Trevon Duval to Duke

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In the worst kept secret for close to a month, top-rated point guard Trevon Duval has committed to Duke.

Duval also considered Seton Hall, Arizona, Kansas, and Baylor.

Seton Hall’s staff should be commended for hanging in there against college hoops’ powerhouses until the final hour while also managing to secure a top-150 prospect in Jordan Walker after they knew for sure that the Duval war had been lost.

An Under Armour connection to Duval’s WE R1 AAU program, Myles Powell’s friendship, and proximity to home all played factors in keeping Seton Hall in the running.

With just under 10 days until Angel Delgado’s deadline for finalizing his decision to turn pro or not, all eyes turn to that high priority item.

Seton Hall currently has one scholarship remaining and is in a decent position to land recent visitor and graduate transfer guard Geno Thorpe, if they so desire.

  • PirateLacrosse14

    Knew it was coming, but still unfortunate. All the talk in the video about how NY has played a role in his life was the perfect set-up for choosing SHU too, but obviously that wasn’t the choice.

    Unfortunately I loathe that program in Durham more than any other school in College Basketball, so I will have to take a year off rooting for him (for his team at least). But after that, this kid is going to have a fantastic NBA career!

  • Matty P

    Have to congratulate the staff on having a chance with him until the end. They went up against some of the top programs in the country and still had a shot. Unfortunately this is another one where they had a chance for a top prospect, but ultimately couldn’t get them to commit.

    • Joe Schmoe

      The Duke Boosters threw a better party.

  • SHU95

    A nice job hanging in til the end while also landing a very good recruit in Jordan Walker. Credit to Chris for breaking the story several weeks back, I have to admit, when TD didn’t announce soon after, I was one of the ones who thought we still had a shot. The team is rounding into shape, we hope One more BIG peice comes back. If he does, we should be in real good shape.

  • While it was nice to be in the mix for TD as it is for any top 10 recruit, we nailed PG with Jordan Walker, a four year foundation rather than one and done. Duval’s Hamlet routine got really old beginning in April. I am glad it’s over.

  • Andrew Herbst

    It’s dissapointing we didn’t get Duval, but I had a feeling he would go to Duke all along. But we still had a shot with him to the end. That’s all I can ask for him. I don’t expect us to get too many players of Duval’s caliber. I’d rather focus on 4 year guys like Walker who will grow and develop.

  • Joseph Attanasi

    This is a blessing in disguise. The kid was playing games with us. We don’t need that kind of player no matter how good he is.

    • Joe Schmoe

      If all the hype around him is true, hes only one season of production. If Duke suffers an early exit next season, thats it they are looking for another PG. we’ll need some solid 2018 recruits but the core of our team is solid for the next few seasons.

  • PadrePirate

    Now he announces?!? I really don’t see why this kid jerked us around since April. What has changed between now and 6 weeks ago? Duke’s roster has been set for a while. The only thing that justified this agonizing hold out was Angel’s decision. Unless TD knows something we don’t, Angel is still undecided. I can only conclude that TD was not, in fact, waiting for Angel. As a SHU fan, it’s hard to not feel used/toyed with by this kid. This whole thing was not a pleasant experience.

    • Actually, Frank Jackson decided to stay in the draft just before his announcement — but still, the decision was made way before then around the time Grayson Allen decided to stay

  • PadrePirate

    So that’s the video it took a month to produce?? ugh…

    • LBP

      LOL PadrePirate– hope the Kid does not major in Communication–he would never get a project completed on time–

      • shufaninva

        I work at a hs and although not all students, it is a millennial thing to “want something to be huge and have an impact”, but then produce something at the 11th hour that isn’t quite what you were talking about shooting for.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Back in the day, this used to be call the “ol’ College Try”. The difference between then and now, back then you were told your final product sucked. Now your a “winner” and “special” and get a gold star.

  • hallstorm

    Well, after digesting this for the last 4 hours (and 1.5 months…), I realized Duval isn’t confident enough to lead a team on his own. He needs to have support and a safer place to go in the event he underperforms for a few games (or a season), his teammates can all be blamed evenly or will most likely pick up the slack and he doesn’t have to shoulder the burden.

    I would much rather have a kid that’s more loyal (I mean loyal given the time devoted to recruiting his ability early on like Williard vs. Duke coming in for 5 months) and confident in his abilities to be the difference maker in a college program than a kid that would prefer to be in an atmosphere surrounded by talent that makes it a lot less pressurized (and I mean less pressurized because the team will do well and individual players aren’t held accountable. If star players don’t fit in, they leave and don’t feel the fan heat. Duke transfers Jeter, Gbinije, Sulaimon and Ojeleye–these weren’t role players; these were all 5 star talents coming out of high school.)

  • LBP

    The kid is great but he is a mercenary –rather root for the Team than a One-Year wonder (maybe)– it really came down to what the Hall could do for “him” as opposed to what he could do for the “Hall”. Coaches and Staff did a fine job in building for the future without Duval.

  • 1968_bills_fan

    Although we were jerked around by Duval, there is a benefit to being, at least nominally, in the running until the last moment. Other 4 and 5 start basketball players were watching Duval’s dramatics with interest. Seeing SHU as a possible home for a top 5 start recruit does mean that they give us a thought as a destination for themselves.

  • SHU95

    Here we go again.. Javon Quinerly has SHU in his final 7….

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