Instant recap: Clutch Isaiah Whitehead propels Seton Hall past Georgia 69-62

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Seton Hall notched an important 69-62 revenge win over Georgia after a clutch 22 points from Isaiah Whitehead and a key 20 points from Khadeen Carrington that tied his career high. Yante Maten led Georgia with 21 points and 8 boards.

Coming out of the gates, Seton Hall showed no signs of rust after a week off since competing at the Charleston Classic. The Pirates cashed in on three early three-pointers, two of which were created by making an extra pass, and led 13-9 at the under-16.

Following an explosive start, both teams combined for just one basket between the under-16 and under-12 media timeouts while the Hall entered what would become an eight-minute field goal drought. Georgia was able to mount an 11-0 run during the span and built a 22-15 lead that was crucially extinguished by a pair of Desi Rodriguez (11 pts) baskets in transition to snap the Pirates’ drought.

Isaiah Whitehead (22 pts) forced a pair of shots at the tail end of Seton Hall’s scoring drought but would come up big over the final few minutes of the first half. The sophomore point guard made a tough basket in the lane and drew Kenny Gaines’ (13 pts) second foul heading into the under-four timeout, then Whitehead nail a long triple at the horn to tie the game at 30 going into the locker room.

After what was reportedly a fiery halftime speech from Kevin Willard, Seton Hall locked down on defense and build a 49-40 lead midway through the second half via a 7-0 run during a five-minute Bulldog field goal drought. Like the Pirates’ first half lull, Georgia was able to stay within an arm’s reach despite trailing by ten at 56-46 at the under-eight.

Not done, Georgia was able to claw within three with four minutes to play after going zone in order to cope with foul trouble.

Seton Hall looked a bit lost on offense and wouldn’t score on the Dawgs’ zone until a big-time Whitehead floater to give the Pirates a 62-59 lead with two minutes to play, snapping another five-minute field goal drought. Following up on his shot, Whitehead then literally ripped the ball out of Georgia’s hands and nailed a long-range triple to put Seton Hall up 67-59 with under a minute to play, essentially icing the game. 13 offensive rebounds, most of which game in the second half, helped Seton Hall keep Georgia in check.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Great win tonight. I loved how Whitehead stepped it up at the end. He has to take charge of offense. Offense looked stagnant and we couldn’t get any good looks as the 2nd 1/2 progressed. I liked the intensity of our d as the game went on. We have to keep this up against GW. We have a lot of work to do, but I like the fight and determination this team has. GO PIRATES!

  • PadrePirate

    Well, a win is a win. Two points:

    Offensive sets are still baffling. It’s the exact same-weave around the top of the key until a guard drives off a screen-offense just about every possession. GA’s zone was stacking us around the arc and stifling us for long stretches in both halves. If it weren’t for some big transition buckets and those crazy spinning hail-Mary type drives that fell or drew fouls, we would have lost this game.

    Most concerning to me is how we’re getting stuffed in the paint. I think we got ONE field goal from ALL five of our forwards combined. Yes, that’s one single field goal from Ish, Angel, Nzei, Anderson and Veer together. Not good. Our inability to work down low allows the opposition to swarm our guards up top. I thought a saw a lot more TO’s from Angel than the two he was credited with.

    We got by tonight on some really athletic guard play from Desi, Deno, and Zeek, but there’s definitely work to be done. Go Pirates!

  • LBP

    Thought Willard coached his best Game since last year verse Villanova .The D was better than in a long time but still had few lapses in second half (surprisingly by Gordon-whom had a poor night tonight) -Wish Hall would work more to Angel whom had a great 2nd half. Team still has bad lapses but they are learning to win again.

  • John Fahey

    Take the win, but we have a strange team, eh? Did Whitehead have any assists? He’s the point guard? Who kidnapped all our big men in the first half? I love Desi Rodriguez stopping that scary first half drought single-handedly, but he goes on streaks where he makes INSANE fouls and choices. Could Singh (in 2nd half) have spent more time standing around on the side waiting for a pass that never came, giving us a 4 man offense? CRAZY MAKING STUFF!
    They make it entertainingly strange, and it’s working so far, so bring TUMS to every game, and GO PIRATES!

  • hallstorm

    I guess it’s always good to get a win, but this was not the same Georgia team as last year. That being said, when the team picked up the intensity in the second half, it changed the complexion of the game and put pressure on the Bulldogs. I was extremely happy to see us play man-to-man defense and not zone. So refreshing (although we are unable to box out and thus give up millions of offensive rebounds).

    However, I just do not understand why our offense is incapable of running a play-any play-other than handing the ball off at the top of the key. The only player that understands screen and rolls is Braeden Anderson, who-by the way-played elsewhere until this year. Why we just don’t use Angel Delgado on low post feeds or screen-and-rolls is beyond me. He hits fee throws as well as our guards (Carrington is worse than Delgado). Also-can Williard please run a player along the baseline when the opposing teams play zone. This is basketball 101 that even grammar school coaches understand

  • VinBick

    Would like to give credit where credit is due with our head coach. The team did play well for most of the game. The comments here do point out some of the same problems that KW’s coaching have continued to plague the Pirates. The lack of offensive plays and no adjustment by the coach to Georgia’s zone D are obvious weak spots. Time outs not used when adjustments required is a recurring flaw. Maybe assistants can point out same to KW.

    How can our number one point guard go an entire game without one assist?

    Too much dribbling when passes were in order, kept the Bulldogs in the game.

    A win is a win; let’s all enjoy it!

  • PadrePirate

    Wichita State just got blown out. Guess we will finish our non-conf schedule without having faced a top 25 team. But GW and WS should still be tough tests for our guys.