Why Patrick School guard Jordan Walker is the perfect fit for Seton Hall

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Still in search of a point guard for next season, I can’t think of many 2017 prospects the staff has pursued more primed for the job than Patrick School (N.J.) floor general Jordan Walker.

Ranked No. 91 by Rivals as part of the 2018 class, and a three-star recruit according to 247Sports, ESPN, and Scout, Walker hails from a local pipeline school in Elizabeth, New Jersey’s The Patrick School, the alma mater of assistant coach Grant Billmeier along with lead recruiter and associate head coach Shaheen Holloway.

As reported on this site, Walker has been on the staff’s radar for close to a year now with an offer coming from the staff last September; at the time, Seton Hall was the third major school to offer after Kansas State and VCU.

In the realm of mutual interest, Walker was a mainstay behind the Pirates’ bench and was spotted at more Seton Hall games this past season than some season ticket holders — it has been thought that the 5-10 point guard favors South Orange but has been in somewhat of a holding pattern due to the recruitment of Trevon Duval and potential prep ball options that surfaced over a month ago.

Along with Duval, the only other thing that appears to have been pumping the brakes on Walker is his size and his turnover prone nature while doing the heavy lifting as Patrick School’s ball-handler this season en route to a Tournament of Champions title over Don Bosco Prep in March.

On the way to earning a ring, Walker racked up 15 points and 12 assists against top-50 2018 target Jahvon Quinerly (Hudson Catholic), 14 and 8 against Temple-bound Nate Pierre-Louis (Roselle Catholic) and finally 17 and 5 in the title game; Walker also scored 31 along with 7 dimes against Linden earlier in the season.

While it appears clear his size was not an issue at the high school level, the question remains of how it will translate to the next level and I’m sure that is a concern of the staff’s.

But should it be? Just look to recent Seton Hall point guard history.

Jordan Walker will be following in some cherished footsteps of point guards like 5-10 Rice (N.Y.) product Andre Barrett (2000-04), 5-10 Donald Copeland (2002-06) of St. Anthony, and who else other than a 5-10 St. Patrick’s alum and McDonald’s All-American floor general that played from 1996-00 named Shaheen Holloway.

As far as natural point guards recruited out of high school — if you don’t count Isaiah Whitehead — Walker would also be the first since top-100 Paterson Catholic (N.J.) product Jordan Theodore committed to Bobby Gonzalez as part of the 2008 class.

For all the reasons above, Jordan Walker looks like a perfect fit for Seton Hall.

He may not excel right away and could require tutoring plus on-court support from senior guard Khadeen Carrington, who attempted to convert to point guard last summer, but Walker’s upside may reach the heights of the aforementioned point guard greats that called South Orange home.

Now it comes down to one of those greats — Shaheen Holloway — closing the deal and getting in the lab with a point guard that may remind him of himself.

  • hallstorm

    I like Walker and I’m much happier with him coming than Wheeler or the other quick fixes Williard was contemplating. I still think a JUCO or grad transfer is the best option to start–I guess everyone is high on Geno Thorpe–with Walker coming in off the bench for 15 minutes a game and perhaps even adding some end of the game minutes (both for ball handling and free throw shooting).

    Personally, I don’t care about his 5’10” stature as long as the staff can get him into the weight room.

  • Bryan Eichenbaum

    Jordan Walker would be a perfect compliment to the senior laden team and dynamic duo backcourt pairing with Myles Powell in 2018.

    I am interested to see how Myles Cale will play a role in 2017 and beyond as well. He can potentially be a point foward option a la Isaiah Whitehead.

  • Matt

    It’s a great fit but not for next year. We have 4 seniors (including Delgado) that need a battle tested PG. I’m pumped for the future and program but the team should not be focusing on rebuilding only. A grad-transfer is necessary for success next season in my opinion. The team is a potential top 25….

