Problem point guard Jevon Thomas leaves Seton Hall program

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NEWARK — Back-up point guard Jevon Thomas has left the Seton Hall program after a controversial stint since transferring from Kansas State.

Despite having another year of eligibility, Thomas will leave the team immediately. 

“Jevon has made the decision to leave our program. We wish him the best in his future endeavors,” Willard said in Seton Hall’s official release.

Simply put, Thomas was more trouble than he was worth since transferring from Kansas State in May of 2015. 

While sitting out due to transfer regulations last season, he was at the center of an assault incident on campus which saw him removed from the team and forced to re-enroll at the school and sit out the fall semester.

Apparently Kevin Willard really went out of the way to try and give Thomas another chance to prove himself.

Since gaining eligibility for the Rutgers game in December, Thomas hasn’t been much of a factor on the court, either. The Queens native turned the ball over 13 times and tallied just six points, eight assists and 11 steals.

Seton Hall now has zero point guards projected on the roster next season and are down to 10 scholarship players this year. Stud senior point guard Trevon Duval has the Hall on his list while 2017/2018 local recruit Jordan Walker of The Patrick School has not decided which class he will be a part of.

  • LBP

    Shame-guess his career is over-Hall did all it could for him

  • Willard refused to comment tonight. Said he already made a statement in the release (very brief, no substance) and seemed to indicate it was purely JT’s decision.

    Powell said that Willard informed the team today at practice about it, so seemed sort of abrupt.

  • PadrePirate

    None of this-his difficult road back to the court nor his underachieving since his return-explains precisely why he is leaving right now. His anterior problems do not explain that. Something was bothering him recently, lack of PT or some other perceived injustice. Leaving the team in Feb does not get him another year of elig, so maybe he’s ready to move on from bball and focus on life/school. Best of luck.