Seton Hall changes venues but not tune as they knock off Providence, 89-77

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It took roughly 19 hours and two venues, but Seton Hall was able to overcome unpredictable adversity to take down Providence 89-77 in the restart of their suspended Wednesday night game.

This was already a tough road game at an NCAA opponent without the insertion of the unplayable court issues last night which in turn changed the venue to the Friars’ practice gym at their on-campus Alumni Hall.

Tack on an 11-3 run Providence to restart the contest which would quickly cut the hosts’ deficit to just one, and Seton Hall (19-9, 8-7) had every right to wilt and start complaining, but they would have none of it, outscoring the Friars 33-30 overall on the new court.

“We knew they were going to come at us strong, and they did, but this is a resilient group,” said Kevin Willard to FOX Sports’ Tarik Turner on the post-game show.

Before the game-suspending stoppage, the Hall were playing their best basketball of the game as they were able to extend their lead to as much as 12 at 56-44 moments before the game was called on Wednesday night.

To little surprise of Seton Hall fans, Providence was able to come out with an tone-setting run to restart the game today amidst a series of turnovers and missed free throws from the Pirates as the 1,854-seater gym that resembled a renovated Walsh, increased in volume.

All the while, Seton Hall’s leading scorer, Desi Rodriguez, was glued to the bench with his sprained ankle in a boot after injuring it on the bad court the night before after scoring nine.

“He won’t be back for St. John’s,” said Willard of his small forward. “We’re hoping Wednesday against Nova. He sprained it pretty good. Obviously we need him, but we need him healthy.”

After Providence cut the deficit to 59-58 with just under nine to play, it was none other than Ish Sanogo (11 pts, 8 rebs) who drilled a corner three to spark a 12-3 Seton Hall answer that increased their lead back to 71-61 and really got the team going.

The Friars wouldn’t come closer than six for the remainder as Khadeen Carrington (25 pts), Myles Powell (20 pts, 4 asts), and even Myles Cale (8 pts) followed suit, making huge plays along the way including back-to-back baskets from the freshman Cale.

Carrington however, was the leader of the pack as he scored 14 points over the final 7:30; he tied Kyron Cartwright with a game-high 25.

“Everyone has been on him all season long about what he’s not doing and I’ve been telling him how great he has been doing,” said Willard.

“He has led us, he has sacrificed his offense at times. … I’m so proud of the way he’s been a leader and they way he has played all season long.”

  • LBP

    Big Win -Coach Willard did a great job ( always easy to criticize but should praise when due) -tuffest road Game that could be played -especially when Friars were desperate to win — Good move with substitution of Angel and Flory ( maybe Kid should teach foul shooting) Getting a glimpse of the talent of Cale-he stepped in and played great smart D and showed how he can score when Game on the line

    • Matty P

      Should be fun to watch Cale in his first start and extended minutes on Sat. Looking forward to seeing him bring some extra energy to the team early in the game and provide some additional defensive help.

      • LBP

        Hi Matty P-
        It should be fun -think he has become second best defender and I enjoyed that he sought to score by making basic ( albeit difficult ) shots- he was a scorer in H.School and when he gets stronger he will help next year.
        Also think Walker has to play Saturday-gotta slow down Ponds and is not up against a “big ” Guard.

        • Matty P

          Can definitely see some of those comparisons to Fuquan Edwin showing up with his defensive intensity. I completely agree that Walker is going to need to get some time against St John’s. Shouldn’t be a game to expect Carrington to run around and guard Pond’s all game because if he does he’ll most likely get into foul trouble and his offense would struggle.

    • Valentino

      Nice to get the W but the we still start slow (twice this game) and Powell can’t seem to get going until the 2nd half. I think the team started to rely on Desi too much and others will continue to step up. Similar to the Ponds situation early the season. The Johnnies found other sources of scoring.

  • regularJoe2

    Agree. Big win. Showed a lot of fortitude. Only downside is Desi is out for SJU.

