another year of having Sha teach IW the point guard position would be more beneficial than having IW playing in the d league.

        • PadrePirate

          I haven’t followed enough D league to know, but i would tend to agree with Fishjam below.

          Any news on TTs visit?

    • JJer

      Better yet, IW seems to WANT to stay (unless he means he’s recruiting a skyscraper as his last gift to SHU):

      • VinBick

        You and the rest of your teammates are doing all you can to help return the Hall to prominence nationally. Thanks for all that you do. The coaches will be able to recruit better players because of your success.
        Stay at least one more year and enjoy the ride. You will be well-rewarded by having another great year as a Pirate.

  • hallstorm

    Cosby-Roundtree has committed to Nova

  • JJer

    And SHU has done the artwork to show Tavon Jones in blue: