Trevon Duval to visit Seton Hall Wednesday

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Top-ranked point guard Trevon Duval will take an official visit to South Orange, starting Wednesday.

On the heels of visiting Duke, Arizona and Baylor officially last month, the top-five prospect will be on Seton Hall’s campus Wednesday a day ahead of the Pirates’ Big East Tournament clash with Marquette.

Currently playing at IMG Academy in Florida, Kevin Willard and Shaheen Holloway have been down in the Sunshine State to watch him a handful of times (who could blame them) with the Pirates always thought as a long-shot; Kansas is also on Duval’s final list of five.

Cementing a recruit of this caliber could potentially be even bigger than Isaiah Whitehead, who is offering his No. 15 jersey for a Duval commitment. Freshman Myles Powell is close friends with the local prospect and has been recruiting him to “come be his point guard”. 

If you’re looking for a good omen, Willard received a commitment from incoming two-guard Myles Cale during the Big East tournament last season.

  • Along with Jordan Walker of Patrick School, staff has also watched 6’5 guard Chris Duarte of Redemption Christian recently. 6’10 stretch four Sandro Mamukelashvili of Montverde is also in play, 2017s.

    At least two ‘ships to give currently.

    • hallstorm

      Early money is on Duarte to go to Syracuse. I really like Walker despite the knocks against his size. I think he’s going to be a really good college player.

      I was wondering if they were still in pursuit of Mamukelashvili. I’ve read about his “basketball IQ” and his steady play in all facets. He looks to be really nice low post player and something The Hall will need moving forward. Even the class of ’18 guys seem to be more of the slasher-type with the exception of Naz Reid.

      • Mamu is being compared to Pat Auda — he’s not necessarily a low post player, despite his size.

        Staff thinks he can come in and eat up minutes next season.

  • Hallbuster

    No brainer for him to come here. Look at the talent and hard workers around him. This team is a star point guard away from a run at a national championship. He will be immediately on display as a star instead of getting lost in the duke shuffle. And coach K it seems doesn’t really believe in 1 and done guys despite telling them he is fine with it. Come be a star. Come to the hall. Have prob the best point guard coach in the country in Sha. Take the whitehead path and I’m sure he will be hanging around a lot and introduce u to his pro connections.

    • jfp1992

      That’s certainly the pitch. I’d be stunned if we beat out those schools. Would be a huge get. Which could really solidify Willards legacy.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Does this mean his official visit involves traveling with team to New York?

    • Marklemore84

      I’m sure hes sticking around for the whole weekend. Lets hoping he sticks to the garden and doesn’t head to BK to see the Dukies.

      • LBP

        You know it was set up for him to have access to ACC and Big East– I think biggest “give” for the Hall is M<.P. — in any event, I hope he chooses soon to help with other options ( Walker)

  • SHU95

    Duval is a long shot considering the level of competition for his services, but I like the fact that he is Visiting us Last, and that he is coming During the BET (Assuming he will attend tomorrow’s game?). He is a “one & done” so why not play with a seasoned group, close to where he grew up are the messages I’m sure the staff is conveying to him and his family. I know people will say “another near miss with a top level recruit is bad for the program” but considering the elite level of this player and the number of schools involved as well as overseas Pro options that were discussed for a time, the fact that we are still in mix here at the very end is a positive in my opinion. One other thing I have noticed having watched now several clips of interviews with him at various times… he speaks very monotone when discussing the whole process and schools etc., his tone and body language change positively whenever SHU and Kansas are brought up… for whatever that’s worth! Go Pirates!!

  • shufaninva

    I am wondering if the uncertainty regarding Angel will make him think twice. We are a completely different (much worse off) team without Angel next year.

    • SHU95

      I think Duval would make sure Angel is staying prior to a commitment to SHU… Agree that is Angel were to leave, we have no shot at him

      • shufaninva

        I just don’t think there can be any 100% sure of staying. I would think after the season is over, Angel will talk with a lot of people, and take some time to make the right decision. That probably doesn’t jive with Duval’s timeline.

  • Joe J

    Seton Hall has just as much to offer as the other schools for just next year. Our 4 juniors back with Powell and Cale is as good as any other team can offer. Throw in the fact that he will be playing in the shadows of NYC with a huge media market to me makes Seton Hall the no brainer for his future. If Duval picks the hall Angel will stay. Duval would make Angel even better next year and Angel’s draft stock would soar next year with a PG of his caliber.

    • PadrePirate

      Thanks for rallying our hopes! I agree with all these points, but Angel’s uncertainty may be a deal-breaker. I don’t see Angel making any flat out promise to stay during this visit, which pretty much negates any advantage we may have over the big-name schools.

      • VinBick

        Angel needs another year at the Hall. Commentators always add a “but” when praising his outstanding performances this season. His “D” needs work and he is not a shot blocker even though he is 6′ 10″. Leading the nation in rebounding is continually overlooked. Selfishly, Hall fans all want him back to continue staring at the Rock and in the Big East.

