Jagan Mosely, Rodney Miller and others eliminate Seton Hall

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In the last recruiting update I wrote, Seton Hall made the lists of two local top-100 guards in Bryce Aiken and Myles Powell. These two local products, along with many other recruits that are about to start their senior year of high school, are starting to narrow the focus on where they want to attend college a year from now.

This doesn’t come without its negative ramifications of course, as over 95 percent of recruits will commit elsewhere unless the suitor is Kentucky or Duke.

That being said, on to the bad news.

St. Anthony guard Jagan Mosely (Georgetown), Quinton Rose (Temple) and Oak Hill Academy forward Rodney Miller (Miami) have committed elsewhere while Thomas Jefferson guard Shamorie Ponds and Christ the King star guard Rawle Alkins have axed Seton Hall from their respective lists.

Freshly committed today, Mosely didn’t include the Hall on his final list, while Miller pledged earlier this week. Both targets had visited Seton Hall earlier this summer along with Myles Powell, so it’s tough to say the interest wasn’t mutual. There has been little to report on Rose since Seton Hall offered him in April.

As for Shamorie Ponds, the New York Lightning guard was listing Seton Hall as a school recruiting him the hardest a few months ago, but is now down to St. John’s, Minnesota, Creighton and Providence; the Johnnies look very strong here and are getting a visit soon.

Seton Hall never really had a shot at big-time guard Rawle Alkins, who trimmed his list to a handful of top-tier schools over a week ago.

According to my running list, which can always be checked out here, guys like St. Anthony center Taurean Thompson, Cardozo guard Rashond Salnave and newly offered Abraham Lincoln guard Cahiem Brown come to mind as targets that move up in the pecking order for the coaching staff.

  • VinBick

    High school players who have considerable talent will pass on the Hall until the coaching staff issues are resolved beyond the upcoming season. Wth Willard looking more and more like a lame duck, talented kids will not commit until a new coach is named at the end of this season.

    • Pirate_Law

      High school players who have considerable talent will pass on the Hall until the losing issues are resolved. Willard used his uncertain future and its negative effect on recruiting once before and ended up with a nice contract extension. The only way recruiting will become consistently good is if the program becomes consistently successful. Ed Cooley has worked wonders in Providence and, like Willard, has had many players transfer. The difference is he has won with what he has and built upon his success each year. The Pirates have been consistently unsuccessful and most seasons have had significant off the court issues. I hope Coach Willard has learned something over this time and is able to win this season. Otherwise, he should not return as coach and we will once again start from scratch.

      • fouline

        One good season doesn’t make up for the garbage he’s put the players and fans through. Just to remind you… besides the absymal coaching… how many times did he throw players under the bus to cover his inept coaching.

        • VinBick

          All good points; administration should be looking now to replace KW asap. Very unrealistic to think this season will be a marked improvement. The team, the university, and the fans should not have to suffer through another terrible year. The best option may be to name one of the assistants an acting head coach until a viable option is found sooner rather than later. Gonzo really hurt the Hall and KW is as bad in other ways.