Watch: Myles Cale Talks Seton Hall, Transferring To Patrick School

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Seton Hall pledge Myles Cale recently sat down with Wu of The Basketball Diary to talk about his commitment to Kevin Willard, his final summer on the AAU circuit, transferring to Patrick School (N.J.) and more.

The highlights:

  • Xavier, La Salle and James Madison were the main recruiting competitors for Seton Hall when he committed during the Big East Tournament
  • Myles said that SMU and UConn are the two schools he knows of that tried to recruit him after he made his decision. While not illegal, I’d imagine you aren’t surprised by those two names
  • Cale will sign early (November) after being recruited by Kevin Willard for close to three years
  • He’ll suit up at the Patrick School (N.J.) after choosing them over St. Benedict’s Prep (N.J.)
  • Adding muscle, a better handle and a more consistent shot are three things the staff wants him to work on

Cale is currently the lone commit for Seton Hall in the Class of 2017, but he could potentially be the third Myles on the Hall’s roster next fall, joining incoming two-guard Myles Powell and sophomore forward Myles Carter.

  • LBP

    Just believe Cale will be a great great College player– keeps getting better and better

    • JJer

      And he comes off as a really nice kid.

  • hallstorm

    Who is this guy doing the interview?

    • He’s a local hoops junkie who does a lot of camera work for prep/high school games (believe he has a lot of full games on his YT channel) and also recruiting stuff.

  • VinBick

    Well-spoken, poised young man. Welcome to Seton Hall Nation, Mr. Cale.

  • fouline

    Winning does change the trajectory of a program. For a while it looked like we led the BE in convicts. But change the quality of play on the court and you can improve the quality of recruits…Yes, welcome Mr. Cale!

  • Under Armour Elite 24 is tonight. ESPNU 7:30. Several targets involved (Trevon Duval, Isaiah Washington, Louis King, Naz Reid, Jahvon Quinerly, Sid Wilson)

    • hallstorm

      Where is this taking place? It looks like it could be Jersey City or Brooklyn

    • Fishjam

      Like all street-ball/All-Star games, not much emphasis on defense. However, there were several 1 on 1 matchups betwen Washington and Duval in which they were both going 100%. That was very entertaining and Washington definitely held his own against the #1 PG in the country. Washington was playing hard as he felt like he had a lot to prove as a NYC kid and because he wasn’t picked to play in the game originally.

      • I saw a lot of stuff on Twitter about how well he played, with the implied grains of salt. I think the biggest thing is that he scored 36 pts (led all scorers?) after not being a big name not too long ago. It’s a good thing SH got in early, they’re in very good shape here.

        IW 2.0 is close with IW 1.0, if you’ve seen any of their social media posts. I believe Myles Powell is close with Trevon Duval from AAU, the connection escapes me.

        • Fishjam

          He started off very slowly then went on a tear in the final 8-10 minutes of regulation. One of his coaches for the game was Oliver Antigua. For those that may not recall he is an ex-Seton Hall assistant who was very instrumental in getting Angel Delgado to commit. it looked like Antigua was really on IW to play hard and bring his team back.

          ESPN and others will likely have Washington a lot higher in their rankings. He’s currently Not in top 100 on ESPN but expect him to be top 70 this week when the new rankings come out. I think we have an excellent chance to get him due to his love of NYC, his relationship with Zeke, the way Willard lets his PGs play and the fact that Syracuse has yet to offer. If Cuse offers soon, we may be screwed even though I think his style is a much better fit for SHU.

          • hallstorm

            Agree with all of this. Washington played really well against Duval especially in the second half. I saw his strip him at least once–and like you said there was little defense (except some fast break blocks from time to time).

            I actually wasn’t that impressed with Quinerly or King, but I suppose the year difference is a really big deal in terms of physical maturity and strength. I liked the decisions they made, but they had a tougher time executing them and keeping up with the ’17’s.

            I think IW is going to crack the top 60 in the ESPN rankings tomorrow.

          • Fishjam

            JQ and King kind of deferred to the older guys and they are also more relient on their outside shots than a lot of the finishers, drivers and physical specimens in this game. Playing outside right near the river makes for a lot of wind which isn’t conducive to their games. Both got a lot of praise for their play in the indoor scrimmages in front of NBA scouts which was more like a real game than the one on TV.

