Seton Hall survives late chaos to edge Marquette 69-66

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NEWARK — Seton Hall trailed by four with 2:50 to play but would overcome a late flurry of turnovers with pure will and a little luck to nip Marquette 69-66 at Prudential Center.

Up against a Marquette team with just eight scholarship players available, Seton Hall got off to a strong defensive start before turnovers allowed the Golden Eagles to tally 12 first half points off mistakes.

With help from the hot shooting hand of wing Katin Reinhardt (17 pts), Marquette built a 22-12 lead to put their hosts up against the ropes early; the Golden Eagles’ points off turnovers matched the Pirates’ total points.

Struggling to get into their flow, of course it was familiar offensive rebounding from Ish Sanogo (8 pts, 8 rebs) and Angel Delgado (18 pts, 12 rebs) that pulled Seton Hall back into the game.

A pair of put-backs from the duo and a strong stretch of play from the Pirates’ forwards as a whole sparked a 15-4 run that answered Marquette’s early 22-12 edge.

Trailing by five late in the first half, the Hall flipped the game around by using their second 15-4 run of the game that occurred on both sides of the halftime break to amass a 42-36 lead going into a provoked Steve Wojciechowski timeout.

Outside of Reinhardt, Marquette was shooting well below their team average from downtown until a flurry of three triples from Markus Howard (14 pts) and Sam Hauser (11 pts, 4 rebs) gave Marquette a 57-56 lead with 6 to play, their first advantage in 16 minutes of game clock.

With both schools tied at 60 coming out of the under-four, neither side could predict the absolutely chaotic four minutes that ensued.

It looked like Seton Hall had shot themselves in the foot when a pair of turnovers coming out of the timeout led to Marquette transition baskets, but the Hall would some how overcome a span of five turnovers on six possessions.

Trailing by three with 60 ticks left, Khadeen Carrington (12 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts) was able to score and draw a foul but he missed the follow-up free throw. To the surprise of no one, Sanogo would keep his team alive by scooping up the rebound but also miss his free throw.

In a reversal of roles, Carrington picked up Sanogo’s rebound and got fouled in order to drill his free throws to put his team up by two.

Sanogo and then Madison Jones (8 pts, 3 asts) picked up a pair of defensive steals to prevent Marquette from getting a shot attempt over the closing 30 seconds and seal up Seton Hall’s first Big East win of the season.

  • PadrePirate

    Crazy finish. The TO’s and missed FTs almost did us in. But perseverance and scrappy hustle by Ish, Khadeen, and Jones saved the day.

    Happy New Year to all, and thanks to Chris for the coverage. I’d love to hear about these new commits soon. Was really hoping for a 2017 big. Who’s this Duarte PG?

    • LBP

      Duarte appears to be a riser but may have a real keeper in Littles

      • JJer

        Official information was an ambiguous tweet, I believe. The two commits, Brodie and Cale, were joined by Duarte and Littles.

  • Matty P

    I’m amazed this team was able to come away with a win. Great job by Sanogo tonight to make the hustle plays. The team also had a very balanced scoring line tonight with Sanogo getting 8 points, Jones with 8 and Nzei with 6.

  • LBP

    Still like this Team a lot–even tho it may drive us Mad

  • Andrew Herbst

    Great win. Was a wild finish, but I was proud of our guys for stepping up. Ish and Jones were unsung heroes. Nzei stepped up nicely as well. Hopefully we can build off this win and work on limiting turnovers and improving free throw shooting. Nice that we have almost a week off. We deserve it. GO PIRATES

    • PadrePirate

      Box score had us down for 17 TO’S but it sure felt like more

      • Andrew Herbst

        I would have thought we had more than that, but we need to take care of the ball better.

    • Matty P

      If this team finds a way to limit the turnovers they will be very difficult to beat. It would be nice to see the free throw shooting get better as well but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that improving much at this point.

      • Andrew Herbst

        Agreed. I feel same way. I worry that will come back to haunt us

  • PadrePirate

    Can the posters who know the recruiting process recap the offer-commit-NLI process? Does a HS commitment bind the university to give thst kid a scholarship? When does a commitment become a sealed deal? Can a school end up with more commits than roster spots?

    I ask because I’m wondering if Duarte and Brodie commitments close out our pursuit of 2017s