Seton Hall finishes 63rd in 2014-15 attendance

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The NCAA released their annual attendance figures yesterday, revealing that Seton Hall boosted their average attendance to 63rd in the nation, up from from 81st in 2013-14.

After finishing the 2013-14 season with an average of 6,336 fans at their home games, Seton Hall improved that number to 7,587 for this past season, good enough for 63rd in the nation.

When assuming that a capacity crowd is 9,800, on average, the Hall sold 77% of the seats at Prudential Center. This math is obviously flawed if you qualify a capacity crowd as one that includes the upper bowl.

The Big East finished fifth in average attendance across conferences with 9,853 fans per game while the Big Ten (12,781) finished first for the 39th consecutive season.

Focusing on the Big East, Seton Hall ranks 7th, just as they did in the actual standings, while Creighton (No. 6 overall) nearly doubled up half of the conference.

Creighton – 17,048
Marquette – 13,657
Xavier – 9,998
Villanova – 9,639
Georgetown – 9,630
Providence – 8,614
Seton Hall – 7,587
St. John’s – 7,463
Butler – 7,373
DePaul – 6,238