Seton Hall basketball attracts over 4.84 million viewers for 2016-17

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Seton Hall’s national TV exposure has dropped slightly from last season, though that can almost entirely be chalked up to missing out on the Big East title game.

Including their NCAA tournament loss to Arkansas which drew 1.13 million viewers (down from 1.48 v. Gonzaga), roughly 4.84 million eyes were upon Seton Hall’s nationally-televised games (does not include seven FSN/YES/CBSSN/BTN games) this season, compared to 5.17 million in 2015-16.

While the grand total is lower than last season, the Hall raked in more total viewers when ignoring the 1.4 million Americans that took in 2015-16’s epic Big East title bout against Villanova.

Predictably, Seton Hall’s two games on FOX against Villanova and Butler attracted 1.09 million sets of eyes in sum while the Big East semi-final matchup with the Wildcats (363K), a Thanksgiving day loss to Florida (248K, ESPN2), and the Hall’s brutal trip to Nova (218K) in the BET rematch rounded out the non-NCAA top-five most viewed games.

An opportunity was surely missed by dropping the Advocare Invitational first-rounder to Florida since both semifinals the next day raked in audiences of 240K and 317K while the final saw 391K, compared to the surprisingly high 150K that watched Quinnipiac-Seton Hall and measly 63K that took in Stanford-Seton Hall, both of which aired on ESPNU compared to ESPN/ESPN2.

In its short history since the Big East reincarnation, Seton Hall-Villanova’s semifinal rematch pulled the second-highest semifinal viewership with 363K after Xavier-Creighton (2014), though the league is still struggling to meet a fraction of their pre-breakup numbers.

Overall as a network, FOX Sports is on an upward trend having received a +16% increase of average viewers (192K) compared to the prior season (166K) and a +84% boost compared to 2013-14 (104K); Seton Hall’s average viewership of 186K this season falls just short of the average.

A game-by-game look at Seton Hall’s TV numbers can be found below and also viewed here.

Sources: SportsMediaWatch, SportsTVRatings

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  • I’m sure I messed up the math somewhere along the way… feedback is encouraged!

  • Andrew Herbst

    Hopefully this year our ratings will be a lot higher. This year’s team will be a lot of fun to watch.

  • PadrePirate

    How do our numbers (c.5 million) compare with other BE and national programs? I imagine that we’re nowhere near a Duke et al, but wondering how we stack up vs others.

    • A good question. I was flirting with doing the whole league, but retrieving the data is very manual — I had to search each date a game was played and pull the data that way.