Seton Hall completes facilities upgrade

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In their continued effort to keep athletics facilities on par with the rest of the Big East Conference, Seton Hall announced weight and film room upgrades today.

Following up on a locker room upgrade that was announced in January, Seton Hall has followed up with another upgrade that was funded by the Pride & Excellence Campaign.

“We continue to make outstanding progress in upgrading our facilities and upgrading the experience we deliver to our student-athletes,” Seton Hall Vice President and Director of Athletics Pat Lyons said in a release today. “Our new weight room is a first-class facility that will help our teams get bigger, faster and stronger, and our film room is an exciting space for our teams to watch video of themselves and their opponents so they can be better prepared for competition.

“Not only will our new weight room and film room help our current student-athletes, but it will also help our coaching staffs recruit prospective student-athletes. With these two additions, combined with our new academic center, sports medicine center and locker rooms, recruits will see that we have state-of-the-art facilities where they can train, learn, maintain their health and compete for championships.”

According to the release, Seton Hall’s new weight room is 7,525 square feet and spread out over four rooms. It’s been touted as three to four-times the size of the old weight room.

If you recall Kevin Willard’s statements prior to last season regarding Seton Hall’s improving facilities, this should be a boost to recruiting across all sports, but specifically basketball.

“Four years ago when I got here, we just didn’t have the infrastructure that we have now. I didn’t have a president, I didn’t have an AD. We didn’t have a locker room, our offices hadn’t been changed since Tommy [Amaker] was here, our locker room hadn’t been changed since Tommy was here. We didn’t have our own locker room down at Prudential Center, we do now,” said Willard at Seton Hall Media Day.

“And now you look at where the University is as a whole, where our SAT scores have gone, where our enrollment has gone, where the facilities have gone. It’s been a huge transformation, I would say over the last 3 years. Obviously I have great leadership at the athletic department, we have great leadership at the university, and I also think we have a great board who are very involved and very active in making this the best university possible.”

Willard’s observations were a follow up to his remark at Big East Media Day that Seton Hall “didn’t have the infrastructure four years ago to recruit at this level.”

“We’re not above teams, but we’re at par with everybody else, before we were so far below you’d bring a kid in and he’d go somewhere else and we couldn’t even compete and we can compete now, that makes a big difference.”

Pat Lyons added in a video that he believes the weight room is one of the best in the conference; a photo gallery can be explored here.