Myles Powell talks to WSOU about his commitment, Bryce Aiken

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Seton Hall’s latest commitment Myles Powell spoke with John Fanta and Clayton Collier of 89.5 FM WSOU this weekend. Here’s transcript of what he had to say about his decision as well as top-100 Patrick School (N.J.) guard Bryce Aiken‘s future.

First, the complete audio for those that would prefer to listen:

On his decision:

“Dating back to 10th grade, Seton Hall was my first division 1 offer. Since then, they were just making me feel like family. Coach Willard, Coach Fred [Hill], Coach Sha, they’re all great people and I can see myself playing playing there.

The main factor of his decision:
“The relationship they made me, words can’t describe it. The team, I’ve played with Isaiah whitehead, Desi Rodriguez and Mike [nzei] a couple years before they started at Seton Hall, with the Playaz Basketball Club for AAU. So I already knew a couple of the guys and watching them workout and stuff like that, I can just see myself playing there the next four years.”

The importance of Trenton’s proximity to campus:
“It means a lot, my family is a big part of my life and knowing that they’ll be able to show up at every home game, that mean’s a lot to me.”

Regarding the future of the Hall:
“All the things that Coach Willard said and the things that they have planned this year. I think they’re going to have a great shot at being ranked in the country again as they were last year and having a good shot at making the tournament and next year hopefully we can do the same thing. He [Willard] listed a couple of things he has planned for me to do on and off the court, so I’m really looking forward to everything we have planned.”

On what he brings to the table besides shooting:
“I’m a great teammate, anything that the coach wants me to do i believe that i can do it. And at the end of the day I’m going to do whatever it takes for my team to win.”

When asked about coming into a guard-heavy team:
“I think I’m the best shooter in the country [in 2016] and I think every team can use a shooter, so going in I talked to Coach Willard and he said that’s what they need, a shooter. I’m not going to worry about anyone else, I’m just going to worry about what coach said that I need to come in and do.”

When asked about his closeness to guys like Khadeen Carrington and Isaiah Whitehead:
“All of them are like big brothers to me. They took me in as if i had already committed. we have a great relationship, I just love it and I can see myself here the next four years.”

Regarding his tweets about Bryce Aiken following him to Seton Hall:
“Me and Bryce grew up playing together in AAU, so I know what type of player Bryce is. Bryce is a great point guard, he likes getting his team the ball, he’s a think-first point guard so that would be a nice player that I would like to play with for the next four years. And I just told him that and told him that I would like him to come join me. So after his visit to Miami (Fla.), i think he’s going to make his decision out of Miami, Harvard and Seton Hall, so hopefully he picks Seton Hall.”

On what he envisions in the future at Seton Hall:
“Coming in as a rookie, I think I want to run for Big East freshman of the year, so I think in my first year that’s what I want to accomplish and make my team make the tournament. Just carry on and win and get my team to the tournament year after year.”