Isaiah Whitehead earns first team All-Big East honors, Angel Delgado honorable mention

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It seems like Seton Hall is doing a lot of “for the first time in X years…” things this season and they’ve just added another to the list. For the first time since 2007-08 when a tough, versatile Brian Laing averaged 18.6 ppg and 6.9 rpg, a Pirate player has earned conference first-team honors.

In what became obvious over the last 10 to 15 games, Isaiah Whitehead (17.9 ppg, 4.9 apg) has taken his game to NBA levels if sustained and has been recognized across the board as he joins Kris Dunn, Ben Bentil and Josh Hart as unanimous selections: all nine Big East coaches not named Kevin Willard put him on their first team ballots.

Whitehead is Seton Hall’s ninth appearance on the conference’s first team list and has arguable played better than everyone except Bentil over the last 10 games, though the Player of the Year award has a good chance of heading to Providence; Josh Hart would be the fourth horse in that race and is KenPom’s pick for the award.

Playing as a converted point guard this year, Whitehead shot 45-percent from the perimeter in league play after a 31-percent mark during the non-conference schedule, has improved upon his assist-to-turnover ratio over the course of the season and has tallied 20+ points in six of his last seven games.

Isaiah is joined by fellow sophomore Angel Delgado (10.2 ppg, 9.7 rpg) on the Big East’s post-season honors list. Delgado averaged a double double for stretches of the season and racked up 13 over 30 games including seven in a row late-December going into January, earning him a spot next to seniors Kellen Dunham and Daniel Ochefu as honorable mentions.

When guys like Dunham and Ochefu aren’t even making the first two teams, I get the argument for Delgado sitting in this tier of the conference’s best players. I’m sure he will be looking to get into the first two teams next season after being named Rookie of the Year and then following up with an honorable mention.

The conference will announce Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, Freshman of the Year and the BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year on Wednesday. The announcement will be made on the first day of the BIG EAST Tournament at the  Garden at 4:30 p.m. ET.

  • LBP

    Well done

  • Andrew Herbst

    What an awesome year this has been. So much to be proud of. Can’t wait to make some noise at the Garden this week.

    • VinBick

      Anyone know whether Section 2 behind one of the baskets is our student section? Bought a ticket there in row 7. People may wonder why a real old, bald, fat guy is doing there…..

      • Andrew Herbst

        Sorry Van I’m not sure.

  • Matty P

    For those interested SHU athletics posted on instagram that Willard will be on Sports Xtra at 10:30pm on FOX5 and Sports Final at midnight on NBC4 tonight.

    • Hallbuster


  • SHULaw05

    Incredible season with a lot more basketball to be played. Congrats to Isaiah, Angel and all of our players on a job well done! Still curious who will win both Defensive Player of the Year and 6th Man… Go Pirates!

  • Carl MacDonald

    BET Bracket Predictions Anyone?
    #8 Georgetown over #9 Depaul
    #5 Butler over #4 Providence
    #1 Villanova over #8 Georgetown
    #1 Villanova over #5 Butler

    #7 Marquette over #10 St Johns
    #3 Seton Hall over #6 Creighton
    #2 Xavier over #7 Marquette
    #3 Seton Hall over #2 Xavier
    #3 Seton Hall vs #1 Villanova in the BET finals.
    I dont have alot of upsets, Depaul/Georgetown could be close. Same with Marquette and St Johns. All for of those teams are going home after this week so none will upset the #1 or #2. (although Seton Hall did just that two years ago)

  • hallstorm


    It’s been an exciting year so far and I’m looking forward to perhaps seeing the team in the Big East tourney and (if it’s at Barclay Center) maybe even in the NCAA….

    I wanted to preface my post with the above before I asked:

    I’m not sure you can provide any information regarding the 2016 recruiting class. Can the recruits Thompsen and/or Gordon still commit to SHU during the spring signing period without a known transfer? What is the timetable for this sort of thing in your experience? Do you expect something like this even happening?

    Also separately-have you heard anything further on the Jevon Thomas incident? Is it still looming or has it been taken care of?

    • PadrePirate

      For next year, I would add a ? About braeden a. The guy just disappeared from the rotation. Does he even practice? Are we stuck with him another year? Happy of course to see the kid get through law school, but I don’t see him help the team.

      • Joe Schmoe

        D1 scholarships have morphed into one-year contracts these days. There will absolutely be some xfers at the end of this year. There always is.