  • SHU95

    Chris, Just so i have it straight, At the moment, we have 1 ‘Ship with a possible 2nd IF Anthony graduates and transfers. Do i have this correct? And if so, what is the likelihood of him transferring?
    If we are Out of the Duval sweepstakes (what a shame) i agree that Walker with a Grad transfer (assuming we have room) is a solid option. Either way, we should lock up Walker IF we can & even if Angel comes back and Duval has a last minute change of heart, there is still hopefully room with the possible Anthony ‘ship opening… is that about where it all stands??

    As for yesterdays move, my Question is… if he red shirts, can he still practice? If so, maybe they got him to bang around with AD in practice and help him develop his game against taller opposition, with the hope that Gill Will also benefit from that expirience the following year(s) on the court…. thoughts?

  • Andrew Herbst

    Walker would be a nice get assuming we are out on Duval. I would still would like to get a grad transfer. I wouldn’t want to put all that pressure on a freshman in our starting lineup with our four seniors.

  • Matt

    Walker is ridiculously fast and has amazing handles. Those are the two components that make up for a lack of size at the point guard position. I would love to see this kid come.

  • Fishjam

    I want Walker bad but he simply isn’t a lock to start as a freshman and if his camp wants those assurances, then I understand why it hasn’t happened yet. The kid should see the large hole at the Point on a great team and have the confidence to come in and compete with whatever transfer we bring in (my preference is Thorpe). Walker and SH make so much sense for each other that it will be a debacle if it doesn’t happen.

    • LBP

      As usual, I agree with Fishjam

  • PadrePirate

    Walker and Thorpe is the best solution. Forget about Duval and grab both while we can. If the staff hadn’t jumped the gun on Gill, we would still have two schollies to give. Now, things are a bit more complex. We basically have to push Rasheed out the door (like Chier Ajou) to free up another spot.

    If he develops well under Sha’s care Walker could be the next Mo Watson Jr in a couple of seasons. Go get him.

  • Bryan Eichenbaum

    I would normally agree with everyone posting below about starting a freshman with a senior laden team but Walker is not your typical freshman.

    Some recruiting sights have him as a 3 star prospect but those that follow him know that is not accurate. Jordan is tough NJ guard who is battle tested and has a very high basketball IQ. Below is a great video that gets you more insight on why the HALL would be happy to have him commit and run the show.


    • Ardy

      I agree with you if they are good enough SH should play them like Kentucky and other teams. When I saw the Powell kid last year (A 4 star player) I wondered why SH Did not start him even though he was more productive than some starters. Other players considering SH are not willing to even consider that role. (Big Props to Powell)These players know each other and their skill levels. If a 4 star player didn’t start what does it say to a 3 star player.

      • Ardy

        Just watched the video. The kid looks like a good find.Let’s hope he comes.

        • Bryan Eichenbaum

          According to Adam Zagoria that 2017 @patrickschool PG @ShiftyJordan will announce his college choice tomorrow at 3 pm.

          Jordan will not prep in 2018. Hopefully the HALL will get our PG to lead us next year!!!

          • Ardy

            I hope he chooses the Hall but I do have a concern if he is coming in with demands. What will he demand next? Everyone must earn their spot.

    • hallstorm

      The only question about Walker is consistency. He has more talent than what others give him, but he is turnover prone. I think many scouts feel he wouldn’t be as good as he is if he didn’t have all the talent in the world around him. I don’t agree with that assessment. I think he stepped up his game as he got deeper into his senior year.

      • Deann61

        I agree with you. Plus isn’t everyone better with talent around them?
        Oh and Walker will have talent around him if he comes.

    • Fishjam

      All freshman have adjustment periods and not many non-5 star freshman can be expected to come in and run the show for a Top 25 team. I’ve watched Walker play more than a dozen times and love his game – his offense is excellent. He dribbles with purpose, constantly looking for openings to drive or pass. He is not a flashy passer but he’s smart with his passes, they have snap and are always right in the player’s chest. He set up Richards for dunks and Harris for 3’s so well all year. To me his only weakness on offense is his inability to finish in the paint. He’s also an underrated outside shooter. He has good arc on his shots and has an extremley quick step back or side-step he can use to gain seperation to get his shot off.

