APRIL FOOLS: Trevon Duval to cut list to two this afternoon

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Coveted point guard prospect Trevon Duval will trim his list from five schools to two this afternoon on Instagram.

Currently considering Duke, Seton Hall, Kansas, Baylor, and Arizona after Duval visited all five schools over the last few months, that list will be significantly reduced in a few hours — assuming this is not a cruel April Fools prank.

Duval is the top-rated point guard in the 2017 class and ranked fifth overall.

There have been no real hints of which schools Duval is favoring of late, but I have continually heard positive things about Seton Hall’s chances over the last month since he visited South Orange during the Big East Tournament.

It is also thought that Duval’s chances of becoming a Pirate are firmly attached to Angel Delgado — who accompanied him during visits along with friend Myles Powell — staying for his senior season.

Powell recently made an Instagram post shouting out Duval for appearing in the McDonald’s All-American game a few days ago.

Duval’s Instagram account can be found here.


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  • Andrew Herbst

    I’m hoping that it’ll be us and Duke. But wait and see.

  • SHU95

    This seems awfully coincidental considering the calendar… But if this is for real, it’s good that he is letting schools off the hook who need contingency plans for next Season. My completely wild guess prediction is SHU & Kansas.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Duval just posted an IG story of him and Powell.

    • Rich Ricci

      Now that’s a VERY good sign, Andrew! I’m hoping he’s close enough to some of the Seton Hall guys to sway his decision our way.

      I honestly believe whatever he accomplishes at The Hall will mean a lot more in the grand scheme of things than if he went to one of the “Basketball Factories” where talent is abundant and getting to the Final Four is expected year after year, so I hope he understands that and it means something to him. Well, at this point, all we can do is pray, hope and wait!!

      • Andrew Herbst

        I think so too. Will be interesting to see what happens

      • z06

        They say he is 1 and done,so I think the Hall has a good chance instead of going to bb factories

        • DougFlynn

          Kentucky and Duke seem to take lot’s of one and done guys lately. We can take our chances, but maybe the time should be spent on a kid who would be here for a while – hopefully graduate – and commit to helping advance the program? Wish Duval luck – hope he comes to SHU, but if he doesn’t, we will be Ok.

  • Well, as suspected, it was a joke.

    But Duval was perhaps on SH’s campus as noted by others on here + Twitter re: his Snapchat story. That’s not a bad thing.

  • Andrew Herbst

    So much for nothing.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Now I’m over it…. best of luck to you trevon wherever you choose ✌🏻….moving on….

    • LBP

      Joe– I sorta agree– if he chooses the Hall fine –if not ,the Program will survive–I am more interested in Kids that want to come ( Cale)

      • TheRealDewski

        I’m not mad at TD for joking around, he is a kid, who because of his abundance of talent has to make a lot of adult decisions. Let him have a good time and I look forward to his one great year for SHMBB.

  • LBP

    Chris —
    Thanks for not “ratting me out” in Ur tweet– I did post that I thought the Zags were over-rated– but.. as my betting results verify, I know crap about B-Ball . I should have followed Twain’s advice: Better to keep silent and be thought a fool then to post and remove all doubt.
    I now, after the dinner of Crow, root for the Zags to beat the Cheats tomorrow night.

    • Was that you? I couldn’t remember, other than the post at the time πŸ™‚

      They DID have an “easy” road to the title game, but they were pretty stout. shame it was a battle of attrition last night

  • LBP

    Ewing Georgetown Coach— I wrote he was the probable hire–also wrote that Zags were over-rated– Think this is great for the Big East –a natural for St. Johns v G-Town press– who knows what he can do–but if you are a Big Kid where else would you want to go– Big East needs G-Town and St Johns to be relevant– I think it was a great move

    • Agree. SJU and Georgetown have been largely off the map outside of a few blips since new Big East. That needs to change over the next 2-3 years.

      • Marklemore84

        If they can change that the BE will be in amazing shape. I believe as it stands now most boards have Marquette, Xavier, Nova, Creighton and Butler all with Top 25 recruiting classes again. The hall would certainly jump in that conversation if Duval committed.

  • LBP

    BTW–Hope Zags beat the Cheats (UNC–not the Patsies)