It’s tax season 2017

If you found value in my coverage of Seton Hall this season, please consider donating. There’s no such thing as a free beat writer — is that how the saying goes?

As you may remember from last March, I asked for voluntary donations to help fund annual site costs plus a trip to Denver.

Your feedback and support went way beyond what was expected — I had to halt requests after we went about $200 over costs.

This year, I’ll ask for the same generosity that was shown last time around. On a semi-related note, I’ve seen and/or received comments on Twitter about how media gets to see games for free, gets food provided for the game day, etc. — but it’s not as lavish as you think, see below.

For a “free” game in Newark, I’m spending between $20-25 in round trip train costs ($32 for the Garden) and the Prudential Center media food is far from glorious: do you like cheap pasta or mediocre chicken tenders? Well then maybe it is glorious; at least media don’t have to pay at the Rock like you do at the Garden.

And while most fans are arriving home 30-60 minutes after the game or perhaps they even watched from their couch, I am likely still in the locker room at that time gathering quotes. Let’s not even talk about the several post-midnight week day train rides back from Newark.

So while the above is certainly not me complaining (see: explaining) and doesn’t have to do with the cost of traveling and staying in South Carolina this past weekend, those are the countless hours (conservative gameday estimate: 5.5~ per home game x 16 games = 90~ hours) plus money that comes out of my pocket up front to cover the games. 

Regardless, below are the cost details associated with this week. If you found value in the work that I did this season, please consider donating using the PayPal widget just to the right of this text. 

Let’s not forget about Wendell Cruz of Finish First Photos either, who did terrific work at nearly every home game; he also made appearances at the Garden and the Verizon Center.

If you’re short on cash, no worries! I accept currency in the form of endless retweets and Facebook shares/likes.

Season costs ($156+): 

  • Webhosting/domain $156
  • $20-25 round trip for home games; $32 for Garden
  • And of course all of the hard-to-account-for hours inbetween

NCAA transportation ($0 … 20+ hours of driving):

To cut costs, I decided to carpool with a couple other beat writers.

Hotel stay $566~ (subtract the last night, as I cancelled after SH was eliminated):


Grand total: $750+