It’s tax season! (Sort of)

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There won’t be more straight-forward post on the site than this one.

As some of you already know from the comment sections, a handful of readers have already chipped in to help support the site/me for this season.

I haven’t begged anyone for donations and only place a PayPal button in the right sidebar instead of oppressive advertising that you probably encounter on most other sites you browse — including the old SouthOrangeJuice site.

Do you consume a ton of the content I put out but don’t have the extra cash?

Totally fine, no worries. Retweets, Facebook shares (you’ve liked the page, right?) and word-of-mouth are great ways to promote without currency.

Are you a regular reader who hasn’t donated and hasn’t promoted, contributed, or shared in some way? Well, that’s not exactly fair.

It’s impossible to put a number on the hours, but my social life is very minimized from late October to now (5-plus months) and this site amounts to a part-time job that I don’t reap any direct revenue from.

In the spirit of full disclosure, below are my bare-bones travel expenses just from the trip to Denver. This doesn’t include the $300 I’ve spent in domain name + hosting costs ($150 from last March to this March and $150 for the upcoming season) nor the $15-30 per game in transportation costs. So we’re hovering around $1500 for the season.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, since I voluntarily set this site up and dedicated time and resources to making it happen without your consent, but by now you know this is a unique site.

How many other semi-professional quality outlets present zero ads, are run by a single person (with a big assist from site photographer Wendell Cruz) and openly disclose operating costs?

All of the feedback and interaction both on the site and on social media make this worth while — else I’m basically talking to myself — but I think it’s only fair for regular readers to chip in a few bucks to at least cover the costs as a community; I’m not looking to make a profit by any means.

As of tonight (3/21/16), I’ve received $690 (more like $630 when taking out PayPal’s transaction fees) since this site has gone up last March. $350 of that total has come from one person (you know him as LBP on here). I can’t thank Leon enough.

UPDATE (3/22): Close to $790 has come in since last night, meaning this year’s costs have been covered. If you were thinking of chipping in, no need!

UPDATE (3/23): Another $350 has been added to last night’s total, putting us a little beyond this year’s costs. Incredible. Does this mean I’ll be traveling to the Orlando Classic in November/December?

If you want to help cover the rest, this is your chance.

Take care and thank you for a great season.

-Chris McManus

  • Joe Schmoe

    Wouldn’t mind ads… No one should be working for free.

    • I doubt the return would be worth the ads being on the site. I’d much rather have a voluntary exchange between readers; even if it meant less $$$ coming in.

  • Matt

    Will do so this week. Thanks Chris.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Chris, Glad to see the @cerosolisghost Twitter handle has gone the way of the dodo bird… I think everyone has forgotten who he was. Moving on!

    • Yup! The requirement for its removal was an NCAA bid. Only took 4-5 years since I made the handle, but it’s gone nonetheless.

  • Update: $790 (before PayPal fees) has come in just since last night.

    Overwhelmed by all of your support. That essentially covers this year’s costs. Speechless!

  • Matty P

    Chris thanks for everything you do and the time you take out of your personal life for this site. I have one other request for an article that I would find interesting and think other members mind as well, but it’s completely up to you. Now that the season is over and we’ve had a little bit of time away from the NCAA loss, would you be interested in doing a year end grading for each of the players/coaching staff?

    • I’ve thought of this. Will get working on it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done anything like this actually (since I started blogging).

      • Matty P

        Thanks Chris. I think it would be interesting to get your view of how each player performed and how they would grade out against each other after the season.

    • And just so everyone knows, I’m 100% open to taking requests/suggestions like this. A few hundred minds >> one, so never shy away from input. Whether it’s content wise or technical site aesthetics/features, let ’em rip!

      • PadrePirate

        Since you asked, 3 requests:

        -an off season article on roster situation for next season, who’s going, coming, openings etc, after Mattys suggested wrap up article!

        -a new header photo for the home page. You’ve got plenty if great pics from all season

        -the only thing I miss from SOJ was that the platform allowed us to chat, start themes and Qs outside an existing post. You could write a title for your post, then if others were interested, it would start a stream. I don’t know if there are other free platforms out there, but the other one had clear advantages.

  • Larry Rogers

    Chris, for those who do not use Paypal, how can we get a donation to you?

    • All costs have been covered. But if you still wish to donate, you can email me at chrismcmanus51 @ gmail

  • Another $350 has come in since last night. My email inbox is overflowing with donations, not sure how I’m going to get back to all of you!

    Thanks again!!

  • PadrePirate

    Chris, love to help but don’t think I can use PayPal, for work related reasons hard to explain. Do you have any alternative ways of receiving donations. Might be able to send cash or Persians check by postal mail, if that would be safe. It won’t be a fortune but I’m happy to do my part. I wouldn’t have kept on following this team if it weren’t for this site and before it SOJ. So, if you get this and can post some other options. If not, hopefully I can run into you at a game next year with a thanks and a pour-boire as they say. Thanks again and catch you in Nov…

    Hope we’ll get some good off season news like IW coming to his senses and staying on… Wondering if all our roster spots are filled for next year, what we could do to replace Jevon, whether or not were stuck with Braeden etc.

    • PadrePirate

      Personal check. Can’t believe some of these auto corrections

    • Like I told Larry: All costs have been covered. But if you still wish to donate, you can email me at chrismcmanus51 @ gmail

      Won’t be upset in the slightest if you hold onto the $$ [until next season? :) ]

      I wonder how many SOJuicers are on here and how many are new readers. SOJuicers are like the battle-hardened blog readers of the bunch, haha.

      In a perfect world, Braeden continues his law degree with some sort of subsidy and JT is trimmed from the team while someone like Taurean Thompson and a JuCo/transfer PG is added. Let’s see…

      • Matty P

        Does that assumption assume that Whitehead isn’t with the team? Or are you saying Braeden stays on the team, but doesn’t take up a scholarship spot and with Thomas getting trimmed that’s where the 2 openings are coming from?

        • Was just a hypothetical. Thompson = Braeden’s scholarship and JuCo/transfer = JT’s scholarship.