Seton Hall lands 7-footer Romaro Gill

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In a bit of a shock move, Seton Hall has landed a commitment from relatively unknown junior college prospect Romaro Gill.

A 7-foot tall forward from Vincennes (Ind.) junior college — the same school that former guard target Chris Darrington plays at — Gill has pledged to the Hall after an apparent visit a few weeks ago.

A native of Jamaica, there is next to nothing published on Gill by recruiting services and no YouTube clips except for a full game of Vincennes’ found here (Gill is #35) — this is a true Canarias Basketball Academy-like commitment for Seton Hall’s staff.

After playing sparing last season, Romaro averaged 5.1 ppg, 5.3 rpg, and 2.4 bpg as a sophomore.

With one scholarship left and no point guards on the roster following Jamari Wheeler‘s commitment to Penn State today days after an official to South Orange — the staff did not like the fit here — the Hall is still in the market for a point guard.

They are still monitoring USF graduate transfer Geno Thorpe while it seems likely they will turn up the heat on Patrick School lead guard Jordan Walker, who has recently received offers from Cal and Pitt.

For what it’s worth, Walker did like this tweet directed at me.

Elsewhere, it is thought that red shirt senior Rashed Anthony may be on his way out of South Orange — I postulated this idea on this site over a month ago. The big man hasn’t shown any noticeable progress during his time and appears set to graduate after sitting out his true freshman season.

  • Marklemore84

    I’ve heard Gill is a lock to red shirt.

    • Jerry Carino did tweet this. Makes sense — I’ve also heard he has only played hoops for 2 years — but that is still a scholarship (FYI)

      • Marklemore84

        Oh yea. For sure. Saw it somewhere else, makes sense. Only brought up not bc of a scholarship but bc it sheds light on the fact that we’ll have him in south orange for the RS plus two
        Years. Hopefully they can develop him like nezi

  • 11yearplan

    His team went to the elite 8 and lost on a buzzer beater. If I am reading this correctly he started 32 of 35 games and only played 2.5 min/game.

    • Marklemore84

      His block totals are impressive

    • The MPG stat is useless. Check out his game log on the NJCAA website:

      1 minute each game except for a couple that include real stats, hence 3 MPG.

      • 11yearplan

        Thanks Chris. If Romero has only played 2 seasons, is a red shirt and Rasheed is leaving, the signing makes sense.

        It bears repeating, if Rasheed is leaving I wish him only the best. He gave his best effort every night and never complained/pouted about the lack of playing time.

  • hallstorm

    What bothers me the most is that if this guy is going to red shirt, why do we bother to sign him? If he doesn’t contribute this season, why take up a scholarship for next year when we could have another offer for some of these really great seniors to be? Even if he is like a Canarias Academy project, I don’t understand the risk-reward involved with this signing.

    • If he is directly replacing Rashed Anthony, which looks to be the case, why not take a gamble on a raw product? If he red shirts next season, is that much different than having a senior Anthony on bench for 2 minutes per game? Not much different in short term, but potentially much better in long run.

      • Mosleyman

        What confuses me here is the apparent redundancy with Brodie. Granted, Gill is a shot blocker and Brodie is a big body, but aren’t they both “project” type centers? Maybe I’m missing something, but Brodie is a mystery to me: largely unrated, not much I can find in stats or videos, sat out much of his senior year. A big body is great, but CAN HE PLAY? But OK, he’s a project and maybe he becomes a bigger Ish. Now we seem to have two projects for the same position. The best I can say now is that the staff has earned some room to maneuver based on two tournaments and recruiting gets like Powell, Cale and Sandro. But I can’t wait to learn more about how our two new centers fit into the plans.

        • Matt

          I see them with high confidence in their development of big men because of what has happened with Angel.

          • Mosleyman

            That logic didn’t work it so well for Chier Ajou. Or with Rashed Anthony either.

      • hallstorm

        Yeah I guess so. But if he redshirts, he takes up a scholarship for 3 years. I’m not sure that’s better than Anthony for 1 year. Is this the plan going forward?

        And, I have no idea what the staff’s ability is to land Jarreau, but I’d rather have that kid for 4 years of scholarship with 3 playing years than this guy for 3 scholarship years and only 2 playing years.

