Seton Hall makes final list of both Bryce Aiken and Myles Powell

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Days after it was announced that Seton Hall is one of four schools being considered by DMV-area guard Alani Moore, the Hall has made the final list of two local guards in Bryce Aiken and Myles Powell.

A rising senior at the Patrick School (N.J.), Bryce Aiken is down to Harvard, Seton Hall, Miami (Fla.), USC, Illinois and Michigan and has set up officials for a few already.

A former teammate of current Pirate big man Angel Delgado, Aiken spoke to Pat Lawless about each of his finalists. Here’s what he said about the hometown school:

“Coach Willard, Coach Shaheen and Coach Hill have all done a terrific job of recruiting me,” he said. “I’ve been in contact with them for a good amount of time and we’ve built a good relationship. Staying there would be like staying home and my family would have the chance to see me. The system they play would benefit myself with the way they play their point guards. They have a system and coaching staff that will push me to get better and better.”

Bryce added that Harvard and Seton Hall are recruiting him the hardest and that he’ll probably make a final decision in October.

As for former Trenton Catholic Academy star Myles Powell, who is now at South Kent (Conn.), Seton Hall is joined by UConn, VCU, Pittsburgh and DePaul on his respective list.

No visits have been set yet, but the strong 6-2 guard will surely give South Orange another look.

In other news, Seton Hall’s non-conference visit to Rutgers on Saturday, December 5th is set for a noon tip and will be aired on ESPN News. While not an NFL Sunday, December 5th is the date of the Big Ten football Championship game (among other games) and ESPN News is not exactly a big draw, but a vast improvement for attending media and fans when compared to the Sunday evening tip at the RAC two seasons ago.

  • hallstorm

    Well, one or both of these guys would be great depending on the scholarship situation. The point is in desperate need for the Hall.

    • Not sure which of Powell, Aiken and Moore is more of a PG, but Moore and Aiken both look to be versatile guards that can do a lot of different things, especially score.

      I’d guess that it goes Aiken, Powell and Moore in terms of priorities. I’d probably agree, though Aiken will need to continue to bulk up. He’s come a long way over the last 2 years.

    • fouline

      I have the same question about the scholarship. Who gets the boot if we can land one of these guys or anybody else for that matter?

      • Do you mean two of them? There is one open scholarship.

        • hallstorm

          I know we have only one open scholarship, but I would guess someone is going to transfer or leave. It just seems par for the course.

          What about the player who came in around May even though we had no scholarships to give?

          • I don’t like to speculate about individual transfers that could happen 4-8 months from now.

            Of course it’s a possibility, specifically at forward where there is only so many minutes to give out. But it wouldn’t happen until December-ish at the earliest and it seems like most of Seton Hall’s targets, as a lot of seniors do, will decide before their HS seasons start.

            So it’d probably work out, but it would look rather unethical for Willard to take 2 recruits with one spot open at this point. But it’s not like his mentor, Pitino, hasn’t pushed out plenty of players over his career.

        • fouline

          Sorry, I thought we were out.

  • 11yearplan

    Off topic. Re: Stipends the bb players are receiving. Do the 2 non-scholarship players receive them? Is Seton Hall at a competitive disadvantage because RU’s stipends are double what we give our players or do we have an advantage as PC’s are about 1/3 smaller?

    • Will have to get back to you on the first part. I actually completely missed the stipend news when it was initially reported (January?) and didn’t get a chance to put a post up this week.

      Will $1-2k a year difference be a deal-breaker for a kid considering SH and Rutgers? I’m not sure. Will have to wait to see some quotes from recruits about what they think.

      Certainly doesn’t help in SH vs. RU comparison.

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