2018 Recruiting Roundup: Moore, Nelson get visits & Hall makes cut for King

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As high school season approaches for recruits across the country, many seniors are cutting their lists even further and setting up official visits, as well as in-home visits with coaching staffs.

Already with one commitment in the form of big man Darnell Brodie — who reclassified to 2018 and is taking a prep year at Florida’s Montverde Academy — Seton Hall has three open scholarships to help fill the void that is created when their big senior class moves on.

There has been a handful of recent activity involving several targets — and one former target now that big man Jake Forrester has pledged to Indiana.

Let’s take a look on a recruit-by-recruit basis.

Anthony Nelson (6’4 PG) – On the Hall’s radar since the spring, the South Kent (Conn.) south paw has a large frame, in stark contrast to current freshman Jordan Walker. Nelson could provide a bit of thunder to Walker’s lightning (Ron Dayne & Tiki Barber, anyone?), but his services aren’t absolutely necessary with sit-out transfer Quincy McKnight able to help out Walker in 2018-19.

The staff saw Nelson earlier this week and has inked an official visit for later this month, a week after his scheduled official to Dayton. Clemson, Minnesota, and West Virginia have all recently conducted in-home visits with Nelson — they round out his final five.

Emmitt Matthews Jr. (6’6 SF) – Another target who has emerged over the last few months, Washington state native Emmitt Matthews Jr. received in-home visits from Grant Billmeier along with Oregon State on Wednesday.

The three-star wing has also recently received visits from UConn and West Virginia, the latter of which he has a scheduled visit to next month.

Khalid Moore (6’7 SF) – Seton Hall was the first high-major to offer Archbishop Molloy (N.Y.) forward Khalid Moore when they did so just over a year ago, giving the Pirates a little bit of an edge in this recruitment.

I noted a few weeks ago how Seton Hall was trying to get the late-bloomer to visit along with his trip to Georgia Tech in late October (22-24) — and now the staff has finalized a visit to South Orange for the same weekend that Anthony Nelson will be on campus (Sept. 28-30).

Jared Rhoden (6’6 SF) – Yet another three-star small forward, Rhoden joins Matthews Jr. and Moore as recruits the staff is likely lining up as back-up plans should five-star Louis King (we’ll get to him) commit elsewhere.

Rhoden has lined up a handful of in-home visits (full list) including Seton Hall, Wichita State, Penn State, and VCU; the staff also saw him earlier this week. The New York City product’s potential suitors err on the side of mid-major compared to Matthews Jr. and of course King.

Louis King (6’8 SF) – Last but not least, Seton Hall has made the final five for five-star small forward Louis King of Hudson Catholic (N.J.). Oregon, Kansas, N.C. State, and Purdue join the Pirates with the Ducks having recently hosted King for an official visit as well as an in-home — the Pac-12 school appears to be the favorite at this point.

  • SHU95

    I have been a little perplexed as to why some of the ‘Getable’ recruits have been passing on SHU given the recent successes & buzz with the program. Chris, in looking at the depth chart as it stands now for 2018, is it possible that guys like Jake Forrester for example, are concerned that minutes will be hard to come by? As it stands, PF/C- TT, Sandro, Nzei, Brodie, Gill…. And Guards- Walker, Powell, Cale, McNight, Gordon (who right now would seem to be the odd man out, but may be a better option in the event of an injury than a Freshman) The only Glaring need is at SF/Wing which in looking at todays post it’s not surprising most of the recruits listed are wings. Assuming King goes elsewhere (Adding King to the group of players above would really be something). The staff should grab a couple of wings if they can and maybe another Big like Manuel or Majak that they can stash away and develop. Thoughts?

    • This is accurate. If Brodie is truly in Willard’s future plans, the staff has solid front court options with TT and Nzei as starters and Brodie/Sandro etc off bench. Forrester was much more needed before TT — staff should lock up Valdir Manuel, in my opinion.

      Same goes for PG, as I wrote. Can use Nelson/Nemhard, but not needed. The latter, who is top-50 would be icing on cake.

      • PadrePirate

        Kind of disagree at PG. I would be much more optimistic/peaceful if we could land a solid 2018 recruit at the 1. Walker is unknown and unproven at D1. Pretty big shoes to fill already as a freshman. We will slowly come to gage his potential over the course of this season. McKnight was a good get but also a bit of a question mark. Put up some nice numbers at a low major…We’ll see how he fairs in the BE. It’s been a while since we’ve had a true floor general type PG (IW was much more of combo)…maybe J.Theodore?

