Curve ball: Taurean Thompson to visit Syracuse

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While some thought that top-100 big man Taurean Thompson was a done deal to Seton Hall following his official visit that ended on Monday night, the Brewster Academy product will now visit Syracuse.

In addition to several Seton Hall sources that confirmed things looked rosy for the Hall yesterday evening, Syracuse and UConn fans were also spotted on social media conceding that Thompson was likely headed elsewhere.

Further, Thompson was seen on Twitter with a bunch of current players at the campus cafeteria in a Seton Hall t-shirt while wrapping up his official visit.

And just like when a batter winds up and gets ready to crush a top-100 post forward juicy, down-the-middle fast ball over the fence, they get fooled by the unexpected swerve.

Thought to be the main competitor for Seton Hall for a long time now despite Kansas and UConn coming in late, Syracuse may get the last laugh when they host Taurean for an unofficial visit this coming weekend.

Unless there’s another curve ball.