Five Thoughts, Five Quotes: Seton Hall snaps skid; Delgado sets rebound record

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Seton Hall played a strong game from start to finish and Angel Delgado snapped the Big East all-time rebounding record as the Pirates dispatched DePaul 86-70 in Chicago.

Five Thoughts:

Seton Hall received big contributions from their bench. There have been quite a few games where the Hall has only managed a bucket or two from their reserves, but nine guys scored and Mike Nzei (8p, 3r), Eron Gordon (5p, 3r), and even Sandro Mamukelashvili (3p, 1r) made noticeable differences today.

As pinpointed by Kevin Willard over the bye week, Seton Hall played at a pace and style that suited them. They officially scored just 10 points on the fast break, but some of the little things like pressing off missed foul shots and inbound passes before the entire DePaul team was set stuck out as little things we haven’t seen over their recent slump.

The Hall did their job defensively, particularly on Max Strus. The DePaul wing was defended physically by several Pirates and was held to just 8 points, tied for his lowest total in Big East play and just the second time he didn’t reach double figures since early December.

Angel Delgado dominated, and reached his milestone. It’s fitting the jovial Dominican native broke the all-time Big East rebounding record with a 19-rebound day to go along with 10 points, good for his 65th career double-double. Delgado also recorded four assists, and his passing was crisp, particularly early on.

Last week’s team may have crumbled during DePaul’s 16-6 second half surge. But this refreshed group — and particularly Myles Powell’s (21p) back-to-back threes — crushed the uprising swiftly.

Five Quotes:

Willard on Angel Delgado breaking the rebounding record:It’s amazing, I just named out some names that I grew up [watching] in this league. Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, all the great big guys who have played in this league, Derrick Coleman obviously the guy who led it.

“For him to break that record, it just shows the unbelievable hard work, the unbelievable effort he has given for this program every game. For him to do it and to get 19, not to have a 4, 5 rebound night. To have a dominating rebounding night, it’s only fitting. The greatest rebounder in Big East basketball history is a Seton Hall Pirate and that’s pretty darn cool.”

Willard on contributions from underclassmen, bench:I really got to see the young guys get sharp again [during bye week]. Getting my confidence in the young guys again was really important … I thought the bench played really, really well, obviously in the first half they came in and gave great energy offensively and defensively.”

Willard on Myles Powell’s game:I talked with Myles this week, the problem with Twitter and the press and everything, everyone was saying how great he is at putting it on the floor and how great he is at slashing, the problem with that over the last couple of games, is we don’t need him to do that all the time, what we need him to be right now is a sniper.

“We need him taking 14, 10, 12 threes a game, and people need to be aware that if we don’t find him, he’s going to shoot it. I talked to him yesterday after practice, I said ‘My man, I love the fact that you’re ball-faking and you’re driving, but that’s all you’re doing now. You have to take some bad threes, you have to take some deep threes, you have to take some ones in transition. You have to be the sniper that opens up the floor for Khadeen, for Desi, for Angel. If you’re out there just dribbling and trying to drive, you’re not the threat that you have been all year.’”

Willard on shutting down Max Strus, specifically Desi Rodriguez’s effort:I thought he [Desi] came out very focused defensively, worked very hard and used a lot of energy, I think that’s why he missed some shots he usually makes. And I think we did a really good job in our zone a little bit, making sure we’re going to give up a jumper to McCallum or Cain, but we’re not going to lose Strus, we’re going to make it very hard for him to make open-rhythm shots.”

Willard on the Ish Sanogo block which set up Powell’s three during DePaul’s run:That’s pretty much what he’s been doing, his energy level has been great defensively. He covers for everybody really, really well.”

  • Andrew Herbst

    Nice bounce back win. Week off made a difference. Angel was a beast and congrats to him on becoming the all-time BE rebound leader. Myles P was awesome. He looked like his old self today. Love how the bench contributed. Good confidence booster going forward. Can’t wait for Providence game on Wednesday. GO PIRATES.