        • hallstorm

          Walker is very good. Enough that the staff is really planning on him being the starter for 3 years. A nice comparison is Watson from Creighton, but I think Walker will develop sooner. The only question is his ability to defend since he isn’t so big

          • PadrePirate

            If this kid’s a Mo Watson, we’re set at the 1 for a while. Good to hear of the confidence from staff and guys who have seen him play. I guess I’ll be more convinced when I can see him on the court. Like you, I’d be concerned about him matching up on D vs big-frame PG’s like a Brunson or Nelson.
            Still, even if he’s a 3 yr starter, I’d still like to see us land a solid back-up, strong D guy like Derrick Gordon. We haven’t seen enough of Eron to know if he can step up, but my hunch is no.

          • hallstorm

            Well, I’ll just say there doesn’t seem to be much expected from Gordon. Anything he can give would be very welcome, but there hasn’t been much word as to what his role will be.

            Remember we will have McKnight when Walker is a sophomore and he can handle the ball. Walker is a pass-first PG and McKnight is more of a shoot-first distributor, but I think we will be in good hands as long as they are healthy.

          • PadrePirate

            Yes, I forgot that McK’s got 2 yrs of elig. Reassuring. How’s his D?

        • RonD

          Walker is not a question mark. He can run the team, can score and will get under opposing guards defensively ala Tyrone Bogues. It will take a year like JT, but he’ll be ready next year to take over at the point.

      • hallstorm

        Nembhard has crossed us off his list. Last Wednesday/Thursday he made a final four list and we are not on it anymore.

  • VinBick

    The quality of play and success climbing into the top ten of the polls this coming season will attract some of the best recruits available. Concentrating on the local studs seems to be the path to continued success.

    I am so glad that Thompson has decided to transfer back into the New York area to play for the Hall.

    There is more than enough talent within 100 miles of South Orange to produce a dominient, national power for the foreseeable future.

    • In theory youre correct. But I think we said the same prior to recent NCAA bids. Granted Cale, Sandro, TT, Walker are some good gets, its not quite the next level some may expect.

      • VinBick

        The coaching situation is stable and should continue to build, maybe slower than we would all like, but this positive direction of the program is so much better than those dark years we suffered through under Gonzo. The terrible memory of him running up the score on Monmouth at the Rock still congers up such a bad memory in our recent history. And that was one of his “lessor” evil deeds as our head coach.

        We have a hitch in our step entering the Rock for home games now. We can all be proud Pirate fans riding up the escalators to watch our team compete at a high level all season long.

        • PadrePirate

          Is that why we can still never manage a match up with Monmouth? For some odd reason, they and Princeton seem to elude our OOC scheduling masterminds…

          • VinBick

            Monmouth comes to the Rock this year; games against in-state teams are much better than some teams we have entertained over the past few years in the out of conference schedule.

  • Deann61

    With our 3 scholarships available for 2018 my wish list would be a combination of the below:
    King- makes us special right away. If not King than Moore or Rhoden.
    Manuel-need a big body to help TT down low next year and beyond
    Nelson- love the idea of a Big PG
    I love the idea over 3* recruits with upside, that stay 4 years. As seniors they are like a 4*or a 5*
    Any reason sun Manuel hasn’t committed yet?
    The key for the future is the class of 2017
    Is Sandro going to be more Karnishovas or Veer?
    Can Walker be a leader on the floor and handle the physical Big East play
    Cale I think will be a stud. Amazing inside outside with TT.
    We have the potential for an amazing backcourt
    Gordon- does he stay?
    Even upfront TT, Sandro, Ish, Brodie, Gill. Think that’s where we will need the help most.With that said we have Three 4* recruits on our roster. Potential 5* with King, and Manuel I have 3 or 4*.

    • Rich Ricci

      Ismael Sanogo is a Senior this year, so we won’t have him for the 2018 – 2019 season, Deann61. I’m guessing you meant Michael Nzei, currently a Junior, for your list of front court players comprising next year’s roster.

      Regardless, your point is well taken because it seems that team will have more scoring options than the current team does, so they have the potential to be very balanced and strong. It should be a fun team to watch, especially early on, to see who emerges as the leaders.

  • Deann61

    Any reason why Manuel hasn’t committed yet?

    • This is a good question. Id hope its not a matter of the staff recruiting over him — but his recruitment has been very quiet as a whole.

  • shufaninva

    Has Brodie said he is still committed to SH, or do you think he will re-open his recruiting?

  • PadrePirate

    Quite a bit of trash talk on the SU end about the TT transfer. Many are speculating some illicit interference by SHU staff as the reason why he has not been officially released, etc. I’m a bit surprised that there has been no reaction from SHU or on this board. There’s obviously something holding this thing up…maybe coaches did move too quickly? Here’s the link plus some unflattering comments by SU fans

    • RonD

      Do you really think AD Lyons would allow a formal announcement of TT’s transfer if there were any issues remaining? I think not.

      Consider the source- disgruntled, entitled Syracuse fans.

      • PadrePirate

        Sure, understandable from the SU side. But, the legit question is why TT has not been released yet? Just seems like there maybe something foul in state of Denmark. Hopefully, it’s just hot air.