      BUT……so many people conveniently don’t consider defense. Defense is what has made us winners the last 2 years and has given the team an identity. Walker is small and will struggle adjusting to playing defense in the BE. He is quick and can get some steals but he has to get stronger and play more physically. He has to be able to stop bigger and stronger PGs from being able to drive past him.

      • LBP

        In a nut-shell ,the lack of size to be a great defender is the true problem Walker will face in the Big East. But I believe he will be a better than good addition .
        I also appreciate that he has been given no guarantees (ala Sina).
        In a few short years , Willard has put a program that will sustain. The pick-ups of Cale (whom I believe will be Great – the Hall’s Josh Hart) and Sandro were so much more important to Halls future– but Walker is not chopped liver.

        • Fishjam

          Absolutely LBP. Love our Core of Powell, Cale, Mamu & Walker moving forward. Am also pleased the staff was able to bring in these main pieces in 16 & 17 so we they will have some experience when we need them to take over in 2018/19. It means we aren’t relying on the 2018 class to come in and start at multiple positions. We are set up to maintain success after the 2014 class graduates this year.

  • Deann61

    Walker is a nice option. Will be on campus for all 4 years and play between Powell and Cale. Next 2 years are banner recruiting NJ classes, if we can out recruit Mullin and St Johns. I love Carey from Montclair Immaculate. I think he will be here. Nice forward classes, and Whitney should be definite in 2 years…that would be two 4* recruits. Plus 4*s Cale and Powell. 3 more scholarships available. We can continue establishing a consistent program.
    2018 starting 5….Nzei, Sandro, Powell, Cale and Walker….Gill, Brodie, Carey, Gordon (if he doesn’t transfer) off the bench, and we will have 4 more scholarships available for the next 2 years. Could be continuing something special

    • hallstorm

      Carey and Whitney would be nice, but I’m not counting on anything. Carey’s recruiting has amped up significantly, so let’s hope that either he, Quinerly or Muhammed value loyalty and Williard’s long(est) recruiting efforts. As for Khalil—he is an ideal 6’6″ do it all forward and those are the most coveted next to point guards that colleges seek. I realize his dad can help steer him here (God knows I watched countless games of Kelly and his low block drop step), but he’s gonna be hearing from everyone as his high school career improves.

      Don’t count out Manual as he sees more playing time and King. King is our Holy Grail (provided Reid can’t resist the big boys).

      • Deann61

        I would love to see one of the big 3 PGs come next year…Carey had said that we are recruiting him the hardest, Shaheen calls him everyday..lol
        I think Reid will end up in the blue gras state. Manuel would be a great addition, and if we can some how add King, Manuel and a PG, we have an elite class, and will help add to the groundwork that the Isaiah, Angel class began.
        I know it is far off, but having five 4* recruits on the roster, plus high ceiling 3*s in hopefully Walker and Sandro, and projects in Gill and Brodie would be pretty impressive.
        So much local talent, this could be like the St Anthony pipeline in the early 90s. Have to keep Mullin out of the state, and this could be something special. Let’s hope for some good news tomorrow at 3:00. I’m seeing fun times ahead in South Orange!

      • Fishjam

        Looking more and more like we may strike out on all 4 of the Sports U kids. JQ & Naz are blowing up in the UA league and King is doing the same in the Nike league. All 3 are looking like big-time program players. Muhammad is gettable but with Cale and Powell here he isn’t considering us. Notre Dame & St Johns appear as favorites.

        Jalen Carey is a guy I really want but he’s also getting a ton of attention this Spring with the Playaz. Once we straighten out the 2017 PG situation this week, I hope we can take some attention away from JQ, Reid, etc and focus on Carey who seems more realistic.

    • VinBick

      No reason for top talent in New Jersey to leave the New York Metro area. Seton Hall should be the preferred destination with the Redmen as their second choice.
      The Big East battles in the Rock and at the Garden during the season and for the BE tournament make for great exposure for any kid looking to be a star in college and possibly at the pro level.

  • Mike Walsh

    247 Sports Crystal Ball predicts Jordan Walker to choose Seton Hall – 100%

  • SHU95

    Adam Zagoria is reporting that Rasheed Anthony will graduate & transfer this May.

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