Seton Hall makes the cut for top-50 recruits Jahvon Quinerly, Naz Reid

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On the same day that five-star prospect Trevon Duval pledged to Duke, Seton Hall made the cut for a pair of local five-star recruits.

Seton Hall has been in hot pursuit of 2018 point guard Jahvon Quinerly (Hudson Catholic, N.J.) as long as any school on his list of seven, having offered him over two years ago; Villanova has been considered the favorite here for a while now.

Ranked in the top-40 by all four major recruiting services, Quinerly is not quite a Duval-level target but he is in contention for being the best point guard in his class — further, he reportedly has stellar grades.

Another cog in the previously-dubbed ‘Sports U Fab 5’ has also retained Seton Hall on their list.

Roselle Catholic (N.J.) big man Naz Reid trimmed his list to ten schools, with St. John’s surprisingly not making the cut despite a serious recruitment that netted a split 247Sports Crystal Ball between the Red Storm and Kentucky.

A consensus top-25 prospect, Reid is rated even higher than Quinerly although rumored concerns about work ethic have temporarily kept the biggest of fish at bay; North Carolina and Kentucky have still yet to offer.

Like Quinerly, Seton Hall is one of the first schools to offer Reid with only UConn having done so before them.

If Reid is to buck the trend of top prospects leaving the area, it’s thought that Rutgers can put up a real fight against the Hall to be the top local dog.

  • Matt

    It’s really nice that we are attracting local talent consistently. I would love to see if we can grab Louis King to replace Desi after he graduates. All of these kids from Roselle/Hudson Catholic look great.

    • Matt

      Hopefully we can remain on top of Jalen Carey’s list. Last time I checked he said that SHU and Uconn were his heaviest recruiters. I know that he is getting more attention as of late.

      • King, Carey, and PF Valdir Manuel (Pats) are all second tier but still top-150 quality recruits that SH is in solid shape with

  • Matty P

    Nice to see that SHU is included with some of the top recruits in the area. If they can build a pipeline with a couple of the local schools and convince players to stay at home then the program should be in great shape for years to come.

  • Jason

    It’s nice to see the hall making a lot of short lists but that’s not enough. The best thing they can do to start pulling in the talented local recruits is to win. You rarely see top 25 players going to one and done or bubble schools. To take the final step and start getting the top players in the area they have to finish near the top of the league and make a run in the tournament.

    • Francis

      Difficult to finish near the top the league and make a run in the tournament without those said top players. Chicken or the egg.

  • VinBick

    Monmouth University took the bait to play Kentucky in the Garden after the Hall told them “no thanks’. Guess they will bring their own refs to that one.

  • Matt

    The program has made tremednous strides over the past few years. A few years back, these kids weren’t even looking our way. I would say that the Duval recuitment was a win. We were the runner up for the past guard in the country and in all likelihood a top 10 pick next year. We are bound to land another super star sometime soon. We just gotta start showing interest early on.

  • shufaninva

    It’s always a fun argument, but the NBA age rule is keeping mid-tier major conference programs like us from having a legit shot at a final four. In any given year, of the 68 teams that make the tournament, I would guess about 12-15 teams have a reasonable shot at winning it. Maybe it is a bit bigger than that, but looking at the list of past champions might suggest the number is even smaller. A lot of NBA ready talent is playing NCAA for a year, so the bigger name programs are scooping up talent that really should be playing pro ball. It leaves the “little big guys” like us in a spot where you have to have major breakthroughs in recruiting, or you have to hope for some great talent here and a little there…leading to more first and second round NCAA exits than anything else if you even get to dance at all. It’s not as if it can’t be overcome, but it just makes it that much tougher. We need more 4 and 5 stars to really have a legit shot at getting to the next tier of accomplishments.

    • Rich Ricci

      True, but that also works the other way, shufaninva. Even if the top high school players went straight to the NBA, don’t you think the “bigger name programs” would then scoop up the next tier of top recruits? The end result is that we’d be in the same predicament as we are now, except that the overall level of NCAA Basketball would probably be down a bit since they wouldn’t have access to the best high school players.

      Ideally, the biggest advantage for “mid-tier major conferences”, such as Seton Hall, is that by not getting the “one and done” players, they have a better chance of building a solid “team” by keeping the same core of guys together for three or four years versus having a new group every season, much like an AAU team.

      • shufaninva

        Well I think that is where the discussion gets interesting. I think if the top players went straight to the NBA, the next tier might be big enough to keep the talent gap a bit smaller. There certainly would be a gap, but one that might be a lot more manageable.

        • Matty P

          It might also lead to the possibility that a larger majority of the next tier of players will need 2+ years of time in college. If players would need 2+ years it could lead to less open roster spots at top schools which would allow other schools more of an opportunity to go after those players.

          • Rich Ricci

            Yes, I can see this discussion getting a little dicey since any number of scenarios could play out and they could very well change from year to year. If the top blue chip recruits ended up in the NBA instead of the NCAA, the talent difference for the next level of players probably wouldn’t be quite as great and there would be considerably more of them to be spread around, which would definitely even things out for all schools across the board. Of course, this next tier or level of players would be far less likely to be “one and dones”, but it’s also possible many of them would be “pushed” into the “one and done” category because the NBA would still be hungry for younger players.

            Regardless of what actually happens, I think the main value of getting a “Blue Chip One and Done” recruit would be to put the school on the map nationally, which would ideally lead to getting other top recruits, but the long term success of the program lies with having a core of three and four year players so that a true “team” could be built, allowing pieces to be gradually replaced every year based on need.

    • hallstorm

      I would actually agree with this sentiment. Now, teams like Butler making back-to-back championship appearances and George Mason, VCU and Wichita making final fours proves it’s attainable, but it requires having coaches stay around I think. The thing that these blue blood schools have is long-term coaching tenure. I believe this instills stability in senior high school kids regarding their college choice (and their entire 2, 3 or 4 years there) and also generates interest from the younger ones because they believe the coach will always be there.

  • PadrePirate

    It’s always encouraging to see our name alongside a few big name programs. On the other hand, these top-10 lists don’t help us win ball games. In the current state of college ball, we just can’t compete with the allure of the top programs and coaches. But, like many have said after Duval, I’m not really interested in one-and-dones anyway.

  • TheRealDewski

    I just looked at the comments on here and maybe the authors have more knowledge then me but SH has a solid base right 2017-2018 and going into 2018-2019. SH is a few players away from being a final four contender. Naz Reid is a beast. If he and Quinerly form the base of 2018-2019 class the team will be rolling for years to come. Even though they may leave early, they will pave the way for 5 star recruits as IW had started. Be positive. With SH being in the final choices for these elite players its only a matter of time until multiple 5 star players start coming in. Keep positive the future is looking bright. Bring in Naz and I buy season tickets.