Isaiah Whitehead invited to NBA Draft Combine

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Seton Hall star point guard Isaiah Whitehead has been invited to the NBA Draft Combine.

A little over 60 prospects were invited to the combine a year ago, so Whitehead’s inclusion this year confirms his status of being in the pool of draft-hopefuls that project to have their names called on June 23rd or at least be seriously considered.

The invite has no impact on his ability to return to Seton Hall, though an encore season in South Orange would have became a lot more likely if he was left out.

Following the combine, which takes place from May 11-15 in Chicago, Isaiah has ten days to to remove his name from the draft or else he is gone. Still without an agent, those ten days will very likely contain the news that all Seton Hall fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to hear, one way or the other.

According to NCAA rules, Whitehead is still allowed to work out with Seton Hall’s coaches until he withdraws his name or decides to ink an agent and go (H)all in.

Isaiah has been back and forth from Las Vegas over the past few weeks preparing for the combine.

  • JJer

    My belief and assumption is that Whitehead is going to be a star, either soon or later. And I’m reading that he’s not concentrating on the quick money, but rather his foremost goal is having a career in the NBA.

    Then it seems to me to all boil down to a choice of the two main controllable risks of losing his dream of playing in the NBA:
    A. Risk of not being ready and thus being cut and sent to the oblivion of the D-League or Europe.
    B. Risk of sustaining a career-ending injury in another year of college.

    Choice A at least has a chance of seeing big windfall money, depending on his draft number.

    Tough choice for a young man, as he’ll be kicking himself for the rest of his life if the choice he makes goes bad.

    Of course, maybe I’ve got it wrong and he’s doing the calculations of which path gets the most millions, or he’s impatient to get going in the NBA, or …

  • Fishjam

    Congratulations to Isaiah. As I;ve said in the past, once scouts get a good look at him at the combine his stock is going to rise. Only question is if it will be enough to push him to a no-doubt 1st rounder.

    • LBP

      well said

  • PadrePirate

    Agree with Fish. In those type of work outs, his body type and raw bball skills will shine. His weaknesses are more mental than fundamental, such as poor shot selection, trying to do too much, or blind spin drives to the hoop. These appear more in sustained game situations.

    So, the more exposure he gets, the more likely he’s gone IMO. At this point, it doesn’t seem like we’ve recruited an immediate impact guard to replace him.

    Bad news for us, good news for him

    • From what I’ve heard, the staff has a point guard lined up that will be immediately eligible next season — not a high school kid. Not sure about him being an “impact” guy though.

      This of course with Jevon Thomas’ future still uncertain — though I haven’t heard anything new on that front in some time

      • Fishjam

        I’ve heard those same rumors regarding a lined up PG if IW leaves.

        Chris, what do you know about JT’s status?

        I’ve heard that he has to fullfill a lot of requirements to ever see the court as a Pirate. I’ve also heard that even in a best case scenario he won’t be eligible until nearly the start of the Big East schedule. Can you clear up…. is that because he’s not eligible (NCAA rules?) until 2nd semester OR if he is eligible but is suspended by the school/team for the first 10 or so games.

        • Without speculating too much, this part is black & white and the bare minimum: if he did not complete the spring semester at Seton Hall, he is not eligible until he completes another — which would be mid-December after finals for the fall semester.

  • hallstorm

    Well, Zagoria has him quoted as saying that he’s heard he’s a late first round pick/early second round and he believes once scouts see his ability, he will move up.

    So I suppose it all depends on how the scouts view his ability to make quality decisions because I think a team would want to draft him as a pg. He’s a big, physical player who would be a matchup problem for more than a few NBA teams.

  • PadrePirate

    Any news about TT’s latest visit to Cuse, offer from Michigan St, etc.?

    • Looks like he’s going to visit Michigan State. That’d be his final official visit.

  • shufaninva

    I don’t know who told IW late first round, but they lied to him. There are still mock drafts out there having him not even drafted. When you see where Dunn is in most mocks, considering he had a good, not elite year, IW needs to come back.

  • LBP

    Chris -who is this Emanuel Anderson that has announced coming to SHU- a 6″3 Guard-is he a walk-on?