  • LBP

    Thought Coach Willard did a very nice job tonite-Team ,for the most part, played hard. A lot can be cleaned up but a Road win is a good win. Angel is just incredible

  • SHU95

    Nice win today… i thought the offense was much more balanced than it had been in the last several games. Loved the solid bench play. Gordon and Cale had some really solid minutes & Nzei was much more a factor today than in recent games. Hope they can bring this type of play Wednesday against PC. Finally, a BIG Congrat to Angel for becoming BE all time leading rebounder… Amazing!

  • slats33

    Good win today. The bench played well…Hopefully it continues. Congratulations to Mr. Delgado. He earned every bit of it. Providence then at ‘Nova. Big week.

  • Matty P

    The team did a much better job today on the offensive end. Desi did a better job of getting guys involved (5 ast) and the team as a whole did a good job at the line (81.8%).
    The bench did a nice job today of giving the starters a break. Probably their best showing in quite a while in providing 19 points, 8 rebs, 2 ast, 2 steals, and only 1 turnover. If they are able to get similar production from the bench throughout the remainder of the season it will make the team very difficult to beat.

    On another note congrats to Delgado. He’s been relentless on the boards throughout his entire career and he’s finally hit the mark of getting to number 1 atop the big east rebounders. He’s still got at a minimum 11 big east games to increase that number. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to him once this season ends.

  • Joseph Attanasi

    Couldn’t ask for any better disbursement of minutes played by the starters. Deldado, Carrington and Rodriguez at 34 and Powell at 31. Keep it right there and good things will happen.

    The bench stepped up big time today. Getting 19 first half points was huge. Would really like to see Gordon continue to get 10-12 minutes because he is capable of hitting the outside shot.

    Looking forward to Providence on Wednesday and hoping we continue to use the same player management we used today. Another win before Villanova is critical.

    • Matty P

      Thought Gordon did a nice job. He seems to normally stay under control and doesn’t take a lot of bad shots when he’s in the game. I think he’s a good option at the backup PG with Walker coming in if they need to cause a little more havoc on the defensive end.

  • PadrePirate

    Starting to get some separation in BE: Nova, Xav, Jays all have 7 wins. Hall, Prov, But, MU make up the middle tier with 5 or 4 wins. Gtown, DeP, and John’s at the bottom. I’d love to see SHU back in the top tier-a W at home vs Prov is a must, before heading to the Pavillion on Sunday. Nice W vs DePaul, but it was, after all, DePaul. Time to build momentum into the second half of BE schedule.

    • VinBick

      Father, no Pavillion this season as it is under construction. We meet the Cats in the Bank down by the Linc next to I 95. Cannot overlook the Monks from New England as they are healthy and rolling now.

      • PadrePirate

        Yes, Providence is having quite a year so far. I can’t quite figure it out, because their individual players (besides Bullock and Diallo) all seem pretty average. Ed Cooley must be doing something right out there.

    • Biff Roughneck

      Hard to separate tiers when Creighton has played three more games than us.

    • Al Weiss

      No Pavilion, not this year, playing at the big arena in South Philly

      • PadrePirate

        That’s not a “neutral court” right? What’s happening at the Pav? Must have got upended by Disney On Ice or something

  • VinBick

    Coach Willard said the practices were good all week as the supporting cast got lots of productive playing time in the first half as proof of how they were preparing.

    Here’s to a run of continued balanced offensive by the Hall.

    Go Pirates!

  • Ardy

    Good game for the Hall. I was excited to see the extra fast break points.SH did not give DePaul a chance to set up their defense with the fast breaks. SH imposed their offense at will. When Powell has his feet planted he is automatic.The team was refocused on winning.Bench was a welcomed addition.Hope we can keep the mindset and excel.
    If they stay focused they can BEAT NOVA. The Hall will give Nova their 2nd loss of the season!!! LET’S GO HALL.

  • 1968_bills_fan

    No minutes for jordan walker?

  • Mike Walsh

    Not to be negative, just curious, does anyone know why Walker didn’t play yesterday?