  • Matt

    Huge win. St. Johns has turned into a way tougher team since the last time that we played them. They gave us a good game without Ponds. Should be tough especially without Desi but I love to see that Cale has been a contributor.

  • Hammer28

    Excited with Cale’s potential. Go Pirates!

  • 2003Pirate

    Even with the W, this is still awful. Desi is out and St Johns is another must win scenario. The league should bring sanctions against PC for not providing a safe court to play on.

    • Larry Karg

      Disagree that it’s a must win. And it’s still a “can win” without Desi. A chance for Cale to get some great experience that will be as valuable for this season as next.

    • PadrePirate

      Why do you feel that John’s is a must win? I think the win today took some pressure off. Hopefully, the guys can relax a bit, while keeping focus and hunger.

      Besides, our boys always play well at MSG. It’s close to a home floor for most of those NYC kids. With Desi out, it’s probably a 50-50 game. But even if we lose to the Johnnies, we must pick up one W vs Nova or Butler.

    • shufaninva

      Well it depends on what you mean by must win. Our ticket to the NCAA’s isn’t in question, and wouldn’t be at risk with a loss to the Johnnies. However, it could be looked at as a must win if we are talking about making the second weekend of the tournament. Most have us on that dreaded 8-9 line, and if we want to dance till the second weekend, I would say that Saturday is a must win to try to get back into that 6 seed or better position.

    • ThePirateFan

      Sanctions of some minor sort seem appropriate. A star got injured because of neglect.

  • Matty P

    Glad that the team could walk away with a victory. They’ll need to at least get 1 of the next 3 to stay .500 in league play and get to 20 wins before the BE tournament. Going to be a tough next couple of games without Desi, but I would rather be safer with his ankle and sit him out until the Butler game on senior night than risk having him come back too early. He’s too important to the team if they plan to make any noise in either the BE tournament or NCAA tournament to lose him for an extended period.

    • PadrePirate

      Agree on Dez. Sprains are slow to heel. He’ll want to play vs Nova, but I’d rather rest him until Butler. We need to be going 100% into BET, no nagging injuries. I’d be afraid he would have to nurse it and that will slow him down. It’ll be interesting to see how Cale performs in these starts. John’s is a super athletic team. Not a bad idea to have Cale’s defensive energy.

  • SHU95

    This game (today) had disaster written all over it….That would have been a real bitter loss IF the game had gone in that direction. Thankfully, it did not. Ish & Cale picked up the slack on offense with Desi out and Deeno provided the leadership & playmaking down the stretch. That is exactly what needs to happen Saturday at St. John’s. Hopefully Desi is back for Nova Next week… Great Win, Lets Go Pirates!!

  • Andrew Herbst

    Great win today. Proud of the team and Coach Willard for overcoming adversity and pulling this one out. Nice to see Cale break out. He will only get better with more confidence. Hopefully Desi is back soon. We need him against Nova. Can’t wait for Saturday’s game against the Johnnies. GO PIRATES!

  • PadrePirate

    Very encouraging win. They came out slow, as expected, but held up under pressure. Good to see contributions from Ish and Cale to go along with strong games by the usual suspects. I’m a little disappointed in Nzei, however. He will be our only senior next year, and he doesn’t seem to have taken a step forward this year. Maybe things will change when he’s a starter.

    • SHU95

      I agree with Nzei… I have always appreciated his energy and opportunistic style of play, but it seems to be missing for quite some time now. I really don’t know what to make of it… They were starting him earlier in the season, then changed back to him coming off the bench… wonder if that had an impact with him in some way…

      • Re: Nzei, he was given the opportunity to start the season, and frankly I don’t think he made the most of it, just check out his stats compared to minutes played — and also consider that he is not as good as Ish with intangibles (defense, off-ball stuff, etc)

  • shu_92

    On our way to our 3rd tourney birth in a row. When was the last time that happened? Carlesimo?

    You wouldn’t know it by the way Willard is treated by the fanbase but he’s been fantastic and deserves credit.

