Seton Hall dismisses forward Myles Carter

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Kevin Willard has opted to dismiss sophomore reserve forward Myles Carter (St. Rita, Ill.) from the program for a failure to meet academic standards.

“Being a student-athlete here at Seton Hall is a privilege that comes with responsibilities, and unfortunately Myles was unable to meet those standards,” Willard said in a release. “We wish Myles well and hope for all the best for him.”

Carter had previously missed the December 1st game against Columbia because he had to “reintroduce himself to the classroom”, but saw time against both South Carolina and Delaware since.

A sophomore, Carter was the second forward off of Kevin Willard’s bench behind Mike Nzei; expect center Rashed Anthony to eat up any minutes Carter was projected to see.

Carter was averaging 6.6 minutes per game and had played too little over the past season and a half for a conclusion to be drawn on his skill set.

Seton Hall now has two open scholarships for the 2017 class after Veer Singh chose to transfer last week; the staff hosted 6-foot-9, 280-pound 2017 post forward Darnell Brodie (Putnam Science Academy, Conn.) on an official visit yesterday and is exploring junior college prospects.

A native of Newark who previously attended the same high school as Ish Sanogo, Brodie is thought to have been planning to graduate in the spring and then reclassify to 2018, but I’m told the staff is looking at him as a 2017 option.

  • The Hobokenite

    Does this setback end up actually helping the Pirate’s recruiting class for 2017?

  • PadrePirate

    Wow. PF depth getting thinner. Down to Nzei and Anthony behind Ish and Angel. An injury to one of our remaining 4 would put us in quite a pickle. Rasheed stands to gain in minutes but I haven’t seen his skill set develop this year.

    Is there any configuration by which a transfer is immediately eligible to play, or do they always have to sit out the remainder of season? I’m not thinking of Isaac Copeland directly, but would someone like that be able to jump right in and play?

  • Andrew Herbst

    Dissapointed it didn’t work out with Carter, but at least it will help us next year. Hopefully we can get a PF as a recruit or JUGO, We need Nzei to step up off bench.

  • hallstorm

    Whoa. This is two in a week. I guess this explains why these guys weren’t getting time in the rotation. We really need some depth in the power forward/center position going forward.

  • shufaninva

    Well, this is the start to fixing our Soph problem, but the only real solution is to haul in a huge recruiting class again in 17 or 18. Otherwise, all our progress as a program is in jeopardy and we could be looking at staring all over again. If Soffer leaves or just doesn’t develop, that’s an entire year of recruits in the crapper. We are not a strong enough program to survive that yet.

    Recruiting is going to be huge over the next 18 months.

    • shufaninva

      Granted, Cale is a great start to 2017, but we need a group of 3-4 guys that are legit 3-5 starts to keep this ship going. The BE is getting stronger by the day, and we don’t want to be left behind. We gotta keep up.

  • 11yearplan

    Sorry to see this happen and pray that his next step is a successful one.
    He always seemed to give 100% and I thought he had potential. He stayed committed despite all that happened when he was a HS senior.