        It seems like Williard turned away a few point guards because they weren’t great fits (Kiss and Wheeler), which is fine if you have someone else in mind. I didn’t think Kiss and Wheeler were Big East material anyway.

        I just hope Grant and Williard see something no one else sees in this project. Seems like Ajou all over again. Or just a taller fouler than Anthony. I suppose if he blocks shots the opposition will only get 2 free throws vs. the and-one’s against Anthony.

      • Bob Murphy

        If Anthony is leaving, does this mean Angel is returning for his senior season? This kid seems to be a red shirt for a year. At least Anthony has been with the team. For a team with the rising senior class we have, there is a lot of uncertainty considering it is now May.

  • Made a slight edit to the story above, as I originally labeled Chris Darrington as a former target. I don’t know that for sure, just that every article on his recruitment since SH offered didn’t even list the Hall — Memphis and Tennessee appear to be the favorites.

    Never know if Gill commitment affects things… I’m trying to gauge what the story is there. Seems like him and/or Jordan Walker are the primary PG options

  • Andrew Herbst

    This is a nice pickup. We could use someone like this off of our bench. Haven’t had too much frontcount depth in years.

  • PadrePirate

    I don’t get the logic here. First, this eats up a very important scholly-so this new PG is going to play 40 min a night and stay healthy all year? We definitely need 2 PGs. Second, we are already stacked at PF/C for next year. If Rasheed does transfer out, that makes more sense, leaving us with two schollies to spend on PGs.

    But, like Mosely and others have noted, that makes for two, very raw, under-recruited big men (including Brodie) who do not seem ready to contribute this year. If the kid was only playing 1-2 min/gm at the JUCO level, what are we hoping for here? Maybe Grant B sees a diamond in the rough in Gill. Puzzling move.

  • Matt

    I don’t get it. We need a point guard. It should be all hands on deck to get land 2 PGs for this team. Are they converting the SGs into PGs like Whitehead? That’s my only guess….

    • Why cant both happen in parallel?

      • Matt

        It could but I worry on how successful that transition will be

      • Rich Ricci

        Converting a shooting guard into a point guard is a terrible idea and should only be used out of total desperation in short intervals. Point guards require superior court vision, strong ball handling skills, the ability to penetrate to the hoop as well as natural leadership skills, most of which can’t be taught, let alone mastered in the short time of college basketball eligibility.

        Just as no one would consider making Michael Nzei a shooting guard or Myles Powell a power forward because of their lack of skills or physical attributes for those positions, it’s equally absurd to try to make a point guard out of someone who isn’t fit for that role. To make matters worse, point guard has evolved into the single most important position in basketball, so forcing someone who isn’t qualified into playing that role makes no sense at all and is a certain recipe for disaster!!

  • Deann61

    The gamble makes sense.takes Anthony’s scholarship. Redshirt year one. Practice everyda against Ish and Angel and hopefully improve enough to rebound and block shots in 2 years when the offense will run through Sandro, Powell and Cale. You still go into next 2 years with scholarships when the NJ HS classes are elite. Decent gamble. Now let’s get Walker done and get ready for the season

  • fouline

    It’s head-scratching. He just fits into a long list of players recruited by Willard who… well… don’t play.

  • Fishjam

    This kid is a lottery pick but he has several things going for him and is a better prospect than Ajou or Rashed. He is a legitimate 7’0″ tall with an even longer wingspan. He runs very well and is already a very good shot-blocker. He also has solid hand-eye coordination and soft hands for a big man.

    He is a end of the bench guy who will redshirt this year and could perhaps turn into something. That means the staff has the next 18 months to get him stronger and prepared to play in the Big East. He has one bankable skill right now – shotblocking – that the staff can look to build upon. Its also something we sorely need and haven’t had in years.

    I watched a few of his games and he was used very oddly. He started mpost games but would come out after 2 minutes. One exception was he played a lot of minutes in a playoff game at the end of the year and he had 11 pts – 6 rebouns and 7 blocks.

    He’s going to Redshirt this year but I’d rather have him coming in to play 5 minutes per game than Rashed. At least Ro will challenge and swat some shots away. By the way, it’s all but official that Anthony will not be on the team this year.