Seton Hall lands top-100 guard Myles Powell

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Seton Hall landed a commitment from top-100 guard Myles Powell on Saturday during his official visit to the school’s South Orange, New Jersey campus.

If you recall my post from earlier this week, I hinted that Seton Hall’s coaching staff had a pretty good chance at landing Myles Powell (South Kent, Conn.) during his official visit that spanned from Thursday to today.

The staff has done just that by beating out UConn, VCU, DePaul and Pittsburgh.

When was the last time they landed such a highly-rated prospect during an official visit?

A former Trenton Catholic Academy product, Myles committed while the Hall was also hosting top-100 guard Bryce Aiken (Patrick School, N.J.), who they are still very much in play with.

But for now, Seton Hall has filled their final immediately open scholarship for the Class of 2016 with the No. 100 (Rivals)/No. 86 (247Sports) rated prospect, who NJ Playaz director Jimmy Salmon says is the “best shooter in the country period.”

Take a look at Seton Hall’s latest addition in action:

  • JJer

    When a typo makes a difference:

    county –> country

    • Thanks. Was short on time, wrote this in <10 minutes while eating lunch.

  • Jersey Jerry

    Welcome aboard our Pirate Ship Myles ~ your addition will set us miles apart form the rest of the scalawags in the BE ~ ~ ~ ~ GO HALL and let’s set sail into the Madness of March!

  • fouline

    Is Powell the biggest get of the Willard Years… outside of the ones we bought and paid for with the coaching jobs?

    • Rated a bit higher than Jaren Sina, so I would say yes (based on your criteria).

  • VinBick

    Will this recruit save KW’s job at the Hall? Hope this helps the program turn the corner. As loyal fans, we deserve a first class program. Go Pirates!

    • Carl MacDonald

      KW needs to show some production to keep his job. He cant say he doesnt have the talent. He cant say he inherited other peoples problems. He needs to win games and produce. Just recuiting decent players doesnt mean anything if you are only winning 17 games a year.

      • VinBick

        You are spot on, Mr. MacDonald. There is no margin of error for Willard this season. This is totally on him to win big, early, and often. The BE is up for grabs with the talent not far apart from top to bottom. Willard produces now or he should be gone in March, 2016. No excuses.

        • fouline

          He’s not magically going to learn how to coach over the summer. It’ll be the sameoldsameold Willard just a new set of players to blame for his deficiencies.

          • VinBick

            As an old, diehard fan, I am trying to be optomistic about the upcoming season. Want Willard to be successful, but you are presenting the reality of his coaching skills thus far in South Orange. With a lot of talent this past year, the team fell apart under his coaching. Participation and some success in the Big Dance should be the requirement for KW coaching beyond this season.

          • One sure question for Willard come Big East Media Day: “What does the program consider a success for next season?”

          • VinBick

            Great question for you to ask Coach Willard, Mr. McManus. We should know his goals going into the season so there is a yardstick in March for the administration to make the determination as to his status. He has plenty of horses to go the distance in the BE and make some noise in March. If he complains about losing Gibbs and Sina that is unacceptable. Willard created the atmosphere that caused two good players to abandon his program. If this team fails and the Rock is half empty during BE contests, it will be time for KW to head to a Division II program. Hurley banners will be hanging from the Yardarm!

          • fouline

            Vin, it’s already time. One good season shouldn’t alter his fate. As the saying goes: even a blind squirrel can find an acorn. We should already have a list of candidates to replace the blind squirrel.

          • Carl MacDonald

            Its not just KW, that whole Iona connection including Pat Lyons needs to go too.

          • Carl MacDonald

            How man KW specific funny answers can we come up with to the following question:
            “What does the program consider a success for next season?”

            I’ll go first…
            A: Getting through the OOC schedule without having a star player have a season ending injury!

          • Carl MacDonald

            “Reasonable expectations” with Willard at the helm and the players he has this season… 9-3 OOC, 7-11 BEC, 16-14 headed into the BET, they win the loser game and are eliminated the next night. Sound familiar?