    • I’m sold. Where can I sign?

      • Joe J

        LOL…that would be my pitch. Seton Hall has a lot to offer to this future star playing in this area that his other 4 choice of schools cannot. Not to mention a great education! (not so sure that this matters to Duval) 🙂

  • The Other Matt

    Having followed this recruitment with a keen eye for a while now, I must say this has been and will be an interesting end to the process and ultimate decision. Initially having been recruited and offered a scholarship by Seton Hall, I believed that Duval would ultimately end up like so many top prospects offered by the staff early in the process only to be passed upon by the blue-blood, top-tier programs in the nation. Though it hasn’t exactly been foreign for the staff currently with the program to remain in the recruitment of a blue chip, high level prospect, even outside of the obvious Isaiah Whitehead. Who can forget Aquille Carr was once committed to Seton Hall before his saga began? Also, we saw our fan base turn out a similar showing to that recently of Duval’s game at Roselle Catholic, when Kyle Anderson once had a fall league game during his senior season at St. Anthony, as Chris has mentioned before. Ultimately, only to see the versatile and uniquely skilled talent decide on UCLA over the Hall. However, as it stands with Duval I believe our chances do bode well if he in fact does decide to attend to college, as he has previously stated he will.

    Some of those that follow his recruitment and the high school basketball scene may know that Duval is rumored and some believe to have a deal in place with Under Armour. Whether it is true or not, or to what extent, it is clear to see both their affinity for one another, and would be a shock if he in fact were to sign elsewhere once he was to declare for and reach the NBA. It had also been rumored in the past that Duval may decide to skip college and potentially go overseas for a year, after questions of his potential eligibility arose due to his previous school’s academic reputation came under question. However, Duval transferred to IMG Academy (an Under Armour sponsored school) after dominating the Under Armour Association Circuit during the summer and has since stated that he plans to attend college, which has followed with recent visits to schools which he lists amongst his finalists. Why I believe that Duval may end up choosing Seton Hall, if he in fact does attend college, are illustrated by those just reasons. Duke, Baylor, and Arizona are Nike-affiiated schools, while Kansas is with Adidas. Not only do I believe there is a natural connection with Under Armour, it would also bode well for both Seton Hall and Duval, both. Duval would come into a program with both veteran and tournament talent, and experience, yet he’ll still be the go-to-guy and undisputed top NBA prospect on the team, with the luxury to play off of a handful of talented players themselves. Meanwhile, Seton Hall will add a top level college and NBA prospect in a position of need, still retaining multiple talented players who have been successful throughout their college careers to date. Not to mention that he has a friendship with Myles Powell, as Chris stated, and is from nearby as he originally hails from Delaware and attended St. Benedict’s in Newark his first two years of high school.

    I’m not sure if it is 100% certain that Duval will attend college as he’s said he will. Also, I’m not saying that I’m 100% confident that he will choose Seton Hall should he decide on a school. Yet, I do believe considering all factors that second to foregoing college, Duval attending Seton Hall for a year is the likely option.

    • hallstorm

      This is all true and I’ve also been following his recruitment for some years now dating back to when he was at St Benedict’s, but as much as all intangibles and other things make sense to us adults, kids have their reasons for selecting a school. We will always have to get in early for the big names (like we are with Lewis and Antoine). Yeah Acquille Carr ended up a train wreck, but the staff knew even while he was in school he had baggage.

      I would love to see Duval come, but it isn’t a make or break scenario like Anderson a few years ago. We have a nucleus presently and we have other kids we’ve reached out to for next season (not to mention the myriad of local Hudson Catholic studs, Naz Reid, Jalen Carey, et al. we got in early with from ’18) like Walker, Sandro and the highly rated pair of JUCO SF/PF we have recruited.

      I actually think the less pressure actually entices Duval more, but we shall see. I don’t think any more than 10% of recruiting analysts had Trae Young going to Oklahoma over Kansas and he ultimately stayed at home. Let’s see if we can follow suit.

    • Great, well-put together post.

      Couple things I will add:
      – Visit started Wednesday afternoon, so it ends some time today though he will probably be at MSG. It was tremendous to get a win yesterday with him on hand; a win tonight would be out of this world.
      – He has been buddied with Angel + Myles on his visit(s), all recruits kind of get paired with current players who the staff think they will best gel with, etc.
      – That begs the question of Duval being contingent on Angel: the overseas offers are certainly there for Angel, but it sounds like he will be back. Those same offers will still be there after next season, which could vastly increase his NBA stock for obvious reasons. However, the NBA may never be an option for Angel — I’m sure he is well-aware of his athletic shortcomings and how that projects at the next level. I think he’d make a fortune with a Euro career but he has a few glaring flaws which give NBA scouts caution. Further, can Angel do to his brothers what he experienced Isaiah doing? I’m not so sure.

  • WilponsStinkLessNow

    Bring in Duval, Angel stays next year, and we’re a top 15 team.

    • LBP

      Only top 15?? Try top 5