Nelson and Moore visit for start of practice; Louisville hoops on fire

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Seton Hall receives a pair of 2018 recruiting visitors for the start of official practices on Friday as the season inches even closer to starting.

Just a day or two after the recent nation-wide FBI recruiting investigation that has left Rick Pitino unemployed went public, the Hall will host key 2018 recruiting visitors Anthony Nelson (South Kent, Conn.) and Khalid Moore (Archbishop Molloy, N.Y.).

Nelson, a 6’4 point guard, and Moore, a local N.Y.C. wing, will get to see what it’s like for a top-25 team preparing for what’s ahead. 

In other recruiting news, Montverde Academy (Fl.) point guard Andrew Nembhard has trimmed Seton Hall from his list while Emmitt Matthews Jr. has committed to UConn shortly after an in-home visit with Grant Billmeier, who flew all the way to Washington state.

On a positive note, Our Saviour Luthern (N.Y.) three-star wing Jared Rhoden has include the Pirates on his final list along with Wichita State, Penn State, Saint Louis and Santa Clara; Rhoden joins Moore as local options at the ‘3’ in the wake of Louis King pledging to Oregon.


Three weeks away from Big East Media Day and about a month out from Seton Hall’s opening exhibition game, it looks like the recent FBI investigation is going to overturn plenty of stones include the shake-up of opponent Louisville, which was pegged as the 7th-best non-conference game by NBC Sports. 

A consensus top-10 team coming into the season has a very uncertain future that could very well see heavy sanctions and the option for players to leave without sitting out, which is a shame from a Seton Hall perspective as the home-and-home was seen as a big win.

The obvious tie between the two programs is Kevin Willard being a part of Pitino’s coaching tree. I have seen multiple people ask me if Hall fans should be worried about Louisville poaching Willard. I think that would be sure-fire P.R. disaster since Willard has referred to Pitino as his mentor while the former Cardinal coach vouched heavily for Willard when he was at Iona. 

Plus, voluntarily walking into that situation is going to alienate most coaches that would be tempted. There is nothing to worry about.

  • shufaninva

    Wow, look how far we’ve come as a program in a short time. So many people wanted Willard fired after 2015-2016. Now, the tone is anxiety over him getting hired somewhere else. I am not that worried about that. The only way he leaves is if we get REALLY good, and if that happens, we are going to be in a good spot. I really think Sha would step in just fine and would be able to continue to build and keep recruiting roads open for us. Not sure if he would get the job, but I think if he did we would be in good shape.
    That said, I like how things are, and I hope we can continue to build with Willard looking to stay. We are a top conference, and if NOVA and Providence can keep their popular coaches on board, why not us too?

  • VinBick

    The luster is now pretty much off of the game at Louisville. I did not like the match up even though our coach was a pup under Patino. There is little to no chance of it being a “w” regardless of who is coaching there in December unless the program colapses completely.

    • TheRealDewski

      Vin, I respectfully disagree. Although the game has lost luster and it would be a difficult road win, I believe SHU has a much better chance of winning now that Cardinals are in turmoil. This scenario may lead to current LU players being selfish to pad stats and not playing a team game if post season is no longer an option for them.

    • LBP

      I would just as soon cancel this Game- as an aside, always thought JQ would be best get for SHU in years-now, I would never want a Player with such character probs and I am caused to wonder about King too-guess things work out for the best

      • jimmyxx

        Welp, good thing that didn’t happen, huh?

  • Heard the Moore visit is actually getting pushed out a bit — but thats unconfirmed.

    • LBP

      Its confirmed- Nelson has big worries on playing time -I’m not that high on him

    • Deann61

      With 3 scholarships available, if Brodie indeed still comes next year. Who do you think the 3 scholarships will go to?
      Is Manuel still being recruited?
      What are the chances on Moore or Rhoden? Would they take both?
      I heard Nelson is concerned about PT.. what are his chance on committing? He could be an elite PG,

  • Matty P

    Nice to see that we may have some recruits coming in for the first couple days of practice. Can’t wait for this season to get started and excited to see how far this team can go.

  • PadrePirate

    Interview with KW on app. Nothing too surprising but some updates and conditioning stuff. I didn’t recall or realize that Cale was still recovering from injury. KW says he’ll be ready but sounds like he’ll have to ease into PT.

  • Bob Murphy

    On the Louisville situation. You know – you actually never know. I wonder if the ties with Willard were the school, or really just Pitino himself. If it just the later, then why would Willard leave SHU?

    With the FBI involved, I wonder if these first 6 coaches / schools are the tip of the iceberg. And not only basketball, football too.

  • Matty P

    Interesting article from Deadspin that talks about Arizona and everything that appears to be going on for them. Also mentions Quinerly and how he could potentially be involved in all of this.

    • PadrePirate

      From what I’ve read, JQ is not just “potentially” involved. The media reports will have to be confirmed, but multiple sources name JQ, or perhaps his parents, as one of the recipients of a bribe. From a big-picture standpoint, not to mention the morality of the thing, it looks pretty darn foolish now to have jeopardized your future bball career for a measely 20K bribe.

      The real question now is can JQ quietly de-commit from AZ and play at another school? Will he face a suspension first? If so, will he turn pro overseas instead of sitting out a year? Nova fans are already hoping he’ll end up with them. It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

      • shufaninva

        Some of these families are struggling mightily to put food on the table and pay the bills. If you have fast talking guys telling you that “everybody that has kids this talented get this money”, then I can totally see how they would eventually just assume this is how it works, and no one ever gets caught.

  • Matty P

    Chris I saw you reposted Jerry Carino’s article about Sandro and a practice he watched. It sounds like Sandro will be a great under the radar pickup for this team in the future. One other thing that caught my eye was the primary ball handlers were Carrington, Walker, Desi, and Gordon. Overall his article sounded very positive for the season and the incoming freshman and their potential.

  • PadrePirate
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