      • hallstorm

        I hear you PadrePirate, but I answered this in the response to FIshjam

    • Fishjam

      They definitely know someone or multiple someone’s won’t be back. Isaiah will definitely declare for the Draft so he can go through al the pre-draft testing and workouts with teams. I imagine that unless he feels like a sure-fire 1st round pick, he will pull himself out of the draft.

      But between Braeden, Nzei, Myles Carter, Rashed Anthony and Soffer I’d wager at least 1 transfers or won’t be back. My money would be on Braden Anderson. It seemed somewhere midseason, Willard decided he wasn’t part of his plans. He commented early that he just doesn’t get as much time with the team as everyone else. I don’t think he’ll be with the team next year or they will find a way for him not to be on scholarship. Just a hunch though….I have nothing to back that up. They are definitely still recruiting hard so hope we can grab an impact player like Taurean.

      • hallstorm

        I appreciate the speculation Fishjam, but that’s all the above is and it’s something I’ve already come up with. IW isn’t going anywhere-whether he tests the individual team workouts is immaterial. It’ll just give him a feel for what to expect when he hires an agent and goes through the process as an actual NBA prospect.

        I really don’t think Anderson is going to transfer. That’s conjecture on behalf of a Hall basketball fan and a best-case scenario idea with regard to the team, but a guy who is going through law school isn’t going to give up $50,000 a year to go to a different school and have to pay that. Nor should/will Williard ask him to as that would be a media field day with The Hall already having issues with past players who have robbed banks, held people at gun point, etc. It wouldn’t demonstrate good faith from a school that needs to have some players who are true scholar-athletes. We should feel proud of having Anderson suit up-regardless of his impact on the court (oooops-that wasn’t intended to be a pun).

        I would love Thompsen or Gordon. I know Thomsen is supposed to be leaning toward Syracuse, but it would be great if he came. And I think Gordon is going to be a really great collegiate player.

        I was actually wondering if the Thomas incident is still pending or if it’s been settled. Additionally, I wondered if The Hall can procure a verbal from Thompsen/Gordon without an actual scholarship available in the spring signing period (which is pretty close to the conclusion to the NCAA’s)

        • Matty P

          One question that I would have regarding Anderson would be how long can you keep a graduate student on your roster. Will the NCAA allow them to be on the roster for 2 seasons as long as they have eligibility or is it only one year of graduate school. This is an odd situation with him considering you don’t normally get a graduate transfer with 2 years of eligibility remaining (at least none I can think of).

  • Matty P

    I’m glad we’re not on the bubble and have to worry about these conference tournaments. Two teams bubbles most likely popped thanks to Wichita State and Monmouth not winning their conference tournaments in the last couple days.

    • Joe Schmoe

      ….. Conference tournament is a worry. This year is the first year in awhile that the BET is actually winnable. Three games in three nights is entirely doable, and bringing home the BET trophy would be a huge accomplishment. Making the NCAAs is a nice bonus, but lets be realistic, they will likely end the season with a L.

      • HallBall10

        Making the NCAA tournament is more than just a nice bonus.

        With that reasoning, why doesn’t 343 of the 351 teams just sit out next season since realistically, they’re season will most likely end with a loss.

        • SHULaw05

          Agreed, HallBall. Well said.

        • Joe Schmoe

          You know what I was trying to say… Ur trolling for an argument. The BET is actually winnable this season for SHU.

          • SHULaw05

            Yes, I agree that the BE is winnable and it isn’t a stretch to envision it being done. We are on the same page there, Joe. I was simply saying that we all have been starving to get to the NCAAs and be on the national stage. Can’t downplay its importance by any means. We play in the conference tourney every year, so why would the emphasis be on the BE? I see your point, and we all hope to win the Big East. However, IMO playing in the NCAAs, win or lose, is much more important than what we do in the conference tournament.

      • SHULaw05

        Making the NCAA tournament is the whole ball of wax, Joe.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Then why even play conference tournaments?

  • LBP

    Fun Topic : 4 Games that Made the Season
    I would choose Wichita State ; Providence; Creighton and St. Johns.
    WSU — cause it was first win that gave Team credibility;
    Providence Game 1 cause it was a beat down of the Media darlings and gave BE a jolt;
    Creighton Game 1 cause it was low point and I believe affected greatly the resulting lack of respect for this Team;
    St. Johns-good and bad-gutty win but affected ranking of the Hall Nationally -truly believe a romp would have put the Hall in 4-5 seeding discussion