  • hallstorm


    How serious is Seton Hall in UNLV decommit Jaylen Fisher? Zagoria says The Hall has reached out, but nothing more. Any inside word on him?

    • Interest is the same as Charlie Moore, etc. “Hey, we’re operating like Isaiah is gone, but can’t tell you for sure that that’s the case. Can you wait it out?”

      • hallstorm

        Gotcha. That makes sense.

        Both of these guys would be pretty great players to have though and much needed-even with Isaiah still here. Perfect case of playing 15-20 min a game if Isaiah stays and then handing the reigns over to one of them next season. Now that Thompson is going to Michigan State for an official visit, it seems like his interest here is waning and maybe attention should shift to one of these guys.

        Of course, I’m speaking on the idea that more than one player is planning on transferring

        • If IW were to stay, I’m not sure how a PG coming in would see 15-20 MPG. IW would play 35+, Carrington will play similar. You can sell the success + transition as a sophomore easily, but not the immediate playing time.

          • HallBall10

            Willard does like to play with 3 guards. IW, KC, and Gordon played about 95 minutes per game in the big east tournament.
            Gordon averaged 24 minutes on the season.
            If Fisher earns the minutes as the 3rd guard on the team I could see 15-20 minutes of playing time for him.
            Not guaranteed but certaintly possible.

          • Fishjam

            Recruits like Fisher and Moore would only consider SHU if IW doesn’t come back so they have to be willing to wait another 3 weeks. These guys are premium recruits who want to start from Day 1 and don’t want to compete with an All-American to handle the ball. Fisher is a longshot for sure but I like the level of PGs we are looking at in 16, 17 and 18.

          • Good point, though Gordon was far from a 1-guard. 15-20 mins still displaces about 10-15 mins at the PG spot — Gordon was taking minutes from Desi/Singh. Does IW play 2-guard during those times. Does the freshman? Still think it’s a little liberal.

  • hallstorm

    I also don’t understand why the supposed transfers haven’t been published yet. It doesn’t seem to make sense when many other players and teams have already made it known who is leaving. It would make things pretty clear and easy for incoming players to decide if they want to come by knowing what the player personnel would be.

    • Just because it hasn’t been announced doesn’t mean it can’t be communicated to a recruit…

      First day of finals was today

      • Fishjam

        Hard for us fans to be patient and fathom that there is so much up in the air for next year’s team with only a week left in the Spring Semester.

        However looking back at past years, May tends to be a very busy month.
        Gibbs didn’t make his transfer decision official until around this time last year (late April?) and JT and DG’s transfers came a couple weeks later. If I recall I believe the roster seemed full at one point THEN they announced Gordon and only later did they reveal that Ajou was transferring to open up DG’s spot.

        This year could be similar. Braden’s status should be revealed soon, Isaiah’s decision comes in next 2-3 weeks and perhaps someone else transfers or JT’s status gets revealed. Could be a whole lot of openings or could be very little change. Has me checking the net every few hours like it’s baseball or football Free Agent season.

  • hallstorm

    Fisher is on his way to play for Dixon down at TCU.

  • PadrePirate

    When’s the deadline for freshman commits and transfers, again? This whole waiting thing (IW, TT, JT and the transfers who come and go as we wait for the draft…) is wearing me out.

    Can’t a guy enjoy baseball season in piece without checking up on the pirates every day??

    • Signing period lasts until 5/18, but seniors can still easily join rosters beyond that time frame by signing financial aid paperwork, etc.

      As for a transfer, there is no deadline for that but the market obviously dries up the longer it goes on.

  • Was speaking to Zach about this prior to the tweet:

  • Mosleyman

    Remember Eron Gordon? We haven’t heard much about him lately, but he recently said he was down to SHU, Missouri and Marquette, with a visit to Missouri set for this weekend. Reports say that Missouri has decided to pass on him, and the visit has been cancelled. There are also 4 new “Crystal Ball” predictions with today’s date saying he’s coming to the Hall, for whatever that’s worth. Seems like a talented kid, who was an MVP in a post-season all-star game, but obviously a bunch of dominos have to fall first. Nonetheless, it’s fun to dream about IW coming back, Taurean Thompson choosing the Hall and Gordon making us 4 strong guards deep. Of course I’m being greedy, but don’t we all deserve it?

