Stats & Shots: Carrington redemption, spreading the wealth, and a frantic game

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No. 23 Seton Hall took care of business against Wagner and reached several statistical plateaus along the way. That plus a photo gallery from the game.

Stats to Know:

Redemption: After his third-worst offensive showing over the past 2.5 years against Rutgers, Khadeen Carrington (26p, 6-6 3pt, 3a) bounced back and then some against Wagner. The senior’s offensive rating of 154 was his third-best over the past year and a half and his best since scoring 41 against Creighton in February; ‘Deeno’ set a Seton Hall record for most threes made in a game without missing.

Four Pirates registered three or more assists in a game for the fourth time this season. Point guard by committee. On a similar note, at least five Pirates reached double figures for the second time this year.

Seton Hall out-rebounded an opponent for the ninth time this season (9-2-1). Only Vanderbilt and Louisville have edged them while they were matched by Rutgers, one of the better teams on the boards nationally.

Angel Delgado displayed an all-around game, resulting in 15 points, 10 boards, and five assists. It was Angel’s 8th double-double of the season and the third game of his career with double-digit points and boards plus at least five assists; the last time he did so was his near triple-double game against Marquette (12p, 16r, 9a) in last season’s Big East Tournament.

Seton Hall had 80 possessions against Wagner, which was way above their average and the most since taking on Xavier in the second round of the 2015-16 Big East Tournament … Seton Hall is now 7-1 over the past 2.5 seasons when Mike Nzei scores at least 10 points.

If you can’t tell, had a new photographer working the baselines last night after he made his debut for Saint Peter’s at Walsh Gym. Sean Fitzpatrick — a recent Hall grad — filled in for Wendell and will be doing so for Creighton and perhaps one more game over the rest of the season. Sean is less experienced than Wendell, but showed a lot of progress since Walsh — take a look at his work below.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Happy for Khadeeem. He was under control and outstanding from three. Hopefully he can keep this up.

    • VinBick

      A. H., your mentioning of playing under control is key for KC. Only one time did he race down court and get caught in the air with no place to go. Otherwise, he played his appropriate role as a point guard and took “good ” three point shoots when he was open.

      • Andrew Herbst

        When he slows it down, he’s a very effective PG. Just needs to remember to take his time and not pick up his dribble

  • PirateLacrosse14

    Great article, Chris!

    The team consistently dominates the offensive glass, even when Delgado is out. It seems like Willard has done a good job coaching every position to hunt for the ball after it’s been put up. That being said, when Delgado is out, the team’s defensive rebounds become almost abysmal. I just don’t see the team box out as often as they should. It’s almost as if they approach the defensive rebounds the same as the offensive in that they all go swarm the ball when they should be targeting someone to box out. Even last night, there were a few instances where 3-4 SHU players swarmed the ball for the rebound and should’ve gotten it, but instead frantically poked it out-of-bounds. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of communication and boxing out.

    I also just looked into the entire NCAA Stats as to where we rank, and for Offensive Rebounds we are tied for 25th in the Country. However, when you look at Defensive Rebounds, we are 193rd (both include games up until the 12/19). I then saw Rutgers is actually ranked #2 overall for ORB. I know there were a lot of factors which contributed to that loss, but it’s something that concerns me down the road if we play other mid-level teams who are good at rebounding.

  • SHU95

    Nice bounce back from the whole team. Wagner was the perfect opponent following the disappointment over the weekend. I think the feisty nature was good… to a point… I am happy that no lines were crossed, though it came close. Jordan Walker seemed to be his normal enthusiastic self… I am hoping they can get him in there against Manhattan. I do think his ball handling & speed could help later on this season against full court pressure.

  • PadrePirate

    I loved the old school scoop +1 by KC off that fast break–like watching Dr. J or Isaiah Thomas, if you guys are old enough to remember those days… Desi was too far away to attempt that dunk. Let’s not try that again.

  • Joe Schmoe

    So was walker “on punishment” for this game after the weekend theatrics?

    • PadrePirate

      You can’t play him the day after that mess. It would seem like positive reinforcement of that type of behavior–I make a fuss and they give me playing time. I would expect him to get 5-10 min vs. Manhattan, but he needs to practice with the guys and work his way back into the system.