Selection Sunday Open Thread: Seton Hall locked into 8-9 game?

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More likely than not, Seton Hall looks like they will be locked into an 8-9 game after Sunday’s dust settles but with multiple unknown variables, the question of where they will end up remains open-ended.

Of course the Hall has a chance to drop down to a 10-seed, after all ESPN has them against Michigan in Indianapolis and BracketMatrix has the Pirates as the top 10-seed, but that seems unlikely compared to the eight different spots allocated for 8- and 9-seeds.

As a rule of thumb, all seven through nine seeds are dictated by which schools will end up as 1- and 2-seeds since they get locations preferable to them. For example: ESPN currently has Arizona in Salt Lake City, Kentucky in Indianapolis, Oregon in Sacramento, and Duke in Greenville, South Carolina.

That said, it appears Villanova, Kansas, North Carolina, and Gonzaga are the favorites to snag 1-seeds with the four aforementioned schools waiting in the wings as 2s. 

Edit: CBS has Duke replacing UNC as a 1-seed after their late night win against Notre Dame.

With those eight schools established, here are the eight potential locations you may be flying (or driving) to later this week: Buffalo, NY; Milwaukee, WI; Orlando, FL; Salt Lake City, UT; Greenville, SC; Indianapolis, IN; Tulsa, OK; Sacramento, CA

Pairing that list against the likely 1-seeds, Villanova will be in Buffalo, Kansas in Tulsa, North Carolina in Greenville, and finally Gonzaga in Salt Lake City — or potentially Sacramento. 

Going a step forward, Seton Hall can’t be paired with Villanova due to conference affiliation, leaving the remaining three (or four) spots as potential destinations with Greenville as the most geographically-preferable. 

Where do you think and/or want the Hall to end up? Leave a note in the comments. In my opinion, going out west in the pod which includes a 1-seeded Gonzaga would seem unusually cruel given what transpired on last Selection Sunday.

Even though Seton Hall will be in the field, I thought it would be interesting to take another look at their body of work since it hasn’t really mattered much after beating Georgetown and Butler. Here it is:

Record: 21-11 (10-8)
RPI: 44
KenPom: 53
Last ten games: 7-3
Non-Conf SoS: 210
vs RPI top-50: 4-7
vs RPI top-75: 8-9
Record away from home: 9-9
Notable wins away from home: @ Butler (14); vs. South Carolina (44 — w/o best player); vs. California (55 — Rabb limited, Rooks out); vs. Marquette (59 — BET)
Sub-100 losses: vs. Stanford (101); at St. John’s (138)

For argument’s sake, I compared the Hall to 24-win Maryland, who are around the 7-seed line, to see if they are generally worthy of moving up a spot.

Record: 24-8 (12-6)
RPI: 30
KenPom: 45
Last ten games: 4-6
Non-Conf SoS: 113
vs RPI top-50: 5-4
vs RPI top-75: 8-5
Record away from home: 11-3
Notable wins away from home: @ Minnesota (19); @ Michigan (38); @ Northwestern (48); vs. Kansas State (58);
Sub-100 losses: @ Penn State (102); Nebraska (107)

Based on those metrics, which I came up with on the fly, Maryland clearly gets the edge on paper for getting a better seed.

How about looking in the rear view at projected 10-seed Oklahoma State?

Record: 20-12 (9-9)
RPI: 41
KenPom: 23
Last ten games: 6-4
Non-Conf SoS: 47
vs RPI top-50: 3-10
vs RPI top-75: 6-11
Record away from home: 9-7
Notable wins away from home: @ West Virginia (23); @ Wichita State (29); @ Kansas State (58)
Sub-100 losses: @ Texas (155)

Side-by-side, there isn’t that much between the Cowboys and Seton Hall — so perhaps a 10-seed is still very much in play.

Well, hopefully I’ve given everyone enough to chew on for Selection Sunday. Please feel free to discuss the conference championship games set to air, anything I may have missed or got wrong above, and of course all things related to Seton Hall in the comment section below.

  • I added up a few numbers from Wiki:
    Big East Tournament total attendance by year
    ’17 – 87,781 (88%)
    ’16 – 78,222 (79%)
    ’15 – 69,695 (70%)
    ’14 – 72,779 (73%)
    Max attendance: 99,060

  • Marklemore84

    I want the 8/9 in the zags bracket badly. Maybe it’s just me but matchups and revenge are playing in.

    • PadrePirate

      Personally, I can’t see Angel or Ish being able to box out that 350 lb linebacker they have playing C. Revenge would be sweet, but I think the guys would be intimidated. Much rather see us as a 10 in Duke or Oregon’s bracket.

  • LBP

    We will get the west 8 seed-Committee has a sense of humor and no clue how to increase attendance.
    Congrats to Angel for making Big East All-Tournie Team

  • Fishjam

    Wouldn’t suprise me at all to see us as a 10-seed. Committee doesn’t do us any favors and they say they will start to use other metrics like KenPom this year which are extremley cruel to us this year. I believe we are a Top 30 team but our RPI is 44, KP 53 and BPI 53. That said, I wouldn’t mind avoiding the 8/9 game.

