NCAA hoops corruption probe linked to Seton Hall, Isaiah Whitehead

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For those who connected the dots when the initial reports of widespread corruption in the NCAA basketball landscape broke just before this season started, it’s not a huge surprise that Seton Hall and Isaiah Whitehead have been linked.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ exclusive story, this is the evidence that ties the Hall to the ongoing investigation. 

“An ASM balance sheet in the hands of federal investigators shows accounts through Dec. 31, 2015, with the subheading, “Loan to Players.” It listed several who were in high school or college as receiving four-figure and five-figure payments from ASM Sports. Among the largest listed loans:

[lists several other players…]

Isaiah Whitehead, at the time a freshman at Seton Hall, received $26,136 according to the documents. The “Pina” document says Whitehead received $37,657 and was “setting up payment plan.” Whitehead signed with ASM but later left the agency for Roc Nation.”

Yahoo! said that Seton Hall declined to comment on the matter, but the University released this statement around 1PM today:

“We are aware of the Yahoo! Sports report. We have taken steps proactively to reach out to the NCAA and the BIG EAST Conference, and while we have not been contacted by investigators, we will be conducting our own internal review.”

Andy Miller, the primary agent at the center of the scandal, is the same agent that Whitehead signed with prior to the 2016 NBA Draft before eventually switching to ROC Nation this past December.

A number of other major programs like Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan State and others have also been named in the report, which raises questions about each school’s eligibility for this NCAA tournament and beyond.

That said, some seem to be discarding the report as less serious than advertised unless the schools in question had major ties to the money, meaning if the transaction was not strictly between the player and an agent. Further, many of the players listed are from past seasons and are no longer on rosters.

UPDATE (2/23, 8AM): If you look closely at the first document Yahoo! provided, former Seton Hall assistant during Whitehead’s freshman season, Tiny Morton, reportedly received a $9,500 loan.

Then again, if Whitehead is labelled retrospectively ineligible during his two seasons, that begs the question of whether Seton Hall must vacate their Big East title and NCAA tournament appearance.