Rapid Reaction: Seton Hall uses 19-0 first half run to blanket Providence, 73-57

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NEWARK, N.J. — Khadeen Carrington was lethal, Angel Delgado posted his 65th double-double, and Seton Hall moved into fourth place in the Big East as the Pirates made quick work of Providence.

Minutes after honoring Delgado (13pts, 14 rebs) for breaking the Big East rebounding record at DePaul, Seton Hall (17-5, 6-3) started the game on their own terms, going up 9-3 early via a series of fast breaks made possible by some dedicated defense.

But the Hall didn’t hit their stride until a commanding 19-0 first half run during a nearly five-minute Providence drought, which flipped a two-point deficit into a 36-19 lead.

After allowing a season-best 26 points in the first half which was a product of an active defense as much as it was a cold Friars shooting streak, not much changed in the second half after two quick Seton Hall buckets reinforced the tone.

The Pirates would quickly balloon their lead to 20 early in the second as they held Kyron Cartwright (0 pts, 2 asts, 4 TOs) scoreless while Alpha Diallo (25 pts, 10 rebs) absolutely carried his team on the interior.

Providence would get no closer than a 12-point deficit at the under-eight timeout as Seton Hall looked in control for final 25+ minutes of the game.

Rapid Reaction:

This was a must-have game and the Hall never looked threatened. Having already hosted Xavier and Creighton and Villanova still to come to town, there aren’t any more “acceptable” home losses on the slate, making this one all the more important. The Pirates took care of business and have surely calmed some nerves as they move into fourth in the conference.

Much like the DePaul game, Seton Hall started on the front foot. We’ve grown used to slow starts from this team, but at least over the last two games, they’ve established key aspects of their game like tightening up defensively and getting on the break, early on. That’s a decent warm-up for Villanova, because a strong start will be mandatory.

Seton Hall goes as Khadeen Carrington goes. I’ve heard this phrase a few times this season, and it couldn’t have been more true tonight. Carrington was deadly efficient from the floor and will surely have one of his highest KenPom offensive ratings of the season, check the statline: 23 pts (9-14 fg), 7 asts, 1 TO.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Nice win. Good tuneup going to Nova. Khadeem was awesome. Angel was a beast. Loved how we kept up the intensity from the beginning. Looking forward to Sunday’s game at Nova. GO PIRATES!

  • Joseph Attanasi

    Good win tonight. Great all-around effort from the everyone. My only concern is that Willard reverted back to barely playing Gordon and Sandro. Outside of a 4-5 minute stretch in the first half, they never saw the floor again until garbage time.

    Delgado (37), Rodriguez (37) and Carrington (36) played too many minutes. They just about played the entire second half. This won’t be a winning formula against a team like Villanova. It appears that Willard is okay giving Gordon and Sandro minutes against DePaul, but not when the competition gets a little better. He needs to trust his bench regardless of who we are playing. If not, more games like Xavier will be in our future.

    • SHU95

      Well said, exactly what I was going to write… Thanks for saving me a few min!! Go Pirates

    • Mike Walsh

      Agree 100%. When the Hall has a 15+ point lead and seems to be in command, there’s no danger in giving the seniors a blow. The substitutions worked great in the first half. Nice win!

    • VinBick

      As the black cloud in the usual bright, blue Hall sky at this site, I think the coach may have felt his starters needed some extra minutes in the second half to keep the friar tucks from barking at the Pirates heels. They never go away or let up in games as they are hungry and well-coached.

      Nice all-around Pirate performance. It was one of Carrington’s best games at the Hall. Go Pirates!

      • Joseph Attanasi

        Black cloud? Aren’t you the one who said after the Xaiver game that they were only going to win 3 more games the rest of the way. Mr. Black Cloud actually said they would win 6 or 7. I was even willing to buy you a dinner if you were right.

        My comment was, it was a good game and a great effort by everyone. Hardly negative. But also just pointing out that piling up the minutes for the starters is going to hurt us in the long run if it continues. It’s great to win these battles, but we need to make sure we put ourselves in a position to win the war.

        • Larry Karg

          I thought Vin was calling himself the black cloud?

          • Joseph Attanasi

            Yes, you are right. I misunderstood.

  • LBP

    Very great defensive effort. Thought Myles Cale was fantastic on D. This Team goes as Deeno goes. Friars paid for collapsing the lane- Nova should hear the footsteps cause Team is coming together.

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