        • Fishjam

          Duval is an incredible finisher and can get in the paint seemingly at will. But his outside shot needs a lot of improvement. He still mentions Seton Hall but not prominently – he’s naming a lot of big schools out West and others. It’s nice to be mentioned but he’s not picking us. He has said he won’t make a decision until Spring and rumor has it he can be difficult to deal with off the court. Has a lot of ‘handlers’. It’s August 24th and he still hasn’t even figured out where he’s going to HS yet.

  • Fishjam

    from zags……
    Washington says Seton Hall, Minnesota, Texas A&M and New Mexico are working the hardest but he is open to new schools.

    He visited Seton Hall last week before the Elite 24 Game.

    “They really want me, they’re going to put the ball in my hands and they want me to help them win a national championship,” he said.

    “They play my style of game, a lot of pick-and-rolls, that’s what I like to do.”

    • Mosleyman

      I love hearing about the reported connection to Isaiah Whitehead, but this July article is troubling, if the quotes are accurate.

      • hallstorm

        This is not new at all. I read about this when Seton Hall first started to recruit him. I actually have no problem with Syracuse being his dream school. There are a lot of players who have an initial dream school, but their ultimate decision revolves around the recruiting process. I don’t think Wiley, Mitchell and Okeke all thought they would make up the 2017 number 1 recruiting class at Auburn. Auburn is not exactly a juggernaut basketball school. But Bruce Pearl got them to change their mind about it.

        • Mosleyman

          I really, really want you to be right, but we don’t exactly have a glorious history of convincing top talents to forsake their dream schools to come to Seton Hall. Hopefully the IW connection plays big here, as does the program-on-the-upswing stuff. But, I’m not sure Bruce Pearl is our best comparison point. He’s a slick huckster, with the NCAA violations and a lost job because of them (Tennessee) on his resume. Think he’s suddenly found religion?

          • hallstorm

            We don’t–but having success last year with a strong year this year will speak volumes. I’m only using Pearl as one example of many: Groce over at Illinois has secured a top 25 player (Tilmon) and another top 100 (Frazier just committed). Groce of the Ohio University variety (Ohio was good, but they aren’t challenging Syracuse for recruits). I think Chris Mack is an awesome coach, but before the last couple of years i would put Xavier on par with SHU in terms of recruiting (they definitely had more success in-season). Xavier is putting together an outstanding class this year drawing a top 60 (Marshall) and another top 100 (Harden). And i love McDermott’s in-game coaching ability–it’s second to none. He gets the most out of his players. But I can’t remember the last high recruit he’s attracted. Bullock and Alexander are truly terrific recruits.

            All I’m saying is that I’m not putting much stock in these kids’ dream schools. Some actually do get their dream school and sign. Some go a completely different way. I’m hoping Boeheim’s impending retirement in a couple years may have some play into some of the decision process too.

          • hallstorm

            Ok, maybe Xavier is a little better in terms of recruiting. But the caliber of players between them and Seton Hall is very similar.

      • Fishjam

        Yeah, that’s why I mentioned before I think we have an excellent chance at him unless Syracuse offers, which they have not as of yet. Even if they do, I still think we have a solid chance because Washington is a freelancer that likes to push the pace and have the ball in his hand, very much like Whitehead. I’m not sure if playing for Boeheim would fit his style. Also we have been on him regularly for quite some time and he knows our players and staff very well. He would likely come in and start as a freshman on a team with 4 Seniors that can do a lot of damage.

        Also, most city kids have Syracuse as their dream school (beleive Whitehead was the same) but when it comes down to picking a school, playing time, style of play and proximity to home are often HUGE factors. We shall see. Alvarado would be a nice fit too and may become a better college player than Washington. Daron Russell also just put us in his trimmed Top 5.

  • earmbrister

    After looking over the Verbal Commits website, it’s becoming clear that SHU will need to rely on a transfer in order to say (ala The Who):

    I can see four Myles, and Myles, and Myles …

    Oh Yeah.