    This team’s toughness is starting to show and I hope we keep it up Saturday.

    • Larry Karg

      I think it’s the nature of social media. The squeaky wheels among the fans garner attention because they are digitally vocal in places like this. The tested, but patient believers out-number the doubters in my opinion.

      And this is nothing compared with the fan mutiny against PJ before he got it done at a national level. That was vocal at the games, in the student media etc.

      Starting to feel pretty good about
      life after this senior group and the program Willard has established.

      Let’s add to this senior group’s legacy over the next month or so.

  • VinBick

    These are the “Jersey Boys” Pirates. They are as tough as they come when pressed. Here’s to more and more strong, exciting wins regardless of the obstacles presented. How about that three-pointer by Ish at crunch time?

    • LBP

      VinBick-I think this Win was more important for the psyche of the Team than even it had been won in one day. The Team faced a desperate Team at their 2 Courts and won without too much drama. Ish stepping up and M.Powell taking everyone away from the basket was BIG.
      Hall is mentally stronger than Johnnies so let them have their early Garden Party

  • Ardy

    Big win for the Hall in a hostile and awkward situation. Good to see them win one for Desi. KC had a good game also. Props to Powell for not getting into foul trouble.
    Cale is coming on. Things are coming together at the right time. Walker and Mamu will contribute BIG this year before it is all said and done! When Desi sits a game and realizes how much he adds to the team it will be full speed ahead. SWEET 16

  • PadrePirate

    Not sure if even Ken himself understands kenpom, but why is Butler 21 and SHU and Jays 34 and 35, Marquette is 47 while Prov and Johns are 74 an 75? If someone can explain how that works in 50 words or less, Vinny will buy you a stadium beer.

    • LBP

      PadrePirate- People offered far more than one beer to anyone able to figure out “Gordian’s Knot”-a far more intractable problem than what you pose. can’t you up the ante?

    • VinBick

      Happy to buy the beer for any of the good guys here at the Butler game on March 3rd, Dear Father. Come on up for Senior Night!

      Understanding kenpom’s determination is impossible. Some of the Top-25 rankings are a bit out of whack, too. The Hall is dancing for three years in a row and it will not be a one and done, this year.

    • Just comparing Butler to Creighton, they’ve beat them on aggregate over the two games this season, have a better conference record, and have 22nd offense + 42nd defense, compared to 20th/78th. That is just surface level, which by itself gives reason for me not to be surprised that Butler is ranked above Creighton.

  • RonD

    Really happy for the team. What adversity. The Khadeen we know and love returned. Ish with the biggest shot of the game. Cale taking that charge vs Cartwright and then two beautiful finishes at the rim. Powell played his usual stellar game. And how about Flory! Great job by players and coaches.

  • Just corrected a typo or two, and an awkward sentence or two. Watched the remainder of the game and wrote this all within my lunch hour. My apologies ?

    • LBP

      Great job Chris

  • Joseph Attanasi

    So this slippery court thing at Providence is nothing new. It has been going on for at least two years. It happened last year in the Marquette-Providence game and it also was an problem during the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Providence really needs to be held accountable. They need to address this issue before anyone else gets injured. If it happens again, the game should not be suspended, but rather it should go down as a forfeit.

  • marco

    i didn’t get to see the conclusion of the game today, but from what I read, and from what I saw yesterday… carrington had one of his best games of the season… he looked great not just in the way he scored, but with the way he ran the offence… he knew when to push, when to slow it down, when to probe…

    i said a few weeks ago that i thought walker should start… but i’ve seen enough now from walker (and gordon) to know that neither is ready to start and that at least this year, walker should probably play somewhere between 5-and-15 minutes a game…

    however, i like the three freshman going forward… i feel like cale especially will be able to handle more of the offensive load once the seniors depart… mamu and walker both have solid potential as well…

    back to yesterday and today’s game… the pirates still need to clamp down more defensively… they’re giving up too many good looks… also, if the pirates are a below-average free-throw shooting team than providence is… well… yikes…