    • LBP

      Number Ten is as good as a 6 and would be pretty nice.

  • Fishjam

    Nova game was a heartbreaker. Loved how we came out and punched them in the mouth the 1st half. Played great D again – a carryover from Marquetter. Willard really preached the strategy of “TOUGH 2’s!!”, meaning play tight perimeter D and force them to drive or shoot over you. It worked beautifully.

    I felt we became a little passive against Nova’s Zone in the 2nd half especiallly late. Too much wasted time on the perimeter 40 feet from the basket. The last 3 posessions killed us….the Angel travel which I didn’t agree with at the time (after seeing replay, yeah, I guess). The forced shot by KC and then the missed bunnie by Angel. Mix in the failed box out by Desi and that is how you lose to the #1 team in the country. Hopefully our guys use it as fuel in the NCAAs and learn the lesson that you have to have constant focus down the stretch to beat a great team.

    I love Angel. Such a battler and always gives full effort. This team would be nowehere without him but I thought he had a subpar game vs Nova and I’m not saying this because he missed the game tier. He made some silly fouls (and questionable whistles) which had him in foul trouble and he had the same immature body language and facial expressions he used to have as a freshman. He has matured immensley the last 2 years and hopefully it was just fatigue getting the best of him. He’s become a great man and hope he can see how important it is for him to keep his composure and positive attitude now more than ever that he is being considered for All-American, a possible pro and is looked to as a leader and face of the Program/University.

    • LBP

      Always appreciate your recounts and observations. Maybe it is because I agree so often with what you write ? ??? Neither Angel , Nez or Carrington had even their B Games ( altho the same is true for Bridges; Jenson of Nova) yet it was an A+ effort by all. A truly great player ( Hart) made winning plays.
      We just do not have that Point guard that makes good Teams special.

  • Peter

    I know we are focused on the NCAA Tournament and Trevon Duval, but man, Bryce Aiken would have looked great in blue & white. Led Harvard in scoring this year and was fifth in the conference in assists on his way to conference ROY. Don’t be surprised when you hear this kid’s name called on draft night three years from now. Can’t fault a kid for wanting to go to Harvard…

    • LBP

      Think Bryce and his family made the right choice. Think Duval’s right choice would be the Hall for a number of reasons.

  • PadrePirate

    From the above analysis, I say we end up a 10. Committee will consider it a favor to let in 7 BE teams this year, but our resume is not that strong.

    The 2 teams are obviously tough, but I think we match up best with Duke. A rematch with the Zags would be sweet, but our boys didn’t do well travelling out west in high altitude last year, so I’d rather avoid Salt Lake. Also, I’m afraid the Zags’ center would over power Angel and get him in foul trouble. Anything but the West, and I think we take 1st round.

    • Bdeger5

      Agree with this sentiment. Also think a good matchup would be heading to Indy in Kentucky’s pod. They have a ton of flaws and we are likely one of the few teams that can match their athleticism and physicality. That’s what I’m hoping for on this Sunday.

      Frankly, I just have a bad feeling about this. Expect something shocking. Bold prediction of mine is big east won’t get 7 teams. I just hope we aren’t not the one left out.

      • LBP

        If you are shocked by Syracuse getting in, then you will be shocked. Selection of 7 is big bucks ( mega-money) for Big East. Creighton AD is on the 10 person committee ( headed by MSU AD) and can point to record attendance at Tournie and Big East does have defending National Champions
        Fight is against Big East bias created by ESPN ( Big Ten suffers this also) but Angel is a Star that Committee may want to hi-lite from the NY/NJ market -thus I think there will be 7 and Hall will get an 8 ( despite ESPN “experts)

    • LBP

      I believe the attendance figures at the Big East Tournie may have some influence on the Big East’s seedings. All that said I would be pleased with a 10 but think an 8 .

  • Today’s games:
    NOON – Yale vs Princeton (ESPN2); would be cruel if undefeated against the Ivy Princeton loses
    1230 – Rhode Island vs VCU (CBS); VCU is already in but URI is squarely on the bubble, but perhaps in by a hair. Should be a great one
    1PM – Arkansas vs Kentucky (ESPN); Razorbacks are right around 8/9-seed territory like Seton Hall (actually just 1 spot ahead according to CBS)
    2PM – Troy vs Texas State (ESPN2); Either winner will be a 16-seed. Does anyone care?
    3PM – Michigan vs Wisconsin (CBS); Hard not to root for Michigan. ICYMI, their plane crashed upon take-off on way to B10 tournament. They played with practice jerseys for the first game.
    315PM – Cincinnati vs SMU (ESPN); Cream of the American conference crop and also the only two schools which will make the Dance. Should be fun game but there is nothing at stake. Both are 4/5-seeds.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I hope we are a 10 seed. Then we would avoid playing the top seed in second round. But I think we will wind up an 8-9.