Seton Hall slips up at Providence 72-63, closing out road stretch with third loss in turnover frenzy

That was one to forget about. Seton Hall (12-6, 3-3) turned the ball over 22 times including 12 times in the second half and dropped their third straight road game in a 72-63 loss to Providence.


A new season high in turnovers (22) officially means Seton Hall has rapidly developed a turnover problem. Here are their turnover counts dating back to DePaul, in order: 11, 15, 17, and 22 tonight. While Providence played a hand by ramping up their pressure in the second half, that doesn’t really explain the general theme of unforced sloppiness we have seen over the last few games, perhaps capped off by Sandro and Mike Nzei running into each other just prior to the under-four. Eight guys turned it over and Powell, Sandro, and McKnight equaled Providence (14) by themselves; the Friars coughed it up just four times after the break.

There is now more onus on Seton Hall defending their home court in the coming games. This four out of five games on the road stretch hasn’t been great, including three straight losses on the road now. They alternate games for a bit, but Seton Hall’s next four home games are DePaul, Providence, Creighton, and Georgetown. They have to win at least three of those to feel good. On the optimistic side of things: 3-3 after starting with four of six on the road and a home game against St. John’s isn’t terrible.

I guess this is what it looks like when Myles Powell (12 pts, 4-15 fg, 4 TOs) doesn’t produce and his team doesn’t pick up the slack. And it wasn’t pretty. Seton Hall scored just two buckets from the 9:00 mark until there were 30 seconds left in the game. Probably the worst offensive showing all around since the Louisville or Saint Louis game. Powell was so frustrated, he lashed out in a rare coming together with David Duke with less than a minute left in the game. He swung his elbow in Duke’s direction after a tough attempted steal. Rock bottom for the season.

One of the final turning points came after Seton Hall scored three consecutive three-point plays to cut their deficit to 49-46, but Providence would answer with six straight just when you thought the Pirates were going to make strong second half push. The final nail in the coffin came during the aforementioned Sandro-Nzei collision which coincided with a two-turnover stretch that proceeded a Providence put-back after a off-balance 30-foot shot that barely hit the rim. Oof.

Darnell Brodie logged some more thunderous minutes in place of Romaro Gill, who missed his third game through injury. Brodie was called for steps and missed a shot, but he did throw down a monster slam in the first half despite not featuring in the second half. Kevin Willard said pre-game that Gill is likely out until Villanova: “He worked out Sunday when we got back, maybe Monday. He looked pretty good but because of not being active, other tendons got sore.”

On another note, Brodie’s potential reminded me of next season. He is obviously raw, but you can’t teach bullishness, and his inclination to sprint back on defense plus has decent agility for a big man of his stature. A front line of Sandro Mamukelashvili, Ike Obiagu, Darnell Brodie, and Romaro Gill next season is more like a forest than a frontcourt.

Quotes from Kevin Willard on AM970

Willard’s opening thoughts: “I still think, 12-4 early in the first half, everybody was getting involved, then we gambled two times to give them layups then we started turning the ball over. We were playing so frantic. And it’s due to a lack of practice to be honest with you … These guys have given great effort, but we’re still young where we need practice, we need repetition.”

On the team being tired due to time on the road: “We had 10 turnovers in the first half… We’re too frantic. We get a stop and… A little bit of it is Myles Powell because he’s getting a little frustrated because he’s not getting a whole lot of calls, he feels like he’s getting grabbed and held, and he’s forcing it at times. But that’s stuff we usually handle and work on in practice and to do it within a day really, Saturday, is tough. I’m looking for a couple days to regroup and get back in practice and a rhythm.”

On Providence being desperate: “I thought we came out good, but we gave them a little confidence with two defensive queues and we just didn’t take advantage and when you turn it over on the road you’re just going to have a hard time. Obviously an emotional game on Saturday at Marquette, I don’t know if we’re physically tired, but emotionally we looked a little spent. And having a day off (tomorrow) and let them be normal kids and recharge their batteries and get back in the normal grind on Thursday will be good.”

On Romaro Gill and Darnell Brodie heading into DePaul: “We’re going to have to look– their interior guys really hurt us … Ro’ is still going to be out. Not having Ro’ has really hurt us. It’s 20 really, really good minutes he’s been giving us. Giving us an inside presence which is nice, and when Ro’ and Sandro are out there, it’s a really tough, long, dynamic group. We won’t have Ro’ again on Saturday, but hopefully with eight days (of rest) he’ll be back for Villanova. Darnell (Brodie) is going to have to play a lot more. For not playing that many minutes, I think Darnell is doing a heck of a job, he’s in there battling.”