Bryce Aiken picks Harvard over Seton Hall

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Top-100 guard Bryce Aiken has committed to Harvard over Seton Hall and Miami.

From what I heard, the Patrick School (N.J.) lead guard chose Harvard directly over Seton Hall, with the Hurricanes coming in third.

The Pirates were long-time recruiters of Aiken, dating back to his sophomore year at the Patrick School. Bryce had taken in quite a few games live, was at last season’s Midnight Madness and officially visited campus with Myles Powell last month.

Regardless of the current scholarship situation, the Hall has just one player on their current depth chart in Kansas State transfer Jevon Thomas who is capable of playing big minutes at the point in 2016-17 if Isaiah Whitehead leaves the team to play professionally next spring.

Aiken would have been Seton Hall’s second top-100 guard to commit in the Class of 2016 following two-guard Myles Powell’s pledge a few weeks ago.

  • Pirate On The Panhandle

    Good call on your part Chris ~ sorry we missed him!

  • Carl MacDonald

    of the three Harvard has the best chances of making the NCAAs…

  • Pirate_Law

    You cant be mad at the kid. In many ways, it actually makes me respect him a great deal more. Clearly he is a true student athlete with on and off court aspiration.

  • fouline

    Better schol. Better Bbal program. Better coach. Playing time. A degree that will make him rich. No contest. Next

  • VinBick

    Will any good, quality kids come to the Hall with Willard at the helm?

    • HallBall10

      I wouldn’t call myself a Willard fan, but your comment seems to be dissing the good quality kids that are now playing ball or are slated to next year for SHU.

      IMO, Myles Powell is a better fit for our team and seems like a good quality kid to me.

  • fouline

    Vin, make the question personal. Ask yourself, if you had a son being recruited by several perennially winning programs plus SHU, what would you tell him to do? Be loyal to your school or develop his career at a school that has a better program? That’s your answer.

    • VinBick

      Have been loyal to the Hall through good and bad times; it is so difficult as the years pass watching Willard coach at the Rock. Same old, same old. No plan on offense, bombs away from 3 point land with poor results, and selfish moves by players time and again. In game adjustments against well-coached teams? Never happens. Some good players on the team have walked. Those who stay may be able to do well this year in spite of the head coach. Probably not.

      Do hope I am wrong; it would be great to see the Pirates competitive in the Big East, and wonderful for them to make it to the Big Dance.