Seton Hall has in-home visit with Naz Reid

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Unanimous top-25 recruit Naz Reid (Roselle Catholic, N.J.) is set to have an in-home visit with Seton Hall on Monday.

The local 6-9 big man recently met with Kentucky and has Kansas, St. John’s, and Rutgers also hot on his tail. The Wildcats haven’t yet offered, and one would assume that Reid will try hold off on any decisions until they do.

Kevin Willard must be making the pitch of giving the keys to the car as far as minutes at the five-spot go along with possibly filling Angel Delgado’s big shoes if he stays for his senior year.

Seton Hall has also kept tabs on Class of 2019 recruit and Reid’s teammate at Roselle Catholic, Kahlil Whitney, son of former Pirate Kelly Whitney.

    • Matty P

      Interesting little question and answer with him sometime after he committed to Duquesne. Sounds like a good kid with a lot of confidence in himself.

    • PadrePirate

      Hard to see him not choose USF. Sounds like he’s a bit pulled in 5 directions. He’s gotta know that he’s not our #1 choice, so it’s probably a long shot.

  • Ardy

    Would love to have Reid stay home. If Delgado leaves Naz could fill that spot.
    I feel we are only a PG and PF from the final 4.

    • Biff Roughneck

      Reid is 2018, so Delgado will have graduated by that time.

      • Yep. I may have worded it a bit awkwardly. Reid has ability to replace Delgado, if Angel stays for his senior year. Else, where’s a year gap

      • Ardy

        Wow. Wishful thinking on my part. That would’ve been some front court.

    • PirateLacrosse14

      Chris, do you think this is a contingency plan for Duke? If so, do you think even before Mark Smith signing with Duke, this could push Duvall closer to us? Also, would signing Sandro Mamukelashvili play a factor at all in getting Duvall?

      • Now that the dust has settled somewhat with Duval, not sure what to make of it. Duke fans tend to think Smith is headed to Michigan State — they also seemed to speculate.

        But what I gathered was they they think Frank Jackson may stay in the draft, which seems a bit of a stretch. So that may be the missing puzzle piece

  • PadrePirate

    We’ve had a tough time recruiting big men over the past few years. A lot of the North East bigs give us a look but no commits. Too many unknowns for the 2018 squad. All the juniors will have graduated. Who will still be around? Cale, Brodie, Powell. Can’t see that combo dazzling Naz over perennial stud clubs like Kansas. All’s we got to offer is 35 min of PT.

    • hallstorm

      It’s contingent on who else we can get for ’18. King/Manuel/Forrester at PF and Quinerly/Carey/Muhammed at PG. Reid has played a lot with all of them except Forrester. If Williard can get his wish list of King and Carey/Quinerly to come, I think Reid would be very interested. And getting King with Manuel and Carey is not a long shot at all.

  • hallstorm
      • hallstorm

        That’s good to see. I’m surprised Zagoria retweeted that post. Andrew Slater for some reason just posted it on 247sports as an unofficial visit and then this Jacob Polacheck guy re-tweeted. Apparently this Polacheck kid is a contributor to zagsblog so it went to Adam Zagoria’s twitter account.

        Amazing that there wasn’t any quoted statement from Duval at all and it just goes un-noticed in 3 different tweets. Duke is trying like hell to send out lots of unsubstantiated news and info. I knew the school is the epitome of illegal activity, but they go to impressive lengths to create controversy. Would be a good President Trump supporter.

        • LBP

          From everything I have heard, Duke will do anything,say anything,and poison any well to assure it lands Trevon Duval-
          I remain of the same impression, the sooner he chooses Duke the better it it is for The Hall.
          I would rather root for the development of a Kid that wants to play for our Team (Cale-who is going to be Great) than a one year mercenary whom is using The Hall to get NY press coverage of HIMSELF

        • I’m confused. What info exactly is Duke sending out? By far most likely theory is that Duval wants to make commitment a surprise and he got caught in the act — he posted a video online of him near Durham exit on highway before removing the video.

          • hallstorm

            Duke was sending out info stating that Delgado signed with an agent and I was referencing the info that Duval denied. I’m pretty certain Andrew Slater wasn’t on the Duke campus at the time Duval was seen (which would indicate a Duke alum/Duke supporter tweeted out what seemed as untrue info), so between the Delgado false info and the confusion about Duval visiting (I was responding to your retweet of Duval stating he wasn’t down in Durham…), at the time it seemed like Duke was manufacturing information.

            It’s much clearer now than when I wrote the above 2 days ago.

      • PirateLacrosse14

        Chris, do you think Allen coming back helps or hurts Duval’s chances of choosing Duke? On one side, they have a great player back to make the team stronger. But on the other, that is one extremely overloaded backcourt which could hurt his minutes a bit.

        • Seems like it has only helped. I toyed with this variable in my mind when I wrote the piece analyzing his five destinations for playing time.

    • LBP

      hallstorm, depends on how one defines “positive”- it is time to move on

  • Fishjam

    I’ve seen that picture of Nazi probably 20 times but never noticed Willard and Sha sitting in the background.