    • Haven’t seen that bit about Missouri backing off, though I did know about the proposed visit. Butler also backed off due to multiple reasons. Last I heard, he was not a primary option for Seton Hall.

      Edit: Here’s a tweet from a Missouri SBNation writer:

      • Fishjam

        Eron Gordon would be a quality addition.
        Pure speculation on everything here but if Madison Jones takes JT’s spot and Gordon takes IW’s scholarship you’d have a backcourt of Khadeen, Jones, Powell & Gordon.

        Thinking reaaaaly long term it could leave you a glut of 2-guards in 2017. Figure a top 2017 recruit at PG and 4 high-powered 2 guards in Khadeen, Powell, Gordon & Cale although Deeno could go Beast-mode and get drafted after his Junior year.

        Then again, could see any of those guards switching to the Point like Z did this year.

        • Was told some not so flattering things about his demeanor and ability from a Butler writer when I asked about why they backed off.

          • Fishjam

            Interesting. There is a little web-series on him on YouTube I watched a few weeks ago. He seemed like a grounded kid with his head on his shoulders, very introspective, but can’t tell anything from ‘TV’. When he was a freshman/sophomore he was really highly regarded, like Top 5 Nationally in his class it said but has slipped a ton in the rankings the last 2-3 years.

  • Fishjam

    Chris, is Madison Jones the grad transfer? Haven’t seen anything official but his twitter bio says the following……

    All praises to the most high. Apart of the Seton Hall Family #GoPirates #Ballislife #FOE , to much is given much is required #RIPPILLOW

    He seems like a similar type of player to Jevon Thomas so hopefully if Jones is coming in it’s because JT is gone and not Isaiah.

    • Marklemore84

      He’d have to be a grad transfer but multiple suspensions including a removal from the team last year for DWI makes it hard to believe he’d be coming here to replace JT.

      • shufaninva

        Is he the…get removed from Wake Forest, going to Iona??? going to Mercer???? Madison Jones?

        • Don’t know much about Iona, but yes that Madison Jones

          • shufaninva

            I hope our staff knows what they are doing if they bring him on board. Team chemistry was at an all time high this past season.

    • Guess the cat is out of the bag now…

  • fouline

    Right or wrong… once SIna and Gibbs left… team chemistry improved. Very delicate thing. ALways good to respect. If the kid is trouble… pass.

    • hallstorm

      I 100% agree. I really thought the sky was falling when Sina left mid-season (and being at that Georgetown game last year was extremely uncomfortable with all the things that happened) and then when Gibbs left after the season ended it felt like a killer blow. But, it was clearly addition by subtraction as Gibbs and Sina were both not good fits (Sina especially wasn’t Big East calibre).

      I don’t feel great about bringing a kid with a troubled past into the program. What’s amazing is that JT had past issues and they just resurfaced this year, so we get a player who’s got a checkered past as if this time it will be different?

    • More to it than just Gibbs, Sina, Whitehead… Think: Tiny, Sina’s father

      • fouline

        It all goes back to Willard not having control of the team. To his desperation to recruit. He made a lot of bad decisions and responded badly – constantly throwing players under the proverbial bus… But 5 years later… time has healed all wounds… at least enough wounds that we can move on and play bball instead of personality games. So this off season becomes a turning point for the team. Do we fall back on bad habits to solve temporary problems or do we make a decisions(s) good for the team to move forward.

        • PadrePirate

          Agree, with reservations… Willard is not a strong enough personality and the program is not well enough established to absorb and overcome a bad apple, especially not two or three at once. By that I’m thinking JT, EG, MJ. I don’t know these kids but other schools passing on them does not bode well.

          On the other hand, if IW leaves, and that’s seeming more likely, we need PGs in a bad way. I think we’re reaching the bottom of the barrel. Better a bruised apple than no apple at all?

          • fouline

            Well, there are no absolutes in our world… so… maybe we have to look at what we have already… There must be somebody on the team who can be coached up to play PG. Any ideas?