    • 2003Pirate

      they got the W…. and it looks like coach is making adjustments… not everyone is going to get a personal W when that happens but for the good of the team and a winning season so be it.

    • PadrePirate

      Not sure, but Gordon stepped up and did a decent job.

      • Mike Walsh

        I agree, Gordon looked very composed and comfortable on the floor. Cale and Mamu looked more comfortable too.

    • VinBick

      Maybe he did not do as well in practice as Gordon or Cale.

      • Matty P

        Would imagine that might be the case. Willard kept mentioning the bench guys gaining confidence and him gaining more confidence in them over the long week.

    • Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin made it sound like a tactical decision. They said Willard opted for Gordon because he is more calming influence that is less prone to errors. Not sure how much of that was them inferring, and how much was directly KW.

      It paid off. I want to see more of EG in spurts like this. Important burst off the bench if he can do what he did last night, or what he did against T. Tech (2 first half 3s), etc.

      • Mike Walsh

        Thanks! Thought the CBS announcers were horrible, they kept calling us DePaul.

        • VinBick

          They also think that Gordon is a freshman….

      • Matty P

        I would like to see more Gordon as well. He seems to be under control out there and doesn’t try to do anything that he wouldn’t be capable of doing. I personally don’t think Walker is ready to get many minutes this season, but could help off the bench to cause some disruption on the defensive end.

  • LBP

    Never want to be an alarmist or exaggerate a Game , so I will not go to that degree.
    The Friars will be a big point in this Season. Win and send a message that the Hall is coming. Nova will miss P. Booth more than others may appreciate- Nova is vulnerable but gotta get this Friars Game .

  • Joe J

    This is the critical part of the season. Providence, at Nova, Marquette. Need to go 2-1 which would set them up well in the standings the rest of the way. Anything less and they would be a middle of the pack team in the Big East come March. Important 3 game stretch coming up.

    • 2003Pirate

      Marquette and Providence are must wins at home. we need to be 10-6 heading into the last two games at home. before the BET. That means getting wins vs Prov, vs Marquette, and vs Depaul at home, and winning two of three @ gergetown, @ providence and @ st johns. Dont do that and they’ll need a W @ Nova or @ Xavier. Basically win all home games and win 2-5 on the road.

      • Joe J

        Agree. 11-7 or better should be the goal. That should get them 3rd or 4th in the league going into the BE Tourney.

        • PadrePirate

          To me, that sounds overly optimistic at this point. If we can beat Providence and play Nova tough (i.e. within 6) in Philly, I’m on board. The W over DePaul was nice but has not yet restored my confidence that this is a top tier BE team.

          • RonD

            Have to agree Padre. I’m usually pretty optimistic but these three games will tell the tale. I still think we can get back to the Texas Tech, L-ville, 1st Creighton game level but it has to start tonight. Need some bench scoring to ease the burden on the starters.

  • PadrePirate

    JC had a nice paragraph on Desi:

    “Check out Desi Rodriguez’s assists. The explosive but mercurial Rodriguez, not known for his ball-sharing, handed out five of them and blanketed DePaul sharpshooter Max Strus (9 points). This after his midweek tweet touting a “great talk” with Willard. For this team to reach its potential, Rodriguez must be fully on board…”

  • VinBick

    Pirates must go 7-3 down the stretch to have real momentum going into the tournaments. BE tournament results should be minimum of 2-1. Big Dance success requires 3 wins.

    Anything less and the season is a dissappointment.

  • LBP

    Will miss Chris’s preview but have a really good feeling about tonite’s Game. If Deeno can continue to pull out of his slump may be a double digit win- know Angel will have a big nite.

  • PadrePirate

    All 4 middle tier BE teams in action tonight: But vs MU, Hall vs Prov. Should be good games. Prov has one 4 straight including W’s over But, Jays, and Xav. One of the hotter teams in BE right now. Surprised Hall is favored -7.0. Will be a battle. GO HALL