Veer Singh to transfer from Seton Hall

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Seton Hall has announced that sophomore wing Veer Singh will transfer from the school immediately.

“Veer is a good young man, and we appreciate everything he has done for our program during his time here,” Kevin Willard said in an official release. “We respect his decision to transfer to another institution, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Billed as someone who could do more than shoot threes, it became obvious that Singh’s skill-set was not at a high-major level across the board. 

Even so, teams need specialists and a lengthy wing who could stretch the court is valuable to just about any program — if they can shoot effectively.

As it turns out, Veer could not find his stroke after a decent start during the non-conference season as a freshman. He began 10-28 from deep, but his minutes dwindled during the Big East (7-27) and also tapered off this year after getting some time in November.  

Singh was just 2 of his last 19 from long range dating back to February 3rd.

Seton Hall now has one open scholarship for the 2017 class with two-guard Myles Cale already locked up; the staff is still looking to add a forward, including junior college options.

Additional statement from Kevin Willard following Seton Hall’s game against Delaware on 12/16: 

“It’s really hard losing someone you really like in the program, it’s tough losing a good young man. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. His freshman year, he was playing great early on, hurts his wrist and is out for a month. He comes back and gets a weird sinus infection mid-way through December, just when he comes back he loses 20 pounds because he couldn’t eat, so his freshman year was shot. This year, he just couldn’t get off to a good start, it was kind of tough. Sometimes, kids need a mental change. He’d been trying, we’ve been trying, sometimes it’s as simple as it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t always work. We love him and he loves us, sometimes you need a change.”


  • Here is a blast from the past — his commitment post from South Orange Juice:

    As written, his athleticism, etc did not translate at HM level and if you can’t hit shots, well….

    • Fishjam

      Veer has an issue gaining weight and actually looked stronger, healthier and more athletic as a HS underclassmen at St Peters than he does as a college player. Hope he finds a situation that is right for him and i wish him the best.

      • LBP

        I remember him as a better athlete in High School–he just was not quick or fast enough–I know he perceived as a great “get”–shame it did not work

      • He had a bug last winter that caused him to lose 20 pounds, this after the early season wrist injury. Willard spoke at length last night about it — I will post soon

        • Just updated the above story with Willard’s quote.

  • Fishjam

    Chris, is it possible a JUCO player would be immediately eligible to play this season (Spring semester)? I watched some AAU games of the Paterson Eastside kid you mentioned yesterday with the NJ Playaz and he’s intriguing.
    He’s a great athlete and very active defensively and on the boards. Didn’t shoot much then but he looks like he put on a lot of muscle in Juco and is scoring there. Seems kind of like Ish/Nzei as a slightly undersized 4 who specializes on Defense and rebounding but is more athletic so can probably be more effective scoring in transition and around the basket.
    With Veer gone and Ish battling injuries all season, we could use another Forward.

    • Very interesting question — a mid-season incoming JuCo transfer. It sounds possible, but I don’t really know the logistics and I don’t know if Seton Hall is pursuing this option.

      Regardless, team definitely needs a forward to be added next season and a transfer/JuCo is the best route at this juncture.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I wish Singh all the best. It’s too bad it didn’t work out for him here.

    • 11yearplan

      Well said Andrew. My thoughts exactly.

      • Andrew Herbst

        Thanks 11 year.

  • PadrePirate

    Probably best for both sides.

    Any news on the game vs Del tonight?

    Chris, how about a fan poll on the worst team names in D-1 college hoops? “Blue Hens” has to be up there. Hope the sign guys come up with some good ones tonight.

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