Seton Hall looking at graduate transfer Gio McLean

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Not done adding players for next season, Seton Hall is looking at Quinnipiac graduate transfer point guard Gio McLean.

A one-time Oklahoma pledge who suited up for Quinnipiac last season after sitting out the 2014-15 campaign amidst a tangled web of transcript issues in the wake of the Westchester C.C. scandal, Gio McLean could give Seton Hall the instant experience at point guard that they need going into the 2015-16 season, joining recently added graduate transfer Madison Jones.

Surmounting a litany of obstacles from his father dying when he was 14 to finding out from Quinnipiac’s admissions department about a fake transcript submitted by his former school, McLean has navigated an incredible journey that culminated in graduating as a Bobcat this spring.

Not done yet after being granted a sixth year of eligibility, Gio appears set on adding instant experience to any high-major that will take him.

A Bronx native, McLean logged 30.8 mpg at lead guard last season while averaging 12.9 ppg, 4.7 rpg and 3.3 apg on a poor 9-21 Quinnipiac team. He proved capable of hitting outside shots (54-162, 33%) while remaining an efficient 78-percent from the line and building a 239th ranked assist rate, showing that he’s much more than just a facilitator.

Currently one scholarship over the limit, it remains clear that Seton Hall is able to free up two scholarships for McLean or top-100 forward Taurean Thompson, with the latter seemingly dependent on shifting forward Braeden Anderson to a graduate assistant position.

  • Jersey Jerry

    So when will Giovanni be on campus??? Understand he will visit Texas Tech tomorrow.

  • Fishjam

    Looks like a strong all-around player, would be interesting to see him with a strong supoorting class like Seton Hall could offer. He seems to have gotten his life straightened out, got his degree and is now a 25-yr old man. Taurean is obviously the preference but no one seems to know what is happening there.

  • PadrePirate

    Chris or any of our vets wish to speculate on who would be the best of our PG options?

    Over the past weeks/month, we’ve heard talk of Carter-Shep, Madison jones, and I forget who else… How does Gio stack up? Are the others still options?

    • McLean news is a bit curious. What if TT decides to reverse course and pledge? Then they don’t have room for McLean. But if TT is headed elsewhere, then Braeden moving off scholarship + a transfer frees up room. BUT, where would he fit in come December if and when Jevon Thomas joins the fray.

      Lot of variables

      • PadrePirate

        I don’t think we can afford to wait for TT any longer. The kid, or his family, is taking too long. Meanwhile any decent PG transfers will be gone if we don’t move IMO.

    • Fishjam

      Yes, Marvin Jones was added. All I know about McLean is Rothstein’s tweet that he plans to visit. I think it’s a wise move by the staff. They have 1 opening left which they hope will go to Thompson. However if they don’t get TT, the best use of it at this point is for a 1-yr grad transfer so they get help for the coming year but get the scholly back to use on a 2017.

      As for how it would work on the court – it would definitely make for a crowded backcourt once JT comes back but the team will have roughly 12-13 games vs a strong OOC schedule to play before he comes back. Having 2 veteran PGs on the roster would be a big help as they try to get Khadeen accustomed to play PG also. I don’t believe KC is a 32 minute per game PG. I think he lacks the handle, vision and passing acumen to play starter’s minutes at PG. There were many times last year where I thought he wore down and didn’t have his usual explosiveness so I don’t think adding primary ball-handling duties is wise. I do believe he can do it on a part-time basis like he did at times last year.

      From a skills standpoint, McLean is a strong, well-rounded PG with a scoring mentality but can also facilitate and rebound. Seems like a decent 3-pt shooter (33%) but missed a lot of shots for a bad team last year. JT is an extremley quick player similar to Watson from Creighton. He’s a poor shooter so looks to penetrate and dish or finish. He’s regarded as a very good on-ball defender. Jones and JT have similar strengths/weaknesses. JT is quicker but MJ may be a bit steadier, less prone to TOs.

  • The Other Matt

    I must say this an interesting piece of news. Just having added Madison Jones from Wake Forest, combined with the scholarship number situation, it leads one to ask a few questions, as has just about every piece of news the last couple months concerning next year’s team. What does this say about: Thompson’s pending decision, Braeden Anderson’s future, Jevon Thomas’ future, or that of possibly another player?

    From what Chris was able to provide concerning on Gio McLean he seems like an interesting option, but that the staff is entertaining the thought of bringing him aboard, I believe speaks to situations of one of the prospects/players I mentioned earlier.

    As always, thanks Chris for the post/update.

    • PadrePirate

      So M Jones “has been added”? That’s news to me. Last I heard, he was just among the endless options under consideration. Please clarify

      • He was added 2 weeks ago. I was out of pocket for a few days, so there wasn’t much for me to add here, as other outlets had already covered it. Plus, not much of a secret as to what he brings to table if you’ve been following around ?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Predictions on where/if Isaiah Whitehead gets drafted tonight?

    • hallstorm

      The most recent is no. 55 to the Nets. I’m guessing he goes around no. 48

    • Matt

      Knicks 2nd Round haha….

    • Fishjam

      Draft Express bumped him to #38 in their latest Mock….a quite substantial 18 spot jump.

      Apparently the Nets guaranteed him in May they would take him if he lasted to #55. In order to guarantee a player that, he has to be very high on their draft board. The fact that they just traded into the 1st round at #20 has to make you wonder if they call his name there. That would be perfect for isaiah. He’d be an instant multi-millionaire with a 4-yr guarantee AND play 10 minutes down the road from his home.

      My guess is he either goes #20 to Brooklyn or is scooped up by a team trading up for him in late 1st/early 2nd round (28-38 range). May be wishful thinking but have been reading a handful of teams are high on him with the Knicks and Nets among them. Even though the Knicks got Rose they also cleared 3 other PGs off the roster and they only have 5 or 6 players under contract right now. That’s a lot of open spots.

  • The Other Matt

    Any news that Daniel Mading is no longer committed to Arizona State ? I’ve seen him a few times and wasn’t overly impressed. However, I did come away with a feel for his skill set, and he seems like a Willard-esque player.

  • Matt

    We should be in contact with TT everyday all day getting him to come here. We are not the type of program that can let such a potential great player go. Michigan St and Syracuse have plenty of guys who could take his place this year or next. I hope this guy Gio is just a plan b if we don’t get TT. It doesn’t matter how long it goes we must stay in it for TT! I like the M. Jones add by the way always good to get someone with experience at the position.

  • Matty P