Seton Hall adds Wagner to 2015-16 non-conference schedule

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Seton Hall has added Staten Island-based school Wagner to their 2015-16 non-conference schedule, which is nearing completion.

With only a few spots to officially fill on their non-league slate for next year, it’s been reported that the Hall will host Wagner in November, which will be toward the very front of their schedule and just prior to traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for the Charleston Classic.

This is how the schedule shapes up so far:

Nov 15 – Wagner
Nov 19-22 – Charleston Classic (3 games)
Nov 28 – Georgia
Dec 2 – @ George Washington
Dec 5 – @ Rutgers
Dec 15 – Saint Peter’s
Dec 19 – Wichita St
Dec 22 – South Florida

With two or potentially three more games to announce, one of which may be a game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Wagner is a decent but not great addition. After three straight seasons with 19 or more wins under Danny Hurley and current head coach Bashir Mason, the Seahawks dipped to 10-20 last year.

Wagner loses their leading scorer in guard Marcus Burton (17.5 ppg), but little else while adding junior college forward Brandon Rosser, who averaged 17.2 ppg and 6.2 rpg at Central Arizona College, and Michigan State transfer Dwaun Anderson. A 6-foot-4 wing, Anderson averaged 5.5 ppg and 3 rpg for Wagner in 2013-14 before breaking his hand last season and playing just six minutes (he received a medical redshirt); Anderson had considered Seton Hall when he left East Lansing several years ago.

I had included the Seahawks in my non-conference scheduling cheat sheet after they just barely made my cutoff of being a top-200 KenPom team over a three-year span.

  • Jersey Jerry

    And this is supposed to help ‘da Hall’s RPI how???

    • 11yearplan

      Given where the game falls on the schedule, I believe Wagner was added as a tune up for the Charleston Classic. It is important as Isaiah is the only point guard on the team and he will need a game like this.

      There is a lot to get used to and scheduling a non-conference powerhouse as the first game could prevent the growth the team will need.

      With the possible exception of USF the schedule gets tougher after that.

      • If Wagner turns out to be an RPI 200-250 team, it’s not an RPI helper but not necessarily one that will hurt either, especially for a season opening type game as you’ve noted.

        Also relative to how the schedule is as a whole. USF, Wagner and maybe Saint Peter’s are grouped together in the mid-200s probably. Don’t want to add much more than that.

  • VinBick

    Hope New Jersey schools are additions to non-conference schedule. Princeton should be on the schedule every year. Promoting a “Rock the Rock” annual tournament of New Jersey Schools early in the season is a winning event in Newark. Seton Hall, Rutgers, Princeton, and St.Peter as a start. Teams with the best records from the previous season can be matched up each year. New Jersey is a b’ball state; let’s market it, damnit!

      • VinBick

        A four team set up will work. Maybe the Hall and Rutgers take turns hosting at the RAC and at Walsh Gym. Natural, local interest far better than the Hall traveling to South Florida and other unattractive foes.

        • 11yearplan

          I have always thought 8 teams. SHU, St. Peters, Rider, Princeton, FDU, Monmouth, NJIT and the pink pony riders. Do it at the Rock as this works for all schools. Double headers on Tues and Wed, Semi’s on Friday and championship/consolation on Sun. Do it the first week in December before fans become distracted by exams and the holidays.

          The double headers during the week will bring about 4 thousand per school. Revenue sharing based on results this way the consolation game has meaning. Seeding based on a formula including prior season record/conference tourney record/post season record and rank of incoming class. This will give all schools something to play for at the end of their seasons and should encourage them not to take a recruiting year off. Ideally the schools play for pride and makes the lesser programs play better then they might otherwise. Big local tourney may help keep the best Jersey HS players in NJ colleges.

          It should not be that hard to do. The fact that it has not happened suggests to me either it will never be profitable or only the posters here are interested in it.

          • VinBick

            The AD’s of all of these schools must talk to each other. Thinking outside of the box when scheduling should bring up such an attractive set up to one of them. Even if each school attacts only 2,500 fans for the doubleheaders you outline, that is more than Rutgers and Seton Hall attrack for their home games now.

            Maybe Chris McM can beat the drum with the powers that be.

          • This all sounds good to you, me and other local CBB fans, but outside of that niche, I don’t think it has much pull.

            If Seton Hall and Rutgers were anywhere close to say Louisville and Kentucky, adding locals like Eastern Kentucky, Murray State, WKU, Northern Kentucky, etc. would make for a nice tournament/cup that people will tune into.

  • fouline

    I think one of the reasons the idea has little interest from SHU is that it’s not a tourney of equals. We believe we’re the best team in Jersey. It would be really embarrassing to be picked off by a smaller school. Remember FDU? Also some of the programs have wild swings in performance from year to year. What kind of competition would that provide to a team in a much better league trying to get into a meaningful tourney at the end of the season? I’m with Jerry, how does it help!?