Seton Hall handed 9-seed seed in Greenville against Arkansas

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The Pirates will play in South Carolina against the SEC school; the winner will likely meet North Carolina.

Arkansas (25-9, 12-6) has won eight of their last ten games and they have two mutual opponents: they won at South Carolina 83-76 in February and lost to Florida twice.

Seton Hall (21-11, 10-8) of course last played in the 8-9 game back in 2004 when they took down a bunch of future NBAers and Arizona before getting overwhelmed by 1-seed Duke in Raleigh, practically a home game. This year’s venue will certainly favor North Carolina in the second round.

The only time these two schools met back in 2010, Arkansas frustrated Seton hall and won 71-62 on a neutral court in Louisville despite 24 points from Jordan Theodore.

As a nine-seed, the Hall could have also saw itself land in Tulsa against Miami in the Kansas pod or in Salt Lake City against Northwestern in the Gonzaga bracket.

Kevin Willard, Khadeen Carrington, and Angel Deglado will speak to media at 7:30.

  • LBP

    As expected and at least not out West -still reeling that Cuse excluded and Jay Bilas cheerleading ignored ?

    • ThePirateFan

      Glad to see Cuse sitting it out. Should’ve gone to the hall, Taurean!

  • Andrew Herbst

    I’m glad we don’t have to go out West again. That would have been rough. Will be tough to face UNC if we win, but for now just taking one game at a time. Can’t wait to play the Razorbacks on Friday. GO PIRATES

  • PadrePirate

    Can’t complain. Great to see that 7 BE ended up getting in as hoped. The road will be tough for Marquette, Xavier, Prov, and SHU. Personally, I’m just hoping for a first round W over Arkansas and a respectable loss to NC. That would be a step forward for this program and leave the guys with unfinished business for their senior year.

  • PadrePirate

    BTW Imagine my ear to ear smile that Cuse is not dancing ?

    What was the name of that 4-5 star PF/C recruit who chose Syracuse over SHU again??? In the immortal words of that soldier dude guarding the holy grail in Indiana Jones part III, “you chose poorly”

    • ThePirateFan

      Taurean Thompson

    • LBP

      My thought too PadrePirate and I do not consider it a character flaw:-)

  • ThePirateFan

    Quick look at Arkansas by the numbers.

    RPI: 27 (SHU 45)
    Kenpom: 38 (SHU 53)

    Arkansas won 8 of their last 10, including SEC tournament loss in finals vs. Kentucky
    Top players by minutes played are all JRs/SRs.

  • Driving distance if you carpool. Flights don’t look that cheap ($200 one way?) from Newark/Philly

    • LBP

      @750 miles from NJ and @1/2 that for those in Fayettville
      first 4 out had Cal and Iowa and had both been in we prob go to 7
      Still smiling about Duke and Cuse not getting preferred treatment

    • ThePirateFan

      $164 round trip (leaving Thursday, returning Tuesday) on Frontier Airlines out of Trenton for anybody able to hitch a ride from Charlotte to Greenville.

  • Joe J

    Other than getting a 10 seed in the East this was the 2nd best draw. UNC is very beatable and better than facing Gonzaga or Kansas. Nobody will give the hall a shot because of the Carolina name. A good draw for the Pirates.

  • KenPom: 74-73 Arkansas (46%)

  • fouline

    It could have been worse. We could be in the Gonzaga bracket playing on Wednesday or Saturday